Top 16 Christian Contemporary Pop Bands and Artists

If you were to describe Christian pop / contemporary music using secular music terms, "Top 40" would easily fit the bill. Pop music plus soft rock equals Pop / contemporary!

If you are looking for a good place to start listening, the Top Christian Pop Bands list shares some of the best and the brightest.

Matthew West

Matthew West 2015
Matthew West performs onstage during the 3rd Annual KLOVE Fan Awards at the Grand Ole Opry House on May 31, 2015. Rick Diamond/Getty Images for KLOVE

A pastor's son and high school athlete, Matthew West didn't even pick up a guitar until after his high school graduation. During college, he discovered that music was his calling and after graduating, he hit the road as an indie artist, performing at schools and coffeehouses across the country. His talent first earned him recognition from the National Association of Campus Activities followed by a songwriting contract by Word Publishing.

An accident a few years later that severed an artery in his arm had doctors doubting that he would ever play guitar again, but God had other plans and it wasn't long before Matthew was signed as the first Christian artist to the Universal South record label.

Matthew West Discography

Francesca Battistelli

Battestelli posing for a photograph in 2008

Nat Tung/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY 2.0

Francesca Battistelli was only 15 when she started performing with a pop group.The next leg of her journey began at a youth camp, where God planted the seed of Christian music. Battistelli started writing songs and released an independent album at age 19. Fervent Records signed her and released her full-length debut album in 2008. By 2011, she was the two-time Dove Female Vocalist of the Year and she's just getting started!

Francesca Battistelli Discography

Audrey Assad

Audrey Assad Commons/CC BY 3.0

Audrey Assad is one of those rare people who know who exactly who they are and who God created them to be. A woman who has always danced to her own tune, she has successfully merged the two and her music certainly reflects it.

The New Jersey native started her ministry in Florida and two full-length albums and two Dove Awards nominations later, is an artist who is making a definite impact on fans.

Audrey Assad Discography

  • Death Be Not Proud EP, May 20, 2014
  • O Happy Fault EP, 2014
  • Fortunate Fall, 2013
  • Heart, 2012
  • The House You’re Building, 2010

Audrey Assad's Official Site



 via Avalon Facebook

Avalon was formed in 1996 in Nashville, TN because Sparrow Records wanted to put together a vocal group that could sing as well as deliver strong messages of faith. In the 20+ years since, there have been some member changes, but the excellence that has gained them 21 chart topping singles, 6 Dove Awards, 3 Grammy nominations and an American Music Award, has never wavered.

Avalon Discography

  • Reborn, 2009
  • Avalon: The Greatest Hits, 2009
  • Another Time, Another Place: Timeless Christian Classics, 2008
  • Faith: A Hymns Collection, 2006
  • Stand, 2006
  • The Creed, 2004
  • Testify To Love: The Very Best of Avalon, 2003
  • O2: Oxygen Remixed, 2002
  • Oxygen, 2001
  • Joy, 2000
  • In A Different Light, 1999
  • A Maze Of Grace, 1998
  • Avalon, 1997

Avalon Members

  • Janna Long
  • Greg Long
  • Jeremi Richardson
  • Amy Richardson

Big Daddy Weave

Big Daddy Weave

Image via

Big Daddy Weave was formed when the band members met at the University of Mobile in Alabama. The band holds the distinction of having their debut album on Fervent Records, One And Only, makes its debut in SoundScan's Christian Top 5, which was the highest debut for a new artist in 2002.

Big Daddy Weave Discography

  • Love Come to Life, 2012
  • Christ Is Come, 2009
  • What Life Would Be Like, 2008
  • Every Time I Breathe, 2006
  • , 2005
  • Fields of Grace, 2003
  • One and Only, 2002
  • Neighborhoods, 2001 (released independently)

Big Daddy Weave Members

  • Mike Weaver - songwriter/lead Vocals/guitar
  • Jeff Jones - drums
  • Jay Weaver - bass/vocals
  • Joe Shirk - saxophone/keyboards
  • Jeremy Redmon - guitars/vocals

Casting Crowns

Casting Crowns 2013 official press photo from the album, The Acoustic Sessions: Volume One

PLGPress/Wikimedia Commons/CC By 3.0

The members of Casting Crowns started out in youth ministry in Daytona Beach, FL, later moving to Atlanta, GA. The band recorded two independent records that were distributed mainly in the Atlanta area, and both were extremely popular. In a Cinderella story, one of those CDs got into the hands of Mark Miller of Sawyer Brown, who shared it with two of his longtime friends, Provident Label Group President Terry Hemmings and Steven Curtis Chapman. Beach Street Records was formed and Casting Crowns was signed as the flagship band.

Casting Crowns Members

  • Brian Scoggin - drums
  • Chris Huffman - bass
  • Hector Cervantes - guitars/vocals
  • Juan Devevo - guitars/vocals
  • Mark Hall - lead vocals
  • Megan Garrett - keys/vocals
  • Melodee Devevo - Violin/Vocals

Chris August

Chris August
Chris August. Word

While still in his early 20's, Chris August cut his musical teeth with with Geffen Records while being managed by Joe Simpson (Jessica and Ashlee Simpson’s father). A move from Los Angeles back to his Texas home to lead worship pushed him farther into writing songs for God and before long, he was signed by Word Records and headed to Nashville.

His first Christian album garnered him three Dove Awards and he is showing no signs of slowing down.

Chris August Discography

  • The Upside of Down - 2012
  • No Far Away (Christmas Deluxe Edition) - 2011
  • No Far Away - 2010
  • What You're Looking For - 2009 (independent release)
  • Nice To Meet You EP - 2007 (independent release)
  • A Beautiful Thing - 2004 (independent release released under the name Chris Megert and the Love Jones)


For Kings and Country

Talkingtree1/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY 4.0

Joel and Luke Smallbone started winning fans and hearts from the moment they released their first album. The younger brothers of Rebecca St. James, the siblings have already seen awards land on their mantles and their songs being played on hit shows on TV.

For KING & COUNTRY Discography

  • Crave, 2012
  • For King & Country: The EP, 2011

Jars of Clay

Jars of Clay

Ian Muttoo/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY 2.0

As a band, Jars of Clay has released 25+ albums, sold over six million copies, won three GRAMMYS, headlined thousands of sold-out shows and festivals, and launched a non-profit organization promoting clean blood and water in Africa as well as a record label.

Jars of Clay Partial Discography

  • Inland, 2013
  • Live At Gray Matters, Vol. 4 EP, 2011
  • Live At Gray Matters, Vol. 3: The Christmas Edition EP, 2010
  • Jars Of Clay Presents: The Shelter, 2010
  • Live At Gray Matters, Vol. 2: The Rewind Edition EP, 2010
  • Flood(ed): A Benefit EP, 2010
  • Live At Gray Matters, Vol. 1: Songs From The Long Fall Back To Earth EP, 2010
  • The Long Fall Back To Earth, 2009
  • Christmas Reflections, 2008

Jars of Clay Members

  • Dan Haseltine – vocals
  • Charlie Lowell – keys
  • Steve Mason – guitar
  • Matt Odmark – guitar



Image via

MercyMe started out in 1994 as just a bunch of guys who loved music, loved the Lord and wanted be able to support their families playing music for and about Jesus. Several Dove Awards, a few albums and over five million + CD and DVD sales later, a lot has changed. But they're still the same people - guys who love what they do and who they do it for.

MercyMe Members

  • Bart Millard - vocals
  • Barry Graul - guitar
  • Jim Bryson - keyboards
  • Nathan Cochran - bass
  • Mike Scheuchzer - guitar
  • Robby Shaffer - drums

Natalie Grant

Natalie Grant
Natalie Grant. Curb Records

Natalie Grant has a lot going for her. She's a small woman, but she's got a big voice and a huge heart for God. She's as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside and she has probably never taken a bad picture in her life. She has what Simon from American Idol used to call the "it factor," but she's no diva. You can count on her music always being about the things of the Spirit and not the things of the world.

Natalie Grant Discography

  • Hurricane, 2013
  • Love Revolution, 2010
  • Relentless, 2008
  • Believe, 2005
  • Awaken, 2005
  • Worship With Natalie Grant and Friends, 2004
  • Deeper Life, 2003
  • Stronger, 2002
  • Natalie Grant, 1999



Image via Newsongonline

Newsong started out in 1981 as a nine member church band for Morningside Baptist Church in Valdosta, GA. Throughout the years, and changes in the group, they have had 20 #1 singles, six Dove Award nominations, numerous songwriting awards, and five of the Top 100 Christian radio singles of the past decade.

Newsong Partial Discography

  • Swallow the Ocean, 2013
  • One True God, 2011
  • Give Yourself Away, 2009
  • The Christmas Hope, 2006
  • Rescue: Live Worship, 2005
  • More Life, 2003
  • The Christmas Shoes, 2001
  • Sheltering Tree, 2000
  • Arise, My Love...The Very Best of NewSong, 1999

Newsong Members

  • Jack Pumphrey - drums
  • Billy Goodwin - lead vocals, guitar
  • Matt Goodwin - percussion
  • Russ Lee - lead vocals, guitar
  • Mark Clay - bass
  • Eddie Carswell - vocals
  • Rico Thomas - guitar
  • Matt Butler - cello, keyboard, vocals

Sidewalk Prophets

Concert Photo of Sidewalk Prophets

room28ministries/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY 2.8

Sidewalk Prophets was formed in 2003 by Anderson University students Dave Frey and Ben McDonald. Someone put a demo they had made into a recording competition on campus and before long, radio program directors and record labels were reaching out to them. Fast forward a few years and you'll find the band winning the Dove Award for New Artist of the Year in 2010.

Sidewalk Prophets Discography

Sidewalk Prophets Members

  • Dave Frey - vocals
  • Ben McDonald - rhythm guitar
  • Cal Joslin - bass
  • Justin Nace - drums

Steven Curtis Chapman

Steven Curtis Chapman
Steven Curtis Chapman. Sparrow / EMI

With over 55 Dove Awards, 47 #1 radio hits and over 10 million total albums sold, Steven Curtis Chapman is perhaps the best known name in today's Christian music

Tenth Avenue North

Tenth Avenue North

Dakota Lynch/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY 3.0

The members of Tenth Avenue North met at Palm Beach Atlantic College in the 90's and spent years playing churches and youth camps from Florida all the way to Colorado. In 2008, all of their hard work paid off the band and they were signed by Reunion Records. Before long, the band had garnered enough attention to be nominated as the Dove New Artist of the Year.

Tenth Avenue North Discography

  • The Struggle, 2012 
  • Inside and In Between (live CD/DVD), 2011
  • The Light Meets The Dark, 2010 
  • Over and Underneath, 2008 

Tenth Avenue North Indie Releases

  • God With Us EP, 2006
  • Speaking of Silence, 2005
  • Don't Look Back, 2003

Tenth Avenue North Members

  • Mike Donehey - guitar, vocals
  • Jeff Owen - guitars, vocals
  • Ruben Juarez III - bass
  • Jason Jamison - drums
  • Brendon Shirley - keys

The Afters

The Afters

Image via Band Facebook

The Afters was formed as Blisse in 1999 by Joshua Havens and Matt Fuqua when they worked together at Starbucks, playing music for customers when they were slow. Fast forward a few years and you'll find the band winning the Dove Award for New Artist of the Year in 2006.

The Afters Discography

  • Life Is Beautiful, 2013
  • Light Up The Sky, 2010
  • Never Going Back To OK, 2008
  • When the World is Wonderful, 2001 (as Blisse)

The Afters Members

  • Joshua Havens - vocals, guitar, keys
  • Matt Fuqua - guitar, vocals
  • Dan Ostebo - bass
  • Jordan Mohilowski - drums
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