Tips for Christian Teens: What to Expect Senior Year of High School

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You made it! You're a senior now, and you're at the top of the high school hierarchy. Knowing what to expect your senior year of high school can help you make your way through one of the most emotional and crazy years of your life. It's a year of reflection and looking toward the future.

You're at the Top Now

Welcome to your senior year! You've made it through three years of high school. Do you remember what it was like when you first walked through those doors of your high school for the first time as a freshman? How much you've grown! Senior year is an odd one because there are moments of loss - you're moving on to other things - but there are also moments of anticipation as you think about college or a career after high school. While you're at the top, though, you have a great opportunity to help a lot of students navigate their way through their high school years by imparting your wisdom. You can continue to live out your faith on campus and set the example for others.

The College Plan in Action

Before you can even think about Senioritis, there are still things to do. The first half of your school year will probably be filled with college applications and essays. If you're planning to try for early admission, then it's likely your applications will be due in November. Most other applications are usually due in December or January, but you should pay attention to deadlines for your choice of colleges. They often vary. You'll also be busying yourself with more college visits and tours. You may want to explore both Christian colleges and secular ones to see what your options will be and which fits your needs best.

Scholarship Search and Rescue

While you're thinking of what colleges you want to attend, you'll also need to be considering scholarships and grants to help pay for that education. There are student loans available, but the more college you can get paid for by scholarships and grants, the better. There are plenty of scholarship resources available, but you must also watch out for scholarship scams.

No College? Planning for the Future

Not everyone gets into college. Not everyone is planning to go to college. Higher education isn't for everyone, and that's okay. Some of you may want to explore your faith further via something like Masters Commission. Others may want to develop their job skills in a specific area by going to trade school, while others may just want to get out of high school and go straight to work. No matter what your choice is, it still requires planning and exploration.

Your Last…Everything

Senior year is your last one in high school. Whether you had a good or bad experience, this year is still a year of "lasts." Last first day of high school, last exam, last prom, last paper, last time you'll walk through those doors as a student. Try to remember. They may be the best or worst days of your life, but they're your only days as a high school senior. Make them count.

Vaccinate Against Senioritis

Okay, so you can't really vaccinate yourself against Senioritis, but it is a real thing that you'll need to work to prevent. Senioritis is pretty common, especially after college acceptance letters arrive. You suddenly get the feeling that you've done it all and it's time to coast and enjoy yourself. Everything seems to be a "been there, done that" moment. However, backsliding into bad study habits can also carry over into college. While things may not seem as intense, it doesn't mean you can just give up and not do any work.

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