What is an Angel Prayer Crystal?

Crystals Attract the Energy of Angels

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Throughout history, people from many different civilizations have used crystals as prayer and meditation tools to help them connect with angels. Black Water Images/Getty Images

Throughout history, people from many different civilizations have used crystals as prayer and meditation tools to help them connect with angels. But how can something physical like a crystal rock help someone communicate with a spiritual being like an angel?

It's all about electromagnetic energy. Crystals -- which form when atoms, molecules, or ions come together under pressure deep within the earth -- can store and magnify electromagnetic energy that vibrates throughout the universe to certain frequencies. Angels -- who many people believe work within light -- radiate electromagnetic energy that also vibrates to different frequencies.

So people sometimes choose crystals that correspond to the energy frequencies of certain types of angels to use in prayer, hoping to attract the angels with specific types of energy and perceive angelic messages more clearly than they could otherwise.

A Rainbow of Colors

People have created a metaphysical system of identifying angels according to light rays of seven different colors that correspond to different energy frequencies. It's based on seven different light rays, which loosely correspond to sunlight or a rainbow’s colors: blue, yellow, pink, white, green, red, and purple.

The light waves for the seven angel colors vibrate at different electromagnetic energy frequencies in the universe, attracting the angels that have similar kinds of energy. They've matched crystals that feature similar kinds of energy to the light ray that best corresponds to that type of energy. People can follow that system to choose certain crystals to use when praying for help from the angels about specific issues in their lives.

Divine Order

The connection between angels and crystals reflects God's design, writes Claire Robertson in her book The Angel Within: "Crystals, like angels, are a thread that unites all cultures across the planet throughout time. If angels are the golden thread that pulls all religions together, then crystals are the silver one that, if we hold onto it tightly, will pull every person and culture on mother earth together as God intended it to be."

Archangel Uriel helps direct the energy that flows through crystals according to God's great design. As the angel of earth, Uriel grounds people in the stable foundation of God's wisdom and sends them down-to-earth solutions for their problems. Uriel often works with the energy of crystals, coordinating the efforts of the huge amounts of angels who use crystal energy to magnify their communication with humans.

Beautiful Purity

In her book Angel Healing: Invoking the Healing Power of Angels through Simple Ritual, Claire Nahmad writes that angels can naturally relate to crystals because crystals are beautiful, pure matter: "Angels and crystals share a natural affinity because crystals are manifestations of matter exalted and purified until they independently radiate the spirit of beauty and perfection. The molecular complexity of crystals allows angelic consciousness to resonate with their vibrations and even to dwell therein."

God's holy angels are completely pure, and as such, their energy vibrates to extremely high frequencies (the closer someone or something is to God, the higher its vibration is in the universe). Since crystals have some of the highest frequencies of anything on earth, they're clear channels through which angels can communicate well.

Nature Angels

Authors Doreen Virtue and Judith Lukomski call crystals "nature angels" in their book Crystal Therapy: How to Heal and Empower Your Life with Crystal Energy: "Crystals are members of the mineral kingdom in the physical world. In the spiritual world, they belong to the 'elemental realm,' which encompasses the spirits that guard, heal, and protect the planet. ... These beings are 'nature angels,' who are denser than guardian angels. Density means that the beings' energy vibrates at a slower rate, enabling us to see and feel them with our physical senses."

Crystals can be especially useful as tools for praying for healing, they write. Angels and crystals can work powerfully together to bring about healing, because: "Asking for heaven’s help, by connecting with the angelic realm while working in focused partnership with the mineral family, ensures a potent interaction based in love and grace. This combination of realms, celestial and elemental, blends the power of heaven and earth to create a magical formula of healing."

Crystal Balls

Another way that crystals have been used throughout history to contact angels is a controversial practice called "scrying" -- using crystal balls to invoke angels and try to gain spiritual knowledge from them, which may be revealed in the form of a vision inside the ball. Some people embrace scrying as a way to try to learn about the future from angels, but others say that's spiritually dangerous because it's a form of divination (which religious texts like the Bible, Torah, and Quran warn against) that can lead to contact with fallen angels instead of holy angels.

In his book Crystal Balls & Crystal Bowls: Tools for Ancient Scrying & Modern Seership, Ted Andrews writes that people worldwide have been tempted to gaze into crystal balls, hoping to gain some spiritual knowledge as a result. Many civilizations have embraced the practice, he writes: "Many legends and tales speak of its use. Its practice is found in Greece, Rome, and throughout Mesopotamia. The Druids of England utilized gazing, as did people in Scotland, France, Germany, and elsewhere throughout Europe. Egypt, India, Babylon, and Persia also had their crystal-gazing practitioners."

Perhaps the most famous use of crystal balls to communicate with angels happened in England during the reign of Queen Elizabeth 1, when the queen's advisor, John Dee, used a crystal ball to hold what he called a series of conversations with angels. "Between 1581 and 1586, and again in 1607, Elizabethan England’s most highly regarded natural philosopher, John Dee, talked with angels about the natural world and its apocalyptic end," writes Deborah E. Harkness in her book John Dee's Conversations with Angels: Cabala, Alchemy, and the End of Nature. "With the aid of an assistant, or 'scryer,' and a crystal called a 'showstone,' Dee attempted to see through the dark days of his own time and into what he hoped was a bright and promising future."

Dee attracted a lot of attention for using a crystal ball as a tool to try to gain knowledge about the natural world from angels in a systematic way. " ... the angel conversations confirmed Dee's belief that the natural world was analogous to a text," Harkness writes.


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