10 Reasons We Should Develop Humility

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Here's a good question to ask yourself: If you were to die today, could you say that you have been sufficiently humble?

Humility is not something we finally achieve. Humility is something that we seek daily and strive to demonstrate every single day. After reading this list, you'll have a better understanding of why we humility is important. Then, you can explore ​10 ways to develop humility.

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Humility is a Commandment

Of God's commandments, one of the most important is to be humble. Without humility why would we obey God's other commandments?

How can we be submissive, gentle, patient, and long-suffering without humility? How can we be willing to do the Lord's will if our hearts are full of pride? We cannot.

We must develop true humility to be able to subject ourselves to all of God's commands.

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Humility Makes Us More Childlike

Jesus clearly taught that without humility we cannot enter the kingdom of Heaven. Having humility make us more childlike, but not childish.

Children know there is so much they need to learn. They want to learn and they look to their parents to teach them.

Being humble makes us teachable, like a little child.

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Humility Required for Forgiveness

To be forgiven of our sins we need to be humble. Developing humility is a part of the repentance process.

If we humble ourselves, pray and turn away from sin, He will hear our prayers and forgive us.

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Humility Needed for Answered Prayers

If we are to receive answers to our prayers we must be humble. Sincere prayer is an important part to receiving personal revelation and knowing truth.

If we are humble, Heavenly Father has promised us that he will take us by the hand and lead us as well as answering our prayers.

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Humility Shows Gratitude

Giving sincere thanks to God, and others, requires humility. Giving of ourselves with humility is an act of selflessness, but when done so grudgingly it is an act of selfishness.

Our actions must be accompanied with the right intent. When we are truly grateful and thankful, we will have humility.

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Humility Opens the Door to Truth

To seek God, and His truths, we must become humble. Without humility God will not open the door, and our seeking will be fruitless.

We are warned that when we are proud, vain or seek riches, Heavenly Father is displeased with us. We are foolish in His eyes.

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Baptism Requries Humility

Being baptized is an act of humility as we witness to God by our works that we are willing to do His will. Also, it demonstrates that we have repented.

Baptism exhibits our desire to be like Jesus Christ and serve our Heavenly Father to the end.

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Humility Protects One from Apostasy

Apostasy is the turning away from God and the true gospel of Jesus Christ. As a humble follower of Christ we will be less likely to go astray (because of pride) if we have enough humility, as prophesied in the Book of Mormon in 2 Nephi 28:14.

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God's Spirit Leads Us to Humility

Righteously discerning what we should or should not do in life is often difficult, but we can trust God's Spirit. One way to recognize His spirit is by what it prompts us to do.

If we feel prompted to pray, repent, or be humble, we can be sure that those feelings come from God and not from the adversary, who desires to destroy us.

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Weaknesses Become Strengths

Our weaknesses help us to be humble. Because we struggle with life's challenges, we can learn to be humble. If we were strong in everything, we might convince ourselves that we do not need humility.

Developing sincere humility is a process, not something that is created overnight, but through diligence and faith it can be done. It is worth it!

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