How to Be Patient

How to Show Patience in Stressful Situations

patient people waiting in line
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Do you have patience? Want to learn how to grow patience as a fruit of the spirit? Here are some ways you can gain the patience and perspective you need to be pleasing to God and happier in your own life:

What's Stresses You Out?

Let us all list the things that irritate us or stress us out. Identifying what tends to make us impatient can help us when we get in those situations. For instance, slow drivers make a lot of people lose their patience, and road rage is a real problem. However, when we get in the car knowing that we tend to be impatient in that situation, we can do a little more to control the loss of patience.

Plan Ahead

So, knowing your triggers can also help you when you plan ahead. First, many times we lose our patience when we're stressed out. A lot of our stress comes from not planning ahead. A lot of us tend to procrastinate, so we end up in chaotic or stressful situations. When that happens, the smallest of things get to us. Planning ahead and getting things done on time help to reduce stress, so we have more patience to give. Also, when we know we're going to enter a situation where we will be faced with our impatience triggers, we should identify ways we can be a little more tolerant in that situation.

Get On Your Knees in Prayer

Oh, the power of prayer. God is our greatest strength, and we need to learn to rely on Him more. The Bible tells us over and over that we need to have patience. It's even one of the fruits of the spirit. There are verses after verses on patience. We need to rely on God to not only work in His time, but we also need to ask him to help us be patient. The best way to do that is in prayer. Also, prayer gives us time to work things out with God. So when we're about to lose our patience, a little prayer can go a long way in clearing our minds.

Write About It

A journal is a great way to release feelings without hurting anyone else's. It's a place to write things down where no one else needs to read them. A journal is a place to be brutally honest. It's also a great place to put things to God that you might not want to say out loud. Some people use a journal to remind them of all the things they have so that they learn to have patience when they don't get their way or they have to wait for the things everyone else has.


Meditation teaches us a lot about patience. Meditation often gets us to relax, which is a huge part of having patience. It gets us to clear out all the thoughts circling around our minds, which clogged thoughts mean there is little room for patient thoughts. Plus, it also gets us to gain perspective, because once we enter a meditative state, we can clearly focus on God and God alone. We allow ourselves to pinpoint what's bothering us and come up with solutions. Meditation is a time for God to work in our minds and spirits.

Let It Go

Here is the easy thing to say, "Let it go." What's the hard thing to do? Let it go. However, when you learn to let the little things roll off your back, you'll find that you're a lot happier. Impatience with the annoying things in life only work to tie you up in knots. It does little to improve your world. In fact, when all you are is impatient, life gets pretty miserable. Learning to let the little annoyances go allows you to focus on what's important. Start by trying one small thing. Just let it go. As you slowly learn to let bigger and bigger things go, you'll start to see what's really important and where God wants your focus.

Talk to Someone

God doesn't allow us to live in a vacuum. Fellowship is very important because our friends and family are the people that support us. He puts certain people in our lives to be our sounding boards. Sometimes we just need to vent and allow people to listen and support us. Sometimes we need to tell them when we're losing patience so they can help us find solutions to what's bothering us. Patience sometimes comes at the advice of others.

Remember What Really Matters

So often, patience comes because we have perspective on life. Knowing what really matters…what's really important allows us to be far more patient. It's easy to get caught up in what we want. Our wants can take over. Yet God asks us to live in the moment at times. If we get so caught up in what we don't have or where we aren't going in our lives, we lose our perspective on God's will. It opens a door to poor choices and wrong direction. Allowing ourselves to have good perspective goes a long way in learning patience.

Get Busy and Do Something

Keeping busy is a great way to get your mind off of things that are making you lose patience. Boredom sometimes breeds impatience. Get out and help people. Go see a movie. Get your mind off of what's annoying you. In those times you may find that perspective you've been missing.