What is Your Strongest Fruit of the Spirit?

Measure Your Self Control With This Quiz for Christian Teens

Hoxton/Tom Merton/Getty Images

We can all have more than one fruit of the Spirit, but we are stronger in some fruits than others. Here is a simple quiz to let you know which fruit is your strongest and which could use a little work.

Rank the Following 1 through 8, with 1 being your most important or most likely response to the situation.

1. You're watching TV when the power goes out. You...

____ A) Do your best to keep from calling the electric company to chew them out.
____ B) Smile and put on some candles. The electricity will come on soon enough.
____ C) Use the time wisely to get some things done around the house.
____ D) Enjoy the family conversation while waiting for the lights to come back on.
____ E) Start up a game of some sort.
____ F) Go around and make sure everyone is okay.
____ G) Take a nap or read a book.
____ H) Comfort those who are afraid of the dark.
____ I) Spend some time in prayer and reflection.

2. You're at a party with friends. You...

____ A) Stay with the group rather than sneaking off with your boyfriend.
____ B) Hang out, even though a group of people is being a little annoying.
____ C) Offer the girl who spilled punch a t-shirt out of your car.
____ D) Enjoy the small conversation going on outside on the patio.
____ E) Start the party games.
____ F) Offer to get more drinks when the soda gets low.
____ G) Break up the fight going on between two guys in the corner.
____ H) Leave the fun to console your friend who just got dumped.
____ I) Walk away from the party when it becomes too tempting. You know God would not want you to compromise yourself.

3. You're studying and a friend calls to tell you about an argument with her mom. You...

____ A) You tell your friend you are studying and you will call him back when you're done.
____ B) You listen knowing you will have to get back to studying eventually.
____ C) You set aside your studying because you're already ahead. It's important to help your friend out.
____ D) You soothe your friend's anger by offering some consolation.
____ E) Start cracking jokes to make your friend laugh. Then she might not be so angry and sad.
____ F) Offer to let her come over to your house for a movie night so she can let things simmer down.
____ G) You offer your friend advice on how to make things right with her mom.
____ H) Go over to your friend's house and give her a hug. She needs to feel loved right now.
____ I) Take some time to pray with your friend about her relationship with her mother.

Now, add up your A answers, B answers, etc. Write down your scores for:

A: _____ Self-Control
B: _____ Patience
C: _____ Goodness
D: _____ Gentleness
E: _____ Joy
F: _____ Kindness
G: _____ Peace
H: _____ Love
I: _____ Faithfulness

So what is your strongest fruit of the spirit and what fruits do you need to work on? Your lowest scores are your strengths, and your highest scores are the areas where you might want to do a little work. So, if you had the highest score for A, you may need to develop more self-control, but if your lowest score was C your strength is in being good.