Five Inspirational Magazines for Christian Teenagers

Christian teenagers serious about their faith may find it difficult to find magazines that speak directly to their interests and to their moral perspective. Many mainstream magazines for teenagers simply do not address the needs of devoutly Christian teens. Fortunately, even at a time when many magazines are closing, there are still several magazines aimed at Christian teenagers, designed to guide them through tough issues and add a little fun to their day.

Here are several magazines for teenagers. Some are available only in online editions, but others are also available in print editions for subscription or newsstand sale. 

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Published by the evangelical group Focus on the Family, Brio magazine ran from 1990 to 2009 before closing, but once again began publication in 2017.

Brio is aimed primarily at girls, and their self-defined mission is to focus on healthy relationships and encourage girls to make Christian-based life choices. It includes topics similar to those found in other teen magazines (such as fashion, beauty tips, music and culture), but presented from a perspective that is decidedly evangelical Christian. 

Brio is a print-edition magazine that publishes 10 issues each year. 

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FCA Magazine

Published nine times per year, FCA is a magazine sponsored by the ministry of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. It is designed to inspire Christian teen athletes to make an impact for Jesus Christ.

FCA magazine is available both online and as a print edition that is published six times a year. It is aimed at both young male and young female athletes. 

The stated mission of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and its magazine is stated as follows: 

To present to coaches and athletes, and all whom they influence, the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, serving Him in their relationships and in the fellowship of the church.
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Risen Magazine

Available both as an online e-zine and a quarterly published print edition, Risen Magazine is for the edgier, artsy crowd. It carries the voice of the young generation and covers everything from sports to music to lifestyles. Some articles are more spiritual in tone than others, but all subjects are approached through an underlying Christian faith. 

Risen's mission self-identified mission statement is as follows: 

Whether it’s an actor, athlete, author, musician, politician, or another influencer of this generation, Risen shares an exclusive angle that won’t be read anywhere else. We capture the raw, transparent glimpses into the joys, struggles, triumphs, heartache and tragedy that make up the fabric of an individual’s journey. The stories are real, powerful, and oftentimes life altering because they offer hope, truth, faith, redemption and love.
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CCM Magazine

Like all teenagers, most Christian teens are really into modern music. CCM is an online magazine that features mainstream recording artists discussing how music influences faith, as well as how faith influences their music. CCM is the must-have magazine for Christian music buffs, including teenagers. 

CCM is a full-featured online magazine with editorial content equal to that of most mainstream music magazines. 

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Devozine magazine is a devotional magazine written by teenagers, for teenagers. This bi-monthly article began is 1996, with a self-stated purpose to "help young people 14–19 years old develop a lifelong practice of spending time with God and of reflecting on what God is doing in their lives."

Our vision for is to provide opportunities for young people to spend time with God, to practice their faith, to connect with other teens around the world, to hear the voices of their generation, and to share their creative gifts and their prayers.
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