Unique Sikh Baby Names With Spiritual Meanings

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Parents who want to give their children unique names may spend the entire pregnancy deciding on a name. However, Sikh names are chosen by devout parents only after the birth takes place. Spiritual baby names are based on the first letter of a random verse read from Guru Granth Sahib. Parents may opt to give their child the actual first word read, or choose any name beginning with the first letter of the hukam taken on the day of the child's birth.

Choosing Spiritual Names for Girls and Boys

In Sikhism, spiritual names are nearly always interchangeable for baby girls and baby boys. Generally, there are few exceptions. Parents may choose names whose meanings have to do with traditional masculine occupations such as war and soldiering for boys, while names that have a feminine ring to their sound may be chosen for girls. The last name singh designates that the name belongs to a male person, while the last name of kaur refers to a female person.

Create Unique Names With a Prefix and Suffix

For unique baby names with distinctive spiritual meanings, parents may choose to combine common names in order to create an uncommon name for their newborn. Such names often include a prefix and suffix. Names often fall into one category or the other. Some, but not all, are interchangeable. Names listed below are grouped according to traditional usage. These are just a few examples of the many possible varied combinations, as they exclude countless names not listed here.

Traditional Prefix

A - H

  • Akal (Undying)
  • Aman (Peace)
  • Amar (Immortal)
  • Anu (Piece of)
  • Bal (Brave)
  • Charan (Feet)
  • Dal (Army )
  • Deep (Lamp)
  • Dev (Deity)
  • Dil (Heart)
  • Ek (One)
  • Fateh (Victorious)
  • Gur or Guru (Enlightener)
  • Har (Lord)

I - Z

  • Ik (One)
  • Inder (Diety)
  • Jas (Praise)
  • Kiran (Ray of light)
  • Kul (Entire)
  • Liv (Love)
  • Man (Heart, mind, soul)
  • Nir (Without)
  • Pavan (Wind)
  • Prabh (God)
  • Prem (Love, affection)
  • Preet (Love, lover)
  • Raam (God)
  • Raj (King)
  • Ras (Elixir)
  • Roop (Beautiful form)
  • San (Is)
  • Sat (Truth)
  • Simran (Contemplation)
  • Siri (Supreme)
  • Sukh (Peace)
  • Tav (Trust)
  • Tej (Splendor)
  • Uttam (Excellence)
  • Yaad (Remembers)
  • Yash (Glory)

Traditional Suffix

A - H​

  • Bir (Hero)
  • Dal (Army soldier)
  • Das (Servant)
  • Deep (Lamp or region)
  • Dev (Deity)
  • Gun (Virtue)

I - Z

  • Inder (Deity)
  • Liv (Love)
  • Leen (Absorbed)
  • Meet (Friend)
  • Mohan (Enticer)
  • Naam (Name)
  • Neet (Ethical)
  • Noor (Splendorous Light)
  • Pal (Protector)
  • Prem (Affection)
  • Preet (Lover)
  • Reet (Rite)
  • Roop (Beauteous Form)
  • Simran (Contemplation)
  • Sur (Devotee or God)
  • Soor (Hero)
  • Vanth or Want (Worthy)
  • Veer or Vir (Heroic)

Examples of Combinations

  • Akaldal, Akalroop, Akalsoor
  • Amandeep, Amanpreet
  • Anureet
  • Baldeep, Balpreet, Balsoor, Balvir, Balwant
  • Charanpal, Charanpreet
  • Daljit, Dalvinder
  • Deepinder
  • Devinder
  • Dilpreet
  • Ekjot, Eknoor
  • Fatehjit
  • Gurdas, Gurdeep, Gurdev, Gurjit, Gurjot, Gurleen, Gurroop, Gursimran
  • Hardas, Hardeep, Hargun, Harinder, Harjit, Harjot, Harleen, Harliv, Harman, Harnaam, Harroop, Harsimran
  • Inderjit, Iknoor, Inderpreet
  • Jasdeep, Jasleen, Jaspreet
  • Kirandeep, Kiranjot
  • Kuldeep, Kuljot, Kulpreet, Kulwant
  • Livleen
  • Manbir, Mandeep, Maninder, Manjit, Manjot, Manmeet, Manmohan, Manprem, Manpreet, Manvir
  • Pavandeep, Pavanpreet
  • Prabjdev, Prabhjot, Prabhleen, Prabhnaam
  • Prempreet
  • Preetinder
  • Raamdas, Raamdev, Raaminder, Raamsur
  • Rajpal, Rajsoor
  • Rasbir, Rasnaam
  • Roopinder
  • Sandeep, Sanjit
  • Satinder, Satpreet, Satsimran
  • Simranjit, Simranpreet
  • Siridev, Sirijot, Sirisimran
  • Sukhdev, Sukhdeep, Sukhpreet, Sukhsimran, Sukhvir
  • Tavleen
  • Tejinder
  • Uttambir, Uttamjit, Uttamjot, Utamliv, Uttampreet, Uttamras, Uttamroop, Uttamsoor, Uttamvir
  • Yaadbir, Yaadinder, Yaadleen
  • Yashbir, Yashmeen, Yashpal
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