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Seeking wisdom for decisions from Jophiel

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Lighting a candle when you pray or meditate can help you focus on specific ways you're seeking help from God and his angels. The light the candle flames emit symbolizes the faith you're expressing in the process. Since angels are light beings who travel to and from heaven and Earth on assignment via light rays, you can attract the energy of certain types of angels by using candles that correspond to the light ray colors in which they work. The ​yellow angel light ray represents wisdom for making good decisions, and the archangel who leads the yellow ray angels is Jophiel, the angel of beautiful thoughts.

Energy Attracted

Positive energy that pushes negative energy out of your life so you can more clearly receive God's wisdom


In addition to your yellow prayer candle, you can use crystal gemstones as tools when you pray or meditate. Crystals store and magnify the electromagnetic energy that angels use when they manifest on Earth. Certain crystals vibrate to certain frequencies that relate to different light ray colors. Some crystals associated with the yellow light ray are citrine, rock crystal, phenakite, and amethyst.

Essential Oils

Essential oils (pure plant oils) can also be valuable prayer or meditation tools for you to use along with your yellow angel prayer candle. You can diffuse essential oils into the air in a variety of different ways, including by burning them through candles next to your prayer candle. These essential oils are among the ones that relate well to the energy of yellow ray angels: amyris, bergamot, cinnamon, grapefruit, helichrysum, jasmine, mandarin, narcissus, orange, palmarosa, rosewood, sweet fennel, and ylang-ylang.

Prayer Focus

Since the yellow ray represents the enlightenment that comes from God’s wisdom, when you light a yellow candle to pray, you can focus your prayers on letting go of ugly attitudes (those that don’t reflect spiritual truth) and replacing them with beautiful thoughts that will inspire you to act in beautiful ways (and become a beautiful person who enjoys a beautiful life as a result).

You can pray for help from yellow ray angels to help you make wise decisions in every aspect of your life, from your personal relationships to your professional work. Angels who work within the yellow ray can give you fresh ideas to solve problems in any situation you may encounter, as well.

When you use your yellow angel prayer candle to pray for healing, keep in mind these specialties of yellow light ray angels' work:

Body: improving digestive system function, healing the liver, healing the pancreas, healing the spleen, healing the skin, removing toxins from throughout the body, renewing energy throughout the body

Mind: stimulating learning, improving concentration and understanding, strengthening self-control, improving courage, overcoming depression

Spirit: receiving encouragement from God and his angels, renewing your mind through the power of God's spirit to change your thoughts, developing confidence

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