Youth Group Activities for Christian Teen Boys

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It shouldn't come as any surprise to people in youth ministry that Christian teen girls and Christian teen boys tend to have different interests. While a majority of youth group events should involve both boys and girls, there are times when it is nice to have a "guys only" activity. Here are some ideas for those times when the guys just want to have fun:

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Sports Tournament

When most people think "boys," sports are a quick concept to follow. Find out what the guys in your youth group like to do and start a tournament. Flag football, softball, basketball, and volleyball are all top choices. While many of these sports can be co-ed, sometimes a "guys only" game can be fun!

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Guys-Only Bible Study

Getting the guys together for a Bible study can help youth groups grow strong Christian men. Most Christian teens are in need of some guidance when reading their Bible, and a male-focused study can help them grow in their faith.

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Male Speakers

Most speakers that come to youth group events speak about general issues that can be applied to both boys and girls. However, sometimes the boys can use a little bit of specific guidance. Set aside some time for your Christian teen boys to grow by bringing in some speakers just for them.

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Strategy Games

Strategic games like paintball, go-kart racing, or laser tag seem to be a perfect fit for the guys. They get some time doing "male-bonding" while having a lot of fun. You can either take the guys to a specific center for these activities or set your own up at the church.

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The Great Outdoors

Camping, fishing, and hiking are fun activities to do with the guys. They allow the boys to bond while enjoying some fresh air. You can plan overnight camping trips or even get the guys together early to head out for a day of fishing on a local lake.

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Guys-Only Prayer Night

It is always a good idea for your youth group to pray as a whole, but sometimes boys have specific prayer requests that they just cannot seem to share in front of the girls. Offering the guys a night of prayer just for them allows them to share and pray without that pressure.

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Video Game Frenzy

Guys love to play video games, and now there are a number of games that allow more than just two people to play at once. You can hook these games up and have a whole video game frenzy.

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"Guy" Movies Night

Girls may have their tearjerkers, but the guys have some favorite movies that make girls groan when they watch. You can set aside a night for some of the guys to get together and watch men being men in their favorite movies. Just keep the snacks flowing.

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