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Visualization Discovery Tour

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If you can imagine it, you can create it in your life. Visualizations are mental images that can help us to leap over obstacles, shrink our troubles, manifest our dreams, reduce our stresses, let go of regrets, and invent new ideas. Visualization is also an excellent decision-making tool. You have the freedom of choosing the type of pictures you want to focus on, depending on your intent. Take this visual tour to discover a variety of purposes for using visualization.

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Problem Solving Visualizations

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Problem Solving

Are you facing difficulties in your life? Or are you challenged with making a decision? Visualization can help.

You can choose an image to focus on to help you through a troublesome period. Visualize yourself as a superwoman who can easily scale the highest skyscrapers or a marathon runner who outruns all of his competitors. Put your problems inside a carton and imagine it getting smaller and smaller until it can easily fit into your pocket. You'll discover that your problem is easier to carry inside your pocket than the heavy weight of it sitting on your shoulders. Or, you can visualize your problems magically disappearing before your eyes. There are no limitations in your visualizing. It can be magical.

When you are struggling with making a decision between two different options, try visualizing yourself involved in the two scenarios. For example, let's say you are having trouble choosing between two different breeds of dogs to welcome into your family as your new pet. Imagine taking each of the two dogs individually on walks or trips to the vet. Picture yourself grooming them, feeding them, playing with them, etc. Visualize how each dog will age, imagine it growing from a cute puppy into a full grown animal. Picture these two dogs living within your home and interacting with you and your family members. Hopefully this visualization exercise will help you in deciding the perfect dog breed to fit your life style.

You can do similar visualizations when choosing regions to live in, schools to attend, career option opportunities, etc. Even when confronted with an uncomplicated choice, such as choosing what color to paint your bedroom, this can be decided through the help of visualization.

The Shrinking Box  Exercise for Mentally Minimizing Your Problems

This is a simple, yet effective, visualization you can use to help combat those overwhelming stresses and pesky problems that are eating away at you. Imagine a plain cardboard carton. Open the box with your mind and picture yourself putting all your stresses and problems inside. Close the carton and seal it with duct tape. Now imagine the box literally shrinking in size. As it gets smaller and smaller you are helping to put your problems in perspective. Continue to mentally shrink down the box until "poof" the box has disappeared. Repeat this exercise everyday until you get the message that your problems are only as big as you picture them.

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Mental Escapes

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Mental Escapes

Visualization is a wonderful tool for periodic escapes from the mundane. No matter where you are physically you can train your mind to carry you away to a more exotic destination or a more comfortable place.

Daydreamers are superb at taking mental escapes. In fact, chronic daydreamers would be wise to train their wandering minds from floating away so often and learn to focus more on the reality of where they are. Mental escapes are best used for "rest" or "relaxation" not for avoidance.

My mind has a habit of taking off to a visual world of my own making during commercial breaks whenever I'm watching a television program. Advertisers won't like hearing this, but that's usually what happens. After I've seen a commercial once, my mind doesn't stick around when it is replayed over and over again. I'll make a preferred mini-movie within my own mind in its place. When the televised show comes back on, my mental retreat ebbs until the next commercial break. Weird, I know.

Beach Retreat Visualizationshared by a reader

Paul B. says: Visualizing myself on the beach is a favorite pass time for me. Very relaxing.

How to Do This Visualization Exercise

Find quiet place where you can lay down or recline in a lounger. Close your eyes and take a relaxing breath. In your mind paint a picture of beach with blue skies and deep blue green water. A few more mental brush strokes and you'll discover yourself sitting under a palm tree. Imagine the sounds of the water and smells of the salty air along with your visuals. You know you're doing good when you can almost feel the sand between your toes.

Tips and Tricks

  • If you have trouble visualizing try to think of your meditation as a blank canvas. You are the artist. Be your own creator.
  • Visualize the landscape that relaxes you best (beach, forest, mountains, desert oasis, etc.).

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Manifesting Your Dreams and Desires

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We generally think of mental images when visualizing but you can easily incorporate actual pictures as mental props to stimulate your thoughts. A picture can be pasted onto your bathroom mirror to greet you each morning, or a photo can be tacked on your refrigerator or tucked under the visor in your car. Globally, vision boards became all the rage when the movie The Secret awakened the world to the Cosmic Law of Attraction.​

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Balancing and Centering Visualizations

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These visualizations are meant to help you ground and find balance. Because our energies are always in flux it is important to "check in" with our bodies (both physical and energy bodies) routinely to adjust and center ourselves. If you find yourself stubbing your toes or bumping into things, you are not in balance. If you are experiencing mental confusion or are all over the place emotionally, a centering visualization can help return you to calm and better focus.

Balancing Chakra Bath - Colored Light Meditation

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Visualizations for Reducing Stress


Reduce Stress

Stress is a huge problem for so many people. We are overwhelmed on a daily basis because of having too many responsibilities. So many tasks to tend to and hardly any rest for the weary. Purging or releasing visualizations are intended to tackle those stresses head on and squash them like bugs. It is important to make de-stressing a priority exercise.

  • Pull the Plug and Drain Away Your Stresses

Punching Bag Visualizationshared by a reader 

Jackie says:  I imagine whatever or whoever is the focus of my frustration is a punching bag, and then I let loose on it.

How to Do This Visualization Exercise - Pretty simple. Someone suggested that I either take a baseball bat to my mattress or join a gym and beat a punching bag with my fists as ways to take out my frustrations. But, I'm pretty much a wimp and figured if I broke a nail then I'd really be ticked off, so instead, because I am a visual creature I began doing what was suggested in the safe recesses of my mind. Simply imagining slapping your snotty co-worker silly, punching your intimidating boss in the gut, or dumping a ton of bricks over your nosy brother-in-law's head can be a real trip. No blood or gore, only anger-releasing satisfaction.

Tips and Tricks

  • Not everyone can vent their emotions through actions, this visualization is merely a substitute for meeker spirits.
  • After your mental fight, take off your gloves and create a relaxing visual in your head.

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Clearing Your Mind Visualizations

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Clear Mind

Too many thoughts and mental pictures can convolute the mind. It may seem strange to use visualization to reduce the chaos in your brain when your mind already feels too crowded, but it can help. The idea is to choose images that erase, filter, or organize your thoughts. Much like de-cluttering a closet, you can use visualization to reduce mental clutter.

Mountain Top Visualizationshared by a reader

Cathy says: I recently had a total hip replacement. My husband is needy and I have been unable to give him my full attention. I am healing and need time. Since I cannot walk as well yet I have a motorized scooter which is my favorite color with seats covered in a fabric which is pleasing to me. I use this cart to transport myself to a mountain top where I breathe away negativity easily and effortlessly.

I drive the cart to the top of the mountain and park close to the edge. I relax and deep breathe. On inspiration (inhalation) I gather any negativity together and on expiration (exhalation) I visualize breathing it out. I watch it go over the edge, flow onto jagged rocks into a body of water which is acid. The water dissolves all negativity, which will not reoccur. As I repeat the breathing I visualize healing white light filling all the cells of my body. When I know that I am full of healing light I sit and rest. I have let go and let God.

Tips and Tricks

  • I usually do this at night and I fall asleep and sleep soundly.
  • Make the visualization yours with objects and thoughts that give you peace.
  • Practice, practice, practice.
  • Journal

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Energetic Shielding Visualizations

Boy drawing line in sand with a stick
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These "protective" visualizations are meant to shield you from negativity and unwanted attacks. Humans are meant to interact with one another. Why else would we choose to incarnate into a physical body and live together, work together, and play together? However, the merging of too many energies may at times feel overwhelming, even frightening. Forming protective imagery in your visualizations in your mind can assist you in learning how to deflect negativity and to create clear boundaries.

Drawing a Line in the Sand Visualizationshared by a reader

Ann Marie says: I will mentally draw a line in the sand whenever I feel my personal boundaries are at risk. This picture helps me feel more in control.

How to Do This Visualization Exercise

Mentally transport yourself to a sandy coastline. Imagine yourself stooping over and with your hand or fingers draw a line in the sand. The line in the sand represents a safe boundary. No one can cross it, nor are you expected to go step over this line and do anything you are not comfortable with. You are basically creating boundaries. This visualization is helpful for anyone who has trouble saying no or feels badly when they refuse doing favors for others. The line in the sand gives you the strength to say no when someone is asking you to do something, also frees you of guilt.

Tips and Tricks

  • Try drawing a circle in the sand with you safely inside. No one can sneak up on you from behind.
  • When you are ready to broaden your safe area, imagine the ocean tides coming to shore and washing away your drawn line. Now move back and draw a new line that gives you more space.

Six Layer Energetic Shield of Protection Visualizationshared by a reader

Nassaria Aisha Green says: I visualize a 6 layered shield, beginning with bronze, to silver, gold, titanium, platinum and finishing with aquamarine. These 6 layers build up creating a deeply protective shield. Really feeling the different energetic qualities of each layer and seeing the unique colours of each.

I also affirm "I am Protected" x3 times in completion.

In addition after doing further research I intend to use a wider ranged white light shield/bubble to extend the protection out even further for if you have a large energy field, intending that only love and light can travel in and out of the shield.

How to Do This Visualization Exercise

I begin by taking a few deep breaths, filling the lungs and opening the heart, using my imagination I visualize a bronze layer surrounding my physical body to begin with then extending outward seeing silver, gold, titanium, platinum and then aquamarine. Feeling each layer and colour's quality and individual strength, allowing them to build up on top of one another, seeing this visually too, I see a strong shimmer and shine with these powerful vibrations.

Tips and Tricks

  • Remember to do this first thing on a morning.
  • Continue throughout the day, affirming verbally out loud is also a great way of amplifying your intention.

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Letting Go and Breaking Free Visualizations

Releasing butterfly in a meadow.
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Letting Go

Are you having difficulty walking away from a toxic relationship? Or do you tend to dwell on the past instead of moving forward in your life? Choose images in your visualization sessions which will allow you to break free from problematic people and move past personal regrets. We cannot change the past, but we can create our futures. Begin a new way of living by visualizing it first!

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Wellness and Wholeness Visualizations

Water Lilies
Mint Images - Frans Lanting

Wellness and Wholeness

Visualization helps no matter what your challenges are or how wonderful your current situation is. Visualization can be a powerful tool for improvement as well as for maintaining a happy life style. Wellness imagery can help you turn any negatives into positives. Beautiful pictures can reinforce the perfect life you are living or hope to begin living. Choose images that represent good health, fitness, and happiness. Whatever represents your ideal of "love" or "perfection" or "tranquility" those are the pictures you want to focus on.

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Grounding Visualizations

Anchoring Tree Roots Visualization. pukrufus

Growing Your Tree Roots

This is a typical guided grounding visualization used by healers to assist clients who tend to be spacey, nervous, or are easily distracted. The healer will ask the client to imagine being a tree growing its roots. Using his imagination of extending his roots into the ground the client's anxieties are lessened and is better able to draw stabilizing healing energies from the earth.

Healer, Sean Holmes (see his anchoring exercise below), suggests grounding prior to your meditation session to give clarity and focus.

There are many different variations used in helping to ground and drawing energies from the earth as a resource. I had a client who had an aversion to imagining her feet and toes buried into the dirt. This was because she had a fear of earth worms crawling on her skin. Alternately, I suggested she visualize standing on a beach, wiggling her toes deep into the sand and become immersed in the earth energies for grounding. 

Anchoring Yourself into the Earth Exercise

by Sean Holmes

The roots of a large tree spread deep underground, anchoring the tree into the earth, use your creative visualisation to imagine roots, going down from your body plunging into the depths of the planet and spreading out, just like the roots of that tree. Envision the prominent bulky roots extending downwards below the surface, broadening from the base of your spine. These roots are the essence that will, enable you to draw into your body the positive frequency of the mother earth. You are now beginning to feel the awareness of a reaction from the planet deep below the surface coursing into your space. As this occurs, you visualise the bulky roots that are beginning to entwine with the waters inside the planet's core, these waters represent the unconditional love, healing the rarefied energy of the Earth.
As your roots entwine with the Earth energy use your senses to experience the awareness of unconditional love. Drawing the Earth energy into your roots, visualising the rainbow of colours spreading upwards flowing languidly into your physical body. The colours black and white are what is needed if you consider that both black and white are a continuous distribution of coloured light.
Every colour vibrates at its own aural and visual frequency, whichever colour rises into your physical counterpart, is the healing colour that you need at this time.

This exercise of embedding yourself creates an anchor to Mother Earth before you begin any meditation work.
Anchoring yourself and learning to access white light at the same time.
Envision a budding rose still waiting for the impetus of food from Mother Earth. The rose waits patiently for the sun to help it germinate. When you bring down white light through your crown chakra, you entwine with the higher principle that also resonates with the sun. So in essence you become the most central and material part, you become that rose.
Bringing white light down through your crown chakra through the top of your head and you anchor yourself at the same time as you entwine with the essence of the Father's energy of Heaven that is represented by the white light, and the essence of the Energy of Mother Earth.
When you do this you merge the essence of Mother and Father, integrating these energies you are neither male nor female, neither father nor mother. You now consist of two integrated parts of the aspects that are best for you at this particular time.

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