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The five prayers of the sacred Nitnem, are required reading for every Sikh on a daily basis. The hymns of Nitnem are written in the Gurmukhi script, used for the divine poetic language of Gurbani. Study is essential for every Sikh in order to fully understand the meanings of the Nitnem prayers as Gurbani is not a spoken language.

"Sacred Nitnem" by Harbans Singh Doabia (Gurmukhi--Roman--English) Hardcover

Sacred Nitnem With Velour Hardcover and Printed Carboard Slip Cover
"Sacred Nitnem" With Velour Hardcover and Printed Carboard Slip Cover. Photo © [S Khalsa]

Sacred Nitnem by Harbans Singh, first published in 1974, is the original standard Nitnem translation and offers English interpretations along with phonetic spellings. This is a must have reference book for learning to read and understand Nitnem prayers with the aid of Roman characters. The text is numbered as an aid for beginning readers learning Gurbani and for in-depth study of English meanings of the divine hymns of Nitnem the five daily prayers of the Sikhs. The volume is presented in two parts.

  • Part One includes the original Gurmukhi script, and Romanized phonetic version on the left hand page, with an English interpretation on the facing right hand page.
  • Part Two includes summaries, insights, and discussions of fundamental teachings reflected in the Nitnem prayers.

Offered by Publishers: Singh Brothers South 2007 and Asia Books 1994 (New and Used -- (Deluxe Hardbound edition comes with a paper jacket when new. Velor Hardcover binding comes with printed cardboard slip cover when new.) 381 Pages.

"Nit Naym" by Dr. Sant Singh

"Nit Naym" by Dr. Sant Singh Khalsa
"Nit Naym" by Dr. Sant Singh Khalsa. Photo © [S Khalsa]

Nit Naym the Daily Banis by S.S. Sant Singh Khalsa, M.D published in 1986 is out of print and so very rare.  Expect it to be costly if you are able to find it. The prayerbook has a one page guide to pronunciation and one page on notes on the translation and is in two sections:

  • Part One has 148 pages with Gurmukhi on the top line and English translation below.
  • Part Two has 200 pages with Gurmukh on the top line with all caps Roman transliteration below.

The Anand sahib section of Rehras contains only the first 5 verses, as is commonly recited by converts of 3HO . The 6th verse is missing, which is the final 40th verse meant to be included as regulated by Sikhism code of conduct. 

Published by Hand Made Books.
899 N. Wilmot, Suite C-2
Tucson, AZ 85711

"Nitnaym Banees Daily Sikh Prayers" by Dr. Santokh Singh

Nitnaym Banees by Dr Santok Singh
Nitnaym Banees by Dr Santok Singh. Photo © [S Khalsa]

Nitnaym Banees Daily Sikh Prayers by Dr. Santokh Singh has 208 pages with an additional 10 pages of guidelines and rules for accurate pronunciation when reading the transliteration of Gurmukhi. The text of the banis is positioned is such a way so that Gurmukhi words are directly above transliteration and translations to aid learning both the original Gurmukhi and its meaning.

Published by the Sikh Resource Center
R.R.I. Princeton, Ontario
Canada, N0J  1 V0

"Nit Nem Daily Prayer" by Dr. Kulwant Singh Kokhar

"Nit Nem" by Dr. Kulwant Singh Kokhar
"Nit Nem" by Dr. Kulwant Singh Kokhar. Photo © [Courtesy Dr. Kulwant Singh Kokhar]

Nit Nem Daily Prayer The late Dr K.S. Khokar  With Punjabi and English Translation is available as a pdf to read online or as a download:


"Bani Pro" Nitnem CD

Bani Pro 1 & 2 by Rajnarind Kaur
Bani Pro 1 & 2 by Rajnarind Kaur. Photo © [Courtesy Rajnarind Kaur]

Listen to five Nitnem banis in Gurmukhi recorded by Rajnarind Kaur in two volumes. Bani pro CDs serve the dual purpose of satisfying the requirement of Nitnem for those unable to read or recite daily prayers and aids in learning pronunciation.

Top 2 Sikh Prayer Books for English Only Readers

"The Sacred Writings of the Sikhs" by Trilochan Singh
"The Sacred Writings of the Sikhs" by Trilochan Singh. Photo © [S Khalsa]

Two terrific translations of Nitnem daily prayers are presented in the English language:

  • Peace Lagoon Sacred Song of the Sikhs
  • Selections From The Sacred Writings Of The Sikhs