Top Books About Methodism

Popular books about Methodism, Methodist literature, and resources on the Methodist faith have been arranged in this top 5 list of books about Methodism.

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The Book of Discipline of The United Methodist Church

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The Book of Discipline sets forth the laws, plan, polity, and process for governing within the United Methodist denomination. Everything involved in the organization, legislation and administration of the United Methodist churches is included, such as the Constitution of The United Methodist Church, the doctrinal standards, theological tasks, social principles, and the mission and ministry of the denomination.

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John Wesley's Sermons

Author A. Outler has prepared informative introductions and arranged each of Wesley's sermons chronologically, giving readers the opportunity to follow the development of Wesley's theology throughout his lifetime.

Trade Paperback; 576 Pages.

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The Works of John Wesley: Journals and Diaries

This collection edited by Richard P. Heitzenrater and W. Reginald Ward offers a close look into the heart and mind of John Wesley. Take a unique glimpse into the complete journals and personal letters of the man who changed the course of spiritual history. Contains seven volumes.

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Methodist Doctrine: The Essentials

Author Ted Campbell outlines the history of commonly agreed upon Christian doctrines showing both what Methodism historically teaches in agreement with general Christianity and what is uniquely Methodist in tradition. He analyzes several documents of Methodist literature including The Twenty-Five Articles of Religion, The General Rules, Wesley's Standard Sermons and Explanatory Notes upon the New Testament, and the Apostles' Creed.


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Rethinking Wesley's Theology for Contemporary Methodism

Author Randy Maddox takes a look at the surprising trends in contemporary Methodist theology to reexamine and reengage John Wesley's teachings. He presents a set of original essays from prominent theologians demonstrating to readers their return to Wesleyan theological tradition.

Trade Paperback; 256 Pages.