Victory Bible Reading Plan by James McKeever

Breathe Life into Bible Reading

The Victory Bible Reading Plan
The Victory Bible Reading Plan. Mary Fairchild

One of my favorite Bible reading plans is The Victory Bible Reading Plan, compiled by James McKeever, Ph.D., and published by Omega Publications. The year I began to follow this simple arrangement, the Bible literally came alive in my life.

Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs

Like most Bible reading plans, The Victory Bible Reading Plan allowed me to follow a daily systematic outline that I could begin at any time on any day of the year. The Victory plan gave me one reading from the Old Testament, one reading from the New Testament and either a Psalm or a Proverb every day. With the Psalms and Proverbs incorporated into each meditation, I found myself constantly refreshed and uplifted. This was especially important while working my way through some of the more tedious and difficult to understand sections of the Old Testament.

Chronological Sequence

The best feature of this plan was the way it took me through the Old Testament. Except for a few favorite books, many Christians stay away from reading the books of the Old Testament. Either they don’t understand the text, or the chapters seem long and boring, full of lists, laws, names, and measurements that don’t seem to have meaning or application in daily life. The Victory plan is laid out chronologically, therefore, guiding me through the Old Testament in the sequence in which the events actually happened. This opened up a whole new realm of adventure and discovery involving the timeline of the kings and prophets of the Old Testament.

Twice Through the Gospels

And one more aspect that won me over to The Victory plan was that within a year, I had read through all of the Gospels twice. This aimed my focus on the life of Jesus, keeping his image and character always fresh before my eyes.

The Victory Bible Reading Plan is packaged in a concise booklet, each page containing one month of readings. It includes a column for keeping track of your progress and a small area for personal notes.

If you’ve never read through the Bible chronologically, or if you need to breathe life into your daily reading, I strongly encourage you to give this plan a try. You can obtain copies from most Christian bookstores or to order online select the "Compare Prices" button below.