Top Missions Trips for Christian Teens

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What are you doing on your Christmas, summer, or spring break? Some Christian teens feel a call to missions on their breaks so that they can spread the gospel and give back to the world around them. There are some great stories from fellow teens who have been on mission trips. If you feel like God is calling you to missions, but you need to find a missions trip for Christian teens, here is a list of several organizations or trips available.

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Adventures in Missions

Adventures in Missions offers mission trips for college, high school, and junior high school. There are open-ended dates along with scheduled summer break and spring break mission trips. AIM is interdenominational with an emphasis on prayer and discipleship. They have 14 bases around the world with a year-round ministry, and the staff will help you find the best missions trip for you or your particular group.

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Awana's Missionary in Training Program has a variety of missions trips available for students between the ages of 15 and 19. While most of their missions trips are done during the summer, there is often one or two during the common Spring Break months of March or April. Students are able to join trips around the world or within the U.S.

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North American Missions Board

An extension of the Southern Baptist Convention, NAMB focuses their missions on "empowering, equipping, and mobilizing Christian volunteers to be on mission with God." They have missions teams including the Student Volunteer Mobilization which go on short-term missions trips or disaster relief missions. The student missions have a variety of opportunities for students to preach the gospel, build a church, or make improvements to low-income neighborhoods.

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Believers World Outreach

Believers World Outreach is an organization that specializes in organizing missions trips for youth groups and churches. The trips vary in the types of services teens perform. Common tasks include construction, painting, cleaning, drama, and outreach.

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War Week

Spend a week in Detroit with hundreds of teens making a difference in one of the most poverty-stricken and violent cities in the U.S. Activities include street witnessing, community cleanup, and children's ministries that help to make a difference in the Highland Park community. The missions trip also offers students a chance to grow with special services and workshops that feature speakers like Winkie Pratney, Pastor Marvin L. Winans, and Jacob Aranza.

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Alongside Ministries

A 20-year-old ministry, Alongside Ministries International has worked with churches in Europe and North America to develop missionaries and plan missions trips around the world. They also provide training for young people as needed.

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