Will I Go To Hell If I Cast Spells?

Most Pagans aren't worried about going to Hell. Image by Andy Sacks/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

This is a tricky question, because most Pagans, including but not limited to Wiccans, don't believe in the Christian concept of Hell. Not only that, most of us accept magic as part of our daily life. For someone who is a practicing Pagan, there's not really a concern about this sort of thing -- the fate of our immortal soul is not rooted in the use of magic. Instead, we take responsibility for our actions and accept that the universe gives back what we put into it. In other words, for most Pagans, magic in itself is not "evil," although followers of some magical traditions believe that practicing negative or harmful magic can get us in a bit of Karmic hot water.

In many modern Pagan traditions, there are guidelines of sorts, as to what sort of magical practices could and should be followed - and in others, the general consensus is that if no one is harmed, all is fine. There are no major Pagan belief systems that have injunctions against divination and Tarot reading, spellwork, or any of the other things typically frowned upon by your old religious upbringing. It's important to note that in general, most Pagans do not believe in sin, at least not in the traditional Christian sense. For the most part, Pagans are free to make their own choices as to magical behavior and its consequences - both physical and metaphysical.

However, we also understand that not every spiritual path agrees with this philosophy. If you belong to a religion that does have injunctions against magic and witchcraft, and you are concerned about the state of your soul as a result of magical practices, you should speak to your pastor or minister about these issues. Ultimately, you are the only one who can determine whether a magical life is right for you or not.

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