Top Podcasts for Christian Teens

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Many podcasts pertain exclusively to Christian teens and can encourage you on your path, make you laugh, and help answer your questions about Christianity.

Below are some of the best of the best Christian podcasts. All of them are available either through iTunes or the podcast's main website.

StudentCAST Podcast

This podcast covers a range of topics balancing the world you live in with Bible scriptures.

It is not just a great resource for students, but also for youth workers and parents.

The most recent StudentCAST podcasts from LifeWay Youth Ministry were released in 2009, but they're all still available for free.

The International House of Prayer Podcast

This podcast brought to you by the International House of Prayer (IHOP), covers everything from prayer to missions. There are also worship and interviews with people meant to inspire and help you grow in your faith.

The IHOP podcast is updated every week, and you can get new and old episodes absolutely free.

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday Podcast

Grab a fresh, Christian-centered podcast each Sunday with this podcast by Mark Hart from Life Teen.

These podcasts are about the Catholic mass and are available free of charge on iTunes.

1 Year Daily Audio Bible Podcast

What easier way is there to get a taste of the Bible each day than a podcast that beams it straight into your ears when you're driving, doing the dishes, or really anything that uses your hands.

Subscribe to Brian Hardin's podcast to get your fill of Bible news each and every day.

Grace to You Podcast

Pastor John MacArthur delivers sermons straight to your computer or phone in his free Grace To You podcast. These episodes focus on different parts of the Bible, are released frequently, and are simple to understand.

You'll find after just a few listenings, that you'll have a much deeper understanding of the scriptures and how you can use the concepts to apply them to your everyday life.

Proverbs 31 Ministries Podcast

Only have a minute to spare each day? Instead of thinking there's no way you could listen to a podcast in your downtime, consider the Proverbs 31 Ministries daily, one-minute episodes.

These Christian podcasts focus on inspiring you to get through the day with a focus on Christ.

Pray-As-You-Go Podcast

Grab these 10-13 minute podcasts every couple of days for a few questions that will make you look into yourself and pray while in your car, on the train, or just taking a short walk.

There's also of course scripture readings and music. These are a great way to start your day.

Ask John Piper Podcast

John Piper answers tough theological questions in these episodes, and they're all 100% free to listen to!

It's common to hear this or that question and never know how to be prepared for answering them. John Piper is good at making things easy to understand.

Catholic Rockers Podcast

This podcast is devoted to contemporary Catholic rock music. The Catholic Rockers podcast is no longer active, but you can still get every episode from iTunes.

They play a variety of music and even linked to Spanish-speaking podcasts and music. There’s also some informative conversation and information about different events.

NRT New Christian Music Podcast

Love Christian music? NRT’s podcasts were all about contemporary Christian music with interviews from some of your favorite artists, from Jeremy Camp and Sonic Flood to the Newsboys.

You can hear many new tracks from recent releases.

These podcasts used to be released every Tuesday but have stopped since December 2013. You can still download them through iTunes, though.

Battle Cry for a Generation Podcast

Fun videos that are both entertaining and educational. There are videos about evolution, concerts, and what youth around the country are doing for their faith.

There are only 10 episodes in this podcast, from September to December of 2007. However, they're still available as free downloads.

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