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The Best Literary Works of Aurobindo Ghose

Sri Aurobindo
Sri Aurobindo.

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To read Sri Aurobindo is to experience the consciousness that lies at the heart of the Truth of existence. Nobel Laureate Roman Rolland said: “Sri Aurobindo (is) the foremost of thinkers, who has realized the most complete synthesis between the genius of the West and the East...” Here are a few enlightening books that can help bridge the gap between life and the spirit.

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The Life Divine

Savitri by Aurobindo
Savitri by Aurobindo. Lotus Press

"The most vital issue of the age is whether the future progress of humanity is to be governed by the modern economic and materialistic mind of the West or by a nobler pragmatism guided, uplifted and enlightened by spiritual culture and knowledge." This book resolves this question by reconciling the truths behind the metaphysical and the modern with a synthesis of the idea of divine life on Earth.

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The Essential Aurobindo: Writings of Sri Aurobindo

Amassed from over two dozen volumes of Aurobindo's works, this book is essential to an understanding of one of the greatest minds of the 20th century, who combines "the alacrity of the West with the illuminations of the East." Edited with an introduction and an afterword by Dr. Robert McDermott, professor of philosophy and religion at the California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco.

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Savitri: A Legend & A Symbol

A major work, this is a long poem of over 23000 iambic pentameter lines based on the ancient Hindu legend of Savitri and Satyavan. Didactic yet inspiring, it depicts myriad aspects of his views and explanation of the ancient Vedic-Yogic path. A unique specimen of spiritual literature, it is, in his own words, "A nectar of honey in the combs of gold" encompassing all human experience in 700 pages.

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Synthesis of Yoga

A seminal exposition of the discipline of yoga, this book has a wide-angle view and all-embracing scope to help the seeker of spiritual realization. Here, Aurobindo reviews the three great yogic paths of Knowledge, Work and Love, and presents his own unique view of the philosophy of Yoga. It also includes his views of Hatha Yoga and Tantra.

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Powers Within

Meant for the general reader as well the spiritual seeker, this book discusses the nature of various inherent potentials of man - powers, which we already possess and use unconsciously, and powers lying dormant within, which we need to develop and nurture in order to reap spiritual benefits in life.

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Gems from Sri Aurobindo

This is a gleaning of Aurobindo's statements on subjects of interest from his vast body of works. Aphoristic in style, his sentences illumine the truths within. He packs each sentence with the depth and intensity of the inner meaning and provides inspiration, themes for meditation and ideas for reflection on a wide array of topics.

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