Calling Upon the White Light

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White Light
White Light. Getty Images: Brian Stablyk

White light is the space within the universe that houses positive energies. White light can be called upon by anyone (healers, empaths, the devout, and you too!) for assistance, healing, and protection from negative energies or wonky vibrations.

Important to Know

White light cannot be used to harm anyone or anything. Nor can it be harmed in any way.

Calling Upon the White Light

Making a shout out for the white light or channeling in its pure energies to wash over you is not unlike dropping to your knees and making a prayer request. However, you don't have to be religious, simply be open to receive. The light is available to all... more easily accessible if you are receptive to its healing and uplifting vibration.

Cosmic Laundromat

Negative or dirty energies can be sent to or directed toward the white light for purification and transformation. For example, after cleaning your aura, you can request that the impurities you have combed out of your auric field be sent to the white light for cleansing.

The concept of white light transformation is very simple. Think of packing up all your dirty clothing and dropping it off at the dry cleaners. You return a few days later to pick up your clothes after they have been cleansed, pressed, and wrapped up in plastic for you.

Whatever enters into the white light realm comes out clean and pure. 

White Light Agents

Angels, lightworkers, saints, and ascended masters.

Where Does the White Light Reside?

The white light has been attributed to the 5th dimension, 6th dimension, and the 7th dimension. There is no right answer and no real debate; it is simply a matter of studying various channeled materials and taking your pick. Or you may choose to delve into your own meditative sleuthing (self-discovery in other words). Dabbling in channeling or tapping into our higher self-knowledge can be scary, exhilarating, or both. Your experience will likely be somewhere in between these two extremes as you begin your exploration. The problem is that our earthly experiences tend to cloud our perceptions when we begin our search for truth.

It is not really important to know where the white light calls its home. Trust that when you desire the protection of the white light that it will deliver, kind of like calling Uber. It will show up on your curb. All you need to do is open up the door and welcome the light in to do its job.

Spiritual Realms / States of Consciousness

Third Dimension - The physical plane. The earth, our home planet resides in the 3rd dimension. It is not our true home, often thought of as a melding pot of karmic balancing. An advanced school that allows acceleration of soul growth through the human experience.

Fourth Dimension - The astral plane. Playground of the astral travelers, this is the land of dreams and nightmares. The 4th dimension is also the address of the akashic library, where all of our actions and experiences (past, present, and future) are cataloged.

Fifth Dimension - The illusion of time does not exist in this plane. Whereas the 4th dimension is a place for discovery, sifting through all the clutter of your life lessons, karmic connections, etc. Inner knowing has been achieved, a place of extreme relaxation.

Sixth Dimension - A blending of spirits. Evolution of being One. The facade of being separate falls away in the 6th dimensions. The ideology of I AM GOD first emerges from this level of consciousness. Full of heart. Favorite hang out of the ascended masters, angels, and our higher selfs.

Seven Dimension - Call it what you will: Heaven, Christ Consciousness, or The Awakening. The 7th dimension has no limitations. It's a pure state of being. 


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