Animal Totem Photo Gallery: Woodland Totems

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Woodland Animals as Totems

Photos of Woodland Animals
Woodland Totems. Canva Collage / Getty Images

Animals that live in the forest or woodland regions represent freedom and innocence. Woodland totems are strongly connected to the energies of green plants and trees.

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Beaver Totem

Beaver Totem
Builder of Dreams Beaver Totem. Robert McGouey / Getty Images

Meanings and Messages: breath control, home and family, teamwork

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Chipmunk Totem
Gatherer Chipmunk Totem. Jared Hobbs / Getty Images

Messages and Meanings: abundance, frugality, preparedness

Chipmunk as a totem carries similar traits as the squirrel. Forests and other wooded regions are their natural habitat. But, they also adapt well to residential environments that offer vegetation. The chipmunk is content to live under your porch or near stone foundations for warmth and protection from the elements.

Chipmunks are nut gatherers, creating a stash for cold winter days. When the chipmunk visits this may indicate it is time to tighten your spending habits, allotting more funds into your savings account. If you have a chipmunk or family of chipmunks living in your yard you are likely to be blessed with abundance. A chipmunk sighting can also signify a need for planning for the future.

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Deer Totem

Deer Totem
Innocence Deer Totem. Tom Breakfield / Getty Images

Messages and Meanings: family oriented, introspection, acute senses, caregiver

The deer as a totem serves as a bridge between the wild and the tame. This is because the deer will often be seen on the edges of the wilderness it calls home. Deer will also venture into our roadways and gardens. When deer appears you may want to ask yourself if there is a wild streak in you that desires taming. Or, have you been too cautious lately and desire to take a walk on the wild side? Deers have acute senses, they are always on alert to keep themselves from harms way. Deer totem may appear when danger is lurking, it also serves as a reminder to be watchful and alert to potential harm.

Deers are family oriented. When deer totem shows up as a buck it could be indicator that you may have strayed from your family's teachings. It may be time to re-evaluate important family values of your youth. The fawn is representative of innocence. This totem also teaches the importance of mother and child bonding. The doe's nature is to give love and protection to her young. The fawn is a cherished member of the family. As a totem deer reminds us the responsibility of parenting. Deer totem may appear when a woman is pregnant or when a new baby arrives to help you begin establishing family traditions. The energy of deer totem is gentle and loving.

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Fox Totem

Fox Totem
Shapeshifter Fox Totem. James Hager / Getty Images

Meanings and Messages: cunning, supernatural powers, lives on the fringes

Getting a glimpse of a fox in the wild is a rare treat. It has the ability to blend into the scenery. You have to be quick to see the fox, and even when you do it will disappear so quickly that you will wonder if your eyes were being tricked. Fox is a keen observer, watchful of humans and other animals nearby, while at the same time keeping hidden or camouflaged from view. Fox is very nurturing and protective of its family.

A basic lesson fox offers is to stay clear of complications, rather than getting involved in controversies, step back and observe differences from a distance. It is likely you do not need to take sides. The fox takes a neutral stand when he is not being threatened. The fox runs from trouble, preferring not to get in the mix of conflicts.

Ted Andrews speaks about the fox totem serving as a guide to the faerie realms. This makes perfect sense because of the trickiness of a fox's appearances and disappearances. If you see a fox it may very well be an invitation to communicate with the faeries. How cool is that?

The sighting of a fox may mean that you need to step out of the lime light for awhile. You don't need to be the life of the party or always ready to volunteer to serve as a committee leader. Take your cue from fox and fade into the background for awhile. Don't worry that taking a back seat for awhile will make your social contacts forget you. The fox has a charming personality that is not easily forgotten.

Foxes stay close to their dens, so your intention may need to turn to the home fires. Ask yourself if you have been neglecting your home or family.

Stories of sightings and visitations from fox spirit

References: Animal Speak, Ted Andrews, Zuni Fetishes, Hal Zina Bennett

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Groundhog / Woodchuck

Groundhog Totem
Trance Dreamer Groundhog Totem. Gerhard K / Getty Images

Meanings and Messages: hibernation, astral flight, need for boundaries, study

The groundhog is symbolically known as being a trance dreamer because of its deep slumber while hibernating underground. If the groundhog is your personal animal totem or makes its appearance in your life it may indicate that messages are being given to you through your dreams. Because the groundhog is a territorial animal, you may be in need of setting up boundaries or guarding your personal space.

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Mouse Totem

photo of mouse in wooded area
Teaches Focus Mouse Totem.

Meanings and Messages: dreamer, distraction, confusion, inconsistency, lack of focus

Mouse, small but mighty, the sight of a mouse in the house can make an adult person jump onto a chair screaming "Mouse!" How silly. Mice will leave you alone, they will not attack you unless provoked. Mice are content to make their homes just about anywhere warmth and food is readily available. They will inhabit abandoned bird nests, or crawl into fallen logs. Mice also are commonly found in the barn, where bins of corn and hay are stored. Every child has been read the story of the country mouse visiting the city mouse. Remember? Mice will also nestle into crates filled with paper or clothing stored in your garage or attic. Untidy pantries and kitchen cabinets are a happy haven for mice. They can easily fit through the smallest of cracks or crevices. Keep those crumbs picked up or you will certainly attract a family of mice to take up residence in your home.

Mice are messy housekeepers and are especially attracted to places that are filled with clutter. As a totem the mouse teaches the importance of keeping order. If a mouse is living in your home, ask yourself if you have lost focus, experiencing mental overload or are in a state of confusion. The mouse is also a dreamer who is easily distracted. The mouse will quickly dart from place to place when confused. Are you scampering about life without a purpose? Mouse generally keeps hidden during the day and creeps out during the night.

Mouse people tend to burn the midnight lamps. They live on meager means. A mouse is a creature drawn to comfort. They are not necessarily drawn to riches or luxurious living. The mouse is also the spirit keeper of the southern direction or fire quadrant of the Native American medicine wheel

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Opossum Totem

Opossum Totem
Actor Opossum Totem. Mark Newman / Getty Images

Meanings and Messages: pretender, false appearances, time to evaluate behaviors (self or others)

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Porcupine Totem

Porcupine Totem
Symbolizes Sensitivity Porcupine Totem. Bruce Corbett / Getty Images

Meanings and Messages: vulnerable, safe-guarded, curious, inner-strength

The porcupine, a member of the rodent family, is an interesting looking animal because of its needle-like barbs. The barbs serve as a protective shield keeping enemies at a distance. This is especially helpful because the porcupine does not have good eyesight and does not always notice when other animals are approaching. Its face and the underbelly are the vulnerable areas on its body.

As a totem the porcupine teaches you to face your vulnerabilities and to protect your inner self. The porcupine also has a curious nature, finding joy in small things life offers. The porcupine person is often a joyful person that is content to to take life at a slower pace.

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Rabbit Totem

Rabbit Totem
Rabbit Totem. Nick Cable / Getty Images

Messages and Meanings: Fertility

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Raccoon Totem

Raccoon Totem
Master of Disguise Raccoon Totem. Mark Newman / Getty Images

Meanings / Messages: dexterity, curiosity, hidden knowledge, transformation, courage

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Skunk Totem

Skunk Totem
Keeper of Life Fragrance Skunk Totem. Ambre Haller / Getty Images

Meanings and Messages: self-assuredness, amplified sense of smell, intensity, sexual attraction

Skunk teaches that you do not need to be strong to be powerful. Skunks are confident about their place in the world and do not shy away from anyone. Anyone with skunk as a totem will also have a self protective demeanor. Skunks are not combative, it gives warning before it turns its tail on you.

Skunk has a charismatic or lustful appeal due to its unmistakable scent, skunk totem can show up when sexuality is at a peak in your life, helping you to attract a compatible mate or dating opportunities.

A skunk person wants to be valued for its merits, his scent assures that he will not go unnoticed. However, the skunk person may need to learn how to attract people in positive ways rather than to repel them with "stinky" characteristics. The ability to be sociable does not come naturally for the skunk, sociability needs to be acquired. When skunk appears you may need to polish your social graces.

Some people who are attracted to the skunk as a totem are also attracted to the study or use of aromatherapy.

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Squirrel Totem

Squirrel Totem
Preparedness Squirrel Totem. Getty Images

Meanings and Messages: playful, active, communicator, body language, exhaustion, fear of not enough

Squirrel teaches balance, there is a time for play and interaction with community but there is also a time for preparedness, and future planning.

Squirrels have an intense level of energy, playful and very adept at socializing. Squirrel people have sometimes affectionately been called Squirrelly or Nutty because of their eccentric and frantic behaviors. They may have a tendency to store pent up energies and will begin feeling a bit nuts if they don't allow themselves a healthy outlet for discharging excess energy. Squirrels are noisily communicative and will also use their bushy tails to express themselves with. People who attract squirrel are often animated social beings who thrive on interaction with others.

The squirrel in general is a forward looking spirit, foraging for nuts and hiding reserves away for later. Obsessive hoarding or fear of lack can result in a visit from squirrel totem. When a squirrel shows up ask yourself what area of your life might be out of balance. Are you allowing time for family connections? Are you constantly focused on worry or being fearful? Are you feeling mentally exhausted due to a lack of physical exercise?

The squirrel understands the need for preparation and storage of foods during the summer and fall for the winter months ahead, but it still takes time to frolic with other squirrels. Watching squirrels chase one another up and down trees and across telephone wires is a good example of how squirrels release excess energies. When is the last time you played with others? Tag, you're it! I dare you to catch me if you can.

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Wild Boar

Wild Boar
Wild Boar Totem. Sven-Erik Arndt / Getty Images

Messages and Meanings:

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