Trunk-or-Treat Halloween Activity

Halloween Jack-o-Lantern
Halloween Jack-o-Lantern. Photo by Rachel Bruner

Holding a Trunk-or-Treat Halloween activity is a great way to keep Halloween safe. What is a Trunk-or-Treat? It's when several families get together at the church building, park their cars in the parking lot, open up the trunks of their cars, and kids come around to each car to Trunk-or-Treat instead of going house to house to Trick-or-Treat.

You can just have the Trunk-or-Treat part outside or you can have a combined indoor/outdoor party. Here are some fun Halloween activities you can do:


  1. Let people know the estimated number of children that will be there so they can know how much candy to bring.
  2. If Halloween is on a Sunday you can hold the Trunk-or-Treat activity on Saturday the 30th.
  3. Those who don't have trunks (or cars) can also hand out candy by standing in-between the cars.
  4. People can even decorate their cars!
Indoor Activities
  1. Pumpkin Carving Contest: People can bring their previously carved pumpkins to be judged and prizes can be given out at the end.
  2. Bat Craft: These are easy to make and decorate. Their wings flap too!
  3. Bobbing for Apples: A barrel, water, apples, and lots of towels.
  4. Halloween Carol Sing Along: Common songs where the lyrics are replaced with Halloween words. Here are some links:
    • Halloween Carols 1
    • Halloween Carols 2
    • Type "Halloween Carols" in quotes into a search engine to find even more!
  5. Other Crafts and Activities:
  6. Trunk Decorating Contest: You could make this an optional activity for those who would like to decorate the trunk of their vehicle for the Trunk-or-Treat part of the activity and prizes can be given out.
Costume Restrictions:
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