Creative Youth Group Activities for Christian Teens

Some Out of the Box Youth Group Activities and Events

While there are the standard youth group events like going to a theme park or having a movie night, there are some other events your group can host in order to foster the creativity of Christian teens. Here are some great ideas to get those creative juices flowing:

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Youth Group "Palooza"

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Music is a big part of being a Christian teen, and it is a common creative outlet for many teenagers. Having a live band night or a night of "unplugged" talent playing allows musically gifted teens to have a place to share their craft.

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Film Festival

With the improvements and ease of digital editing, many Christian teens are getting into making their own movies. With a simple video camera, many teenagers can use their creativity to create films you can show during a special youth group event.

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Karaoke Superstar Night

Forget American Idol! Have your own competition. You can do an ongoing competition on nights that you have services, or you can have one special night to crown your own youth group's Karaoke Superstar!

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Poetry Night

Many Christian teens find a creative outlet in writing poetry or lyrics. Have a night where they can read their creations out loud. You may even want to add a category for short essays or stories.

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Art Show

From painting and ceramics to sculpture and metalworking, many Christian teens are budding artists. You can allow them to show their artwork in your very own art exhibit. Transform your meeting room into a gallery to show what some of your Christian teens are doing with their time.

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The Great Youth Group Cook Off

Not every Christian teen is a budding artist in a traditional sense. Some have other creative skills in the kitchen. If you have several students that love to cook, have a cook off where your students are able to share their favorite dishes with the group.

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Fashion Frenzy

Like cooking, some of your students are very creative with fabric and a sewing machine. Why not have a fashion show where your Christian "fashionistas" can show off their creativity through clothing?

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Christian Teen Playhouse

Drama is a big part of many youth groups, and putting on those dramas allows budding actors and playwrights to use their creative skills to grow and foster their faith. A playhouse event can also involve teens that are skilled at building and other creative arts to create sets, costumes, lighting, and more.

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Dance Like David Danced

Not all churches allow dancing to modern Christian music inside their churches, but those that do can have a dance-off. Many students in your youth group may be studying dance or love to street dance. This is a great outlet for teens that love music and dancing.

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