Top 10 Family Home Evening Games

Looking for a fun Family Home Evening game or activity to play with your family? These Family Home Evening games are a lot of fun, and most take little preparation to begin playing.

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Toy (or Candy Bar) Game

Family playing board game
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This game earned the No. 1 spot because it's one that any family can play, with any number of people, and it only takes minutes to prepare. What's great is that children of all ages, including their parents, will enjoy playing this game.
Each player finds a few toys (or other simple objects) that they want to include in the game, such as a doll, stuffed animal, yo-yo, etc. Players can use a pillow to help "hide" the toys they "win" which helps littler kids keep their older siblings from seeing what's in their stash.
Number of Players: Any

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Scripture Cards

Family playing card game together
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This fun Family Home Evening game is similar to "go fish" except the cards are of people from the scriptures. There are two decks to choose from. An advanced version of the game, which is perfect for older children and teenagers, is to specifically ask for the right card from the right person to receive it.
There's also a Christmas version of this game using Nativity Cards which would be fun to play in December.
This game takes some preparation time including printing and cutting out the cards.
Number of Players:

  • One deck = 2-6
  • Two decks = 6-12
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Do You Love Your Neighbor?

Portrait of a Family With Their Arms Around Each Other and Looking Down
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This fun activity makes for a perfect Family Home Evening game because there's almost no preparation to play it. All you need to play this game is a seat (even the floor will work!) for each player minus the one in the middle.
Children of most ages can easily learn the rules for this game and have fun participating with the entire family. Since most adults enjoy playing this game, too, it's a great game to learn how to play for your next Family Home Evening activity.
Number of Players: Any

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Latter-day Bingo

Math development
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Ready-to-print bingo boards make for a great Family Home Evening game. You could even let children play this game when the Family Home Evening lesson is being given. While listening to the lesson when they hear something that's on their board (such as tithing or commandments) they can mark off that square.
To get ready to play this game just print the boards, cut out a few small cards, and find something to keep track of your squares, such as beans, buttons, or mini marshmallows.
Number of Players: 1-12

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Nephi's Boat

Family sitting on couch , playing memory game
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Similar to "pit," this game, based upon the history of the prophet Nephi in The Book of Mormon, but it's a little more advanced with these fun cards:

  • liahona
  • brass plates
  • murmuring
  • repentance

This game's preparation will take some time to print and cutting out the cards and tokens.
Number of Players:

  • One deck: 3-5
  • Two decks: 6-8
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Family laughing while playing game together in living room
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Not much of an artist? That's okay! This game makes a fun Family Home Evening activity because it doesn't matter what you come up with. Strange and creative art only adds to the fun. All you need to play this Family Home Evening game is a pencil for each player and a few pieces of paper.
Number of Players: Any

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Thimble Game

vintage and used silver thimble
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The object of this game is to keep from guessing the hidden word. Watch out! If you guess the right word you'll get wet! To play this game all you need is a thimble (or other small container), a cup of water, paper, and a pencil.
Number of Players: 2+

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Vision of the Tree of Life

Trees On Landscape During Autumn
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What's great about this game is it comes with its own Family Home Evening lesson. The game incorporates questions from the lesson to help children remember what was taught. Although the lesson and game take some time to prepare, with printing and cutting out the clipart, it can also be used for a Primary lesson. The clipart is also available in black and white if you'd like to color the images as part of a Family Home Evening activity before you play the game.
Number of Players: 2+

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Word Association

mother dealing out playing cards to her family
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This simple game can be played anywhere; all you need are two or more willing players. One fun variation would be to pick a theme, such as the scriptures, and then all chosen words have to somehow associate with the scriptures.
Number of Players: 2+

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