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They spit out rhymes like other rappers but their words are deeper, more profound, and definitely God-inspired. Christian rap, also called Holy Hip-Hop, gets more popular every year and reaches places all over the globe. 

These 10 albums are a great start to any new collection.

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"Grammatical Revolution" - Grits, 1999

The hit single, "They All Fall Down," was the Dove Award's Rap/Hip-Hop Song of the Year in 2000.

The song came from Grammatical Revolution, which was described by many as the best grits CD ever.

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"Between Two Worlds" - Trip Lee, 2010

Trip Lee spends 16 songs talking to believers about how we should view our world and our lives. Are we to view our homes here as merely temporary or take the more worldly view of "he who dies with the most toys wins?"

Lee stays on point, viewing the concept from all sides and staying true to Scripture while doing it.

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"DC Talk" - DC TALK, 1995

Some folks didn't like DC Talk because it sounded too "80s" for their taste. For me, that was a plus. As a "child of the 80s," this release was like coming home.

This album wasn't just my first DC TALK release, it was also my first Holy Hip-Hop CD, so it will always hold a special place for me.

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"Factors of the Seven" - Grits, 1998

Yes, I realize that this list reads almost like a "Best of Grits," but Factors of the Seven is where "Plagiarism" comes from, so it must be mentioned!

It won the 1999 Dove Award's Rap Hip-Hop Recorded Song of the Year, 

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"The Art of Translation" - Grits, 2002

Seventeen songs comprise The Art of Translation, with all of them flowing smoothly between important topics that are still relevant years later.

This 2003 Dove Award Rap Hip-Hop Album of the Year can still hold it's own in today's musical climate.

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"It's Pronounced Five Two" - KJ-52, 2003

2004 saw this release take top honors at the Dove Awards, when it won the Rap Hip-Hop Album of the Year.

It’s Pronounced Five Two is KJ's third release and it's filled with humor, (yes—he's funny and talented), important issues, and most of all, God.

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"Bone-A-Fide" - T-Bone, 2005

Not only is this album's production top-notch, it's also T-Bone's best release to date. The pioneer of west coast Gospel hip-hop brought it and he brought it big in Bone-A-Fide.

While some music reviewers seemed to have a problem with the apparent "bragging" that Bone did about his success and all of the goodies that come with it, when looked at in the light of the "God wants all of His children to have nice things" message that many churches are preaching, it looks like T-Bone is getting his!

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"Welcome to Diverse City" - tobyMac, 2004

Not everyone could successfully blend rock, hip-hop, and pop music plus have it go over with both Christian and secular fans, but that's just what tobyMac did.

"The Slam," the 2006 Dove Rock Recorded Song of the Year, was just one of the great songs on this 2005 Dove Rap Hip-Hop Recorded Album of the Year winner.

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"Our World Redeemed... The Sequel" - Flame, 2007

Offering hope and a bright outlook on an eternal future, Flame delivers his best album to date to the delight of fans both old and new.

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"Stop The Funeral" - Ambassador, 2011

This album, which features several friends like Canton Jones, Cruz Cordero, Jessica Reedy, and KJ-52, is 100 percent Christ-centered from start to finish.

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