Top 40 Christian Songs of 2015

In 2015, rock, pop, and worship led the year. We heard amazing new music from several of our old favorites and we met some talented new artists that truly glorified God through their music.

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"Young Diaries" - Ilia

Ilia - Reborn

"Young Diaries" came from Reborn. Hard hitting and hard rockin,' the band's new lead singer, Suzy Martinez, shows out and makes you feel every word.

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"Overcomer" - Mandisa

Mandisa - Overcomer
Sparrow Records

The 13th most popular Christian song of 2013 started off 2014 sitting on top and it remained popular through 2015. It only took one month for "Overcomer" to make it to #1 and it stayed there for weeks! The title track from Mandisa's album isn't just the story of her life, it's the story of our lives as well. We are all overcomers (according to the Bible)—we just forget that sometimes in the midst of the storms of life.

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"Jesus Saves" - Tasha Cobbs

Tasha Cobbs - One Place Live
Motown Gospel

"Jesus Saves" was found on the 3-song EP, Jesus Saves (Live). It went on to become the centerpiece of her sophomore release, One Place Live.

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"I Will Trust" - Fred Hammond f/ BreeAnn Hammond

Fred Hammond - I Will Trust
RCA Inspiration

The title track from the 2014 release features Fred's daughter, BreeAnn Hammond and is filled with peace and passion.

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"War" - Charles Jenkins & Fellowship Chicago

The single from Charles Jenkins & Fellowship Chicago debuted in the Top 10 back in August. A declaration that puts the devil on notice that he can't have any of it — not the family, the increase or the breakthroughs — this song means business.

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"Rise" - Skillet

Skillet - Rise

The title track from Skillet's 2013 release was the third single to chart on radio. We first saw it chart in September of 2014 and it spent a lot of quality time on the Christian rock charts. "Rise" sets the tone for the entire concept, calling all listeners to rise in revolution.

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"The River" - Jordan Feliz

Jordan Feliz - Beloved
Centricity Music

"The River" debuted in November at the very top. The song served as a wonderful introduction to Jordan Feliz's talent and heart.

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"Speak Life" - tobyMac

tobymac - Eye On It
Forefront Records

Another hit song from tobyMac, "Speak Life," from Eye on It debuted in 2013 and it was still getting airplay two years later. Reminding us that our words can be used to change lives, he sings of speaking life to the broken-hearted and those lost in the dark.

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"The Only Name (Yours Will Be)" - Big Daddy Weave

"The Only Name (Yours Will Be)" is from the 2012 release, Love Come to Life, and it's a wonderful song that points us towards trying to please Jesus rather than the world.

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"Something In The Water" - Carrie Underwood

Sony Music Nashville

"Something In The Water" debuted in March and it hit all of the right notes at radio. While Carrie's song did well on Billboard for months, surprisingly, it got more country airplay than Christian. Whatever type of radio station it played on, it was (and still is) a beautiful song.

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"Lord I'm Ready Now" - Plumb

We first heard this beautiful song in February. "Lord I'm Ready Now" is off of Need You Now (Deluxe Edition), which came out in September of 2014 The ballad is about surrendering all to God and it's a stunner.

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"Fill Me Up" - Casey J

Casey J - The Truth

Newcomer and worship leader Casey J started getting national attention with this song back in August of 2014. By December, she (and her song) were more popular than ever and she continued to win hearts in 2015. 

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"Every Praise" - Hezekiah Walker

Hezekiah Walker - Azusa The Next Generation
RCA Records

With the album version of the song that won the 2014 Dove Award for "Contemporary Gospel/Urban Song of the Year" being a little over 7 minutes long, there is plenty of time to get your praise on.

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"Untraveled Road" - Thousand Foot Krutch

Thousand Foot Krutch

"Untraveled Road" is an all-out rocker from 2014's Oxygen:Inhale. Thousand Foot Krutch delivers their classic sound on the tune and fans of Linkin Park will fall in love.

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"Feel It" - tobyMac f/ Mr. Talkbox

tobyMac - This Is Not A Test
Forefront Records

The single from tobyMac's August release, This Is Not A Test, debuted in October. This hip and totally fun dance track talks about feeling God in your life and how even though we can't see Him, we can see evidence of Him in our world.

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"First " - Lauren Daigle

Lauren Daigle - How Can It Be
Centricity Records

The 2015 Dove Awards Song of the Year winner, Lauren Daigle, debuted the second single from her award-winning album, How Can It Be, in October. "First" reminds us that we should put God first in our lives and the rest will all fall into place.

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"Same Power" - Jeremy Camp

The single from I Will Follow debuted in the charts in October. Jeremy Camp sings about the power that beat death on the cross and how it lives in us as Christians. This is powerful stuff.

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"Even So Come" - Passion f/ Kristian Stanfill

Passion - Even So Come

On the album, Chris Tomlin sings this stunning worship song, but Kristian's version, a separate recording, is what went to radio. While both are wonderful, there is a fullness in Stanfill's delivery that takes the win.

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"Worth" - Anthony Brown & group therAPy

Anthony Brown & group therAPy - Everyday Jesus
Tyscot Music & Entertainment

The lead single from the group's sophomore album, Everyday Jesus the Live Experience, is a powerful anthem about the worth that we have in God's eyes.

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"New Lease On Life" - MercyMe

MercyMe- Welcome to the New
Fairtrade Services

The follow up to "Greater" debuted in March in the U.S while it was already sitting in the Top 5 in the U.K., "New Lease On Life" is a little harder than your typical MercyMe fare.

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"More Than You Think I Am" - Danny Gokey

Danny Gokey - Hope in Front of Me

"More Than You Think I Am" comes from 2014's Hope In Front Of Me. The song gives us a glimpse into God's heart and proves that He is a loving and caring father — not a "grumpy old man" type character who is sitting in Heaven, waiting for us to mess something up so He can punish us.

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"Who I Am" - Blanca

Blanca - Blanca

"Who Am I" was the title of Blanca's debut EP and it is the lead single from her self-titled full-length release. A song that talks about figuring out who you are in Christ, this isn't Group 1 Crew but it's the Blanca we've all come to know and love.

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"Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)" - Hillsong UNITED

"Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)" comes from 2013's hit, Zion. Delivering music that will catch you off guard and draw you in paired with lyrics that will take your breath away, this song quickly became another Hillsong classic.

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"At The Cross (Love Ran Red)" - Chris Tomlin

Chris Tomlin - Love Ran Red
sixstepsrecords/Sparrow Records

The August single from Love Ran Red is about finding triumph in surrender. With parts and pieces of the classic hymn, "At The Cross," fans of all ages will find peace in this Chris Tomlin tune.

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"Beyond Me" - tobyMac

tobyMac - This Is Not A Test
Forefront Records

"Beyond Me" is the first single from tobyMac's 2015 album, This Is Not A Test. When the song went to radio, it got 80 adds in its first week. He debuted the tune live on his Worship, Stories & Songs Tour last year and fans loved it.

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"Overwhelmed" - Big Daddy Weave

"Overwhelmed," which spent 20+ weeks in the charts, finds Mike Weaver and a children's choir softly remind us how overwhelming God's love for us and His majesty are. The closer on Love Come to Life, this song was the perfect choice as it leaves listeners smiling in thanks long after the last notes have faded.

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"How Can It Be" - Lauren Daigle

Lauren Daigle - How Can It Be
Centricity Records

The title track from Lauren's September 2014 release is an absolute worship anthem full of raw emotion and true passion.

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"Come As You Are" - Crowder

Crowder - Neon Steeple

"Come As You Are,' from Neon Steeple, is possibly the best song from David Crowder's entire history. The song is a call to all sinners to come to the cross — as you are — because grace covers all sins.

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"He Knows My Name" - Francesca Battistelli

Francesca Battistelli - If We're Honest

Francesca Battistelli's second single from If We're Honest is all about value and knowing what your worth is in Christ so you don't get confused and believe what the world says.

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"Greater" - MercyMe

MercyMe - Welcome to the New
Fair Trade Services

MercyMe's "Greater" came from Welcome to the New and it spent nearly 30 weeks in the charts. The song kicks off with a cappella harmony and goes full into a psuedo-country sound. With lyrics that remind us that no matter what we're facing, God is greater than our problems, this is a winner all the way around.

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"Jesus Loves Me" - Chris Tomlin

Chris Tomlin - Love Ran Red
sixstepsrecords/Sparrow Records

The second single from Chris Tomlin's Love Ran Red has a light rock touch. The touching ballad has an innocence that stuns.

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"Drops In The Ocean" - Hawk Nelson

Hawk Nelson - Diamonds
Fair Trade Services / Columbia

"Drops In The Ocean" was the lead single from Hawk Nelson's March release, Diamonds. The song was written as if it is Jesus speaking and He's talking about how He forgives us more times than there are drops in the ocean. 

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"Soul On Fire" - Third Day f/ All Sons & Daughters

Third Day - Lead Us Back Songs Of Worship

"Soul On Fire" from January's Lead Us Back: Songs of Worship, shot to the top like a bullet in the beginning! Third Day goes full-out gospel and they do it so very well.

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"Shoulders" - for KING & COUNTRY

for KING & COUNTRY - Run Wild. Live Free. Love Strong.

"Shoulders" can be found on 2014's Run Wild. Live Free. Love Strong. The song reminds us that even when we feel like we are carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders, it is actually Jesus who is carrying us (and our burdens) on His. 

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"Holy Spirit" - Francesca Battistelli

Francesca Battistelli - If We're Honest

Francesca Battistelli's single comes from the Deluxe Edition of 2014's If We're Honest. The cover of the Jesus Culture tune offers a much different sound than the rest of the album, which has a definite pop and fun feel.

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"Because He Lives (Amen)" - Matt Maher

The single from Matt Maher that was written by him with help from Bill & Gloria Gaither, Jason Ingram, Ed Cash, Daniel Carson, and Chris Tomlin came from Saints and Sinners. In a word — this is a "wow" song!

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"He Knows" - Jeremy Camp

The supportive tune from Jeremy Camp's I Will Follow reminds listeners that God know what suffering is, so in times of trials, they shouldn't hesitate to turn to Him.

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"Touch The Sky" - Hillsong UNITED

Hillsong UNITED - Empires

"Touch The Sky" was the lead single from March's Empires. A very easy and mellow feel belies the power of the message it delivers. Taya Smith's voice soars as she celebrates the wonder and majesty of God.

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"Flawless" - MercyMe

MercyMe - Welcome to the New
Fair Trade Services

The MercyMe song that debuted in June, helping to kick the summer off, serves as a not so gentle reminder that despite our human frailties, the cross has made us flawless in the eyes of God.

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"Brother" - NEEDTOBREATHE f/ Gavin DeGraw

Atlantic Records

We first heard "Brother" on Rivers in the Wasteland in 2014. The 2015 version finds Gavin DeGraw contributing his talents and this tune is even more popular than the original (which is no small fete since NEEDTOBREATHE doesn't do bad songs).

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