When Is Corpus Christi?

Find the date of the Feast of Corpus Christi in this, previous, and future years

Peru, Cuzco Province, Cuzco, Corpus Christi feast, for several days in June, parade through the streets, the Virgin and Saints of the city, Virgin of the Nativity
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The Feast of Corpus Christi is a moveable feast celebrating the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist. When is Corpus Christi?

How Is the Date of Corpus Christi Determined?

The Feast of Corpus Christi is normally celebrated on the Thursday after Trinity Sunday, which falls one week after Pentecost Sunday. Since the date of Pentecost Sunday depends on the date of Easter, which changes every year, Trinity Sunday (and thus Corpus Christi) falls on a different date each year as well.

Celebrated in the past with great fanfare, including Eucharistic processions through the neighborhood of each parish church, Corpus Christi is one of the ten Holy Days of Obligation in the Latin Rite of the Catholic Church. In some countries, however, including the United States, the celebration of Corpus Christi (and thus the obligation to attend Mass) has been transferred to the following Sunday—that is, one week after Trinity Sunday.

When Is Corpus Christi This Year?

Here is the date of Corpus Christi, and the Sunday transferred celebration, this year:

  • Corpus Christi 2019: Thursday, June 20 (transferred to Sunday, June 23)

When Is Corpus Christi in Future Years?

Here is the date of the Feast of Corpus Christi, both the traditional Thursday celebration and the Sunday transferred celebration, next year and in future years:

  • Corpus Christi 2020: Thursday, June 11 (transferred to Sunday, June 14)
  • Corpus Christi 2021: Thursday, June 3 (transferred to Sunday, June 6)
  • Corpus Christi 2022: Thursday, June 16 (transferred to Sunday, June 19)
  • Corpus Christi 2023: Thursday, June 8 (transferred to Sunday, June 11)
  • Corpus Christi 2024: Thursday, May 30 (transferred to Sunday, June 2)
  • Corpus Christi 2025: Thursday, June 19 (transferred to Sunday, June 22)
  • Corpus Christi 2026: Thursday, June 4 (transferred to Sunday, June 7)
  • Corpus Christi 2027: Thursday, May 27 (transferred to Sunday, May 30)
  • Corpus Christi 2028: Thursday, June 15 (transferred to Sunday, June 18)
  • Corpus Christi 2029: Thursday, May 31 (transferred to Sunday, June 3)
  • Corpus Christi 2030: Thursday, June 20 (transferred to Sunday, June 23)

When Was Corpus Christi in Previous Years?

Here are the dates when Corpus Christi fell in previous years, going back to 2007, along with dates of the Sunday transferred celebration:

  • Corpus Christi 2007: Thursday, June 7 (transferred to Sunday, June 10)
  • Corpus Christi 2008: Thursday, May 22 (transferred to Sunday, May 25)
  • Corpus Christi 2009: Thursday, June 11 (transferred to Sunday, June 14)
  • Corpus Christi 2010: Thursday, June 3 (transferred to Sunday, June 6)
  • Corpus Christi 2011: Thursday, June 23 (transferred to Sunday, June 26)
  • Corpus Christi 2012: Thursday, June 7 (transferred to Sunday, June 10)
  • Corpus Christi 2013: Thursday, May 30 (transferred to Sunday, June 2)
  • Corpus Christi 2014: Thursday, June 19 (transferred to Sunday, June 22)
  • Corpus Christi 2015: Thursday, June 4 (transferred to Sunday, June 7)
  • Corpus Christi 2016: Thursday, May 26, 2016 (transferred to Sunday, May 29)
  • Corpus Christi 2017: Thursday, June 15 (transferred to Sunday, June 18)
  • Corpus Christi 2018: Thursday, May 31 (transferred to Sunday, June 3)