Books About Muslim Women

Unfortunately, most authors who write about women in the faith of Islam know very little about the faith and do not talk to Muslim women themselves to find out about their lives. In this collection of books about women in Islam, you will hear from the perspective of female Muslim authors: researching, evaluating, and sharing their stories and those of their sisters in faith.

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Woman in Islam, by Aisha Lemu and Fatima Heeren

Two Muslim women wearing the traditional chador or nikab (full body cloak) walking past the ramparts that surround the medina in the town of Taroudannt, Morocco. (MR)
Martin Harvey

A wonderful presentation of women and women's rights in Islam, presented by two western Muslim women (the authors are English and German converts to the faith).

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Western Representations of Muslim Women, by Mohja Kahf

Interesting look at how Muslim women have been historically portrayed in the western world - are they downtrodden slaves, or harem seductresses? Why have the images changed over time, and how can Muslim women take the initiative to define themselves?

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Women, Muslim Society, and Islam by Lamya al-Faruqi

This Muslim author presents Islamic scholarship on the topic of Women in a Qur'anic Society. Includes historical perspective and contemporary issues in light of genuine Islamic teachings.

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Islam: The Empowering of Women, by Aisha Bewley

Written by a Muslim woman, this book looks at the contributions of women throughout Islamic history and takes a critical look at more recent changes that limit their roles in society.

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Bent Rib - Women's Issues in Islam, by Huda Khattab

British-born author Huda Khattab explores many issues concerning Muslim women and distinguishes what the faith of Islam teaches, as opposed to traditions based in cultural influences. Topics include girls' education, spousal abuse, and FGM.

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The Resurgent Voice of Muslim Women, by Rasha El Dasuqi

This female Muslim author highlights historical and religious sources relating to the role of women in Islamic law, and its relation to modern feminist ideas. It's a comprehensive look at female jurists, doctors, leaders, historians, and others who have contributed to Islamic society.