Third Degree Reiki Class Syllabus

What is taught in a Reiki III Class?

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There are three levels of Reiki training. Here are the outlines of the classroom structures I put to use in my traditional Usui Reiki classes.

Third Degree Reiki Class

Third degree Reiki is taught in a variety of ways. Some instructors will initiate (attune) students into the third level without giving the class structures to their students for becoming teachers. Whereas other Reiki teachers do not stipulate between Level III and Master Level, giving their students the title of "Master" to all students who receive the third level attunements. Some Reiki practitioner use the title "Reiki Master" yet they have never taught a Reiki class and many do not feel confident to give attunements having never been taught how to. No judgment intended the fact is that the title "Master" was given to them by their teacher so it was accepted. There are other Reiki teachers who offer two-part classes. During the first part, the students are attuned to the level III energies and taught how to use the Master symbol. In the second part, the students learn how to give Reiki attunements and how to go about teaching Reiki classes. I see this as third level Reiki practitioners are in three categories. I was instructed by a Reiki Master/Teacher who believed she was being led to teaching third level only to students who were prepared to teach. She was adamant that her students arrange to teach a Reiki I class upon completion of her instruction. This outline for Third Degree is designed for the student who has chosen to become Reiki Master/Teacher.

Third Degree Class

Class Preparation - Before signing up for a third-degree class the students should ask if he is prepared to the service commitment of being a Reiki Master. 8-hour day classes sessions are held once a week for a period of 5 to 7 weeks. It is important that the student is committed to attending these classes. It is also vital that the student allows time between classes to review and study for each class session. The time periods between sessions allows the student time to reflect and experience the material taught. Going through the process of becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher is an intense healing experience on a very personal level. Reiki brings about balance in your life. Graduation from class does not close the chapter on learning Reiki. Reiki will become an intricate part of your life, learning more about Reiki will continue throughout your lifetime.
This class structure is set up for five weeks. Depending on class size and issues students and Master delve into, the class may extend into a sixth or seventh session in order to cover everything thoroughly.[

First Week - Reiki Level III

  • The student and teacher both write the goal they hope to achieve in the class. Goals are to be read at the beginning of each class.
  • General discussion on what the course will cover.
  • Instructed to keep a journal of Reiki experience stories. These stories will be used in your classes when you start teaching.
  • Instructed to conduct absentia Reiki for 30 consecutive days to one individual prior to class or during the course of the class. If you conducted the absentia treatment for 30 days prior to the class you will be instructed to give yourself one hour of Reiki daily during the course.
  • Receive Reiki Level III attunement. Learn master and completion symbols.
  • Homework Assignments: Study history of Reiki. List experience stories. Study 1st & 2nd attunements for Reiki Level I.

Second Week - Reiki Level III

  • Read goal out loud. Share experience stories. Give an oral history of Reiki founder, Mikao Usui.
  • Discuss any new experiences since receiving Reiki Level III attunement.
  • Cover Reiki Level I class structure. Discuss information to include in class. Learn how to give a Reiki treatment to someone.
  • Learn how to give 1st and 2nd attunements for Reiki Level I.
  • Homework Assignments: Continue to add experience stories to list. Review history. Practice attunement process. Study 3rd and 4th attunement procedures for Reiki Level I. Memorize symbols.

Third Week - Reiki Level III

  • Read goal out loud. Share experience stories. Discuss how sending Reiki is going for you. Give an oral history of Dr. Hayashi.
  • Learn how to give 3rd and 4th attunements for Reiki Level I.
  • Outline Reiki Level II class structure. Tested on all the symbols (drawing them, pronunciations, and meanings).
  • Homework Assignments: Study Reiki Level II attunement. Review Reiki history.

Fourth Week - Reiki Level III

  • Read goal out loud. Share experience stories. Discuss how sending Reiki is going. Give an oral history of Mrs. Hawayo Takata.
  • Reiki Level II attunement practice session. Review Reiki Level II class structure
  • Instruction on preparing for a class (materials needed, business practices, etc.)
  • Homework Assignments: Practice Reiki Level III attunement.

Fifth Week - Reiki Level III

  • Read goal out loud. Share experience stories. Discuss how sending Reiki is going.
  • Practice Reiki Level III attunement procedure.
  • Instruction on outlining Reiki Level III class structure.
  • Review all attunements.
  • Question period.
  • Schedule additional class sessions if necessary.
  • End of Class - Congratulations! You are Reiki Level III Master/Teacher.

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