3 Things to Look for in a Church Youth Group

How to Find the Right Youth Group for You

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If you are one of those lucky Christian teens who get to choose where they go to church, you may feel a bit overwhelmed by figuring out what youth group is the right fit for you. There are all kinds of youth groups—those that focus more on fun, those that are very serious and focus mainly on the Word of the Lord, those that combine fun and Biblical principles, and more. So how do you know what type of church youth group will work for you and your spiritual style? Here are three guiding principles to help you make your decision.​

The Group Shares Your Beliefs

First and foremost, you want to belong to a church youth group that shares the same belief system as you. A Catholic teen may feel uncomfortable in a Baptist youth group. Likewise, a Mormon teen may not care for a Methodist youth service. Investigate youth groups within your denomination so that you feel comfortable with what is being preached and how the Word is being presented.

The Group Is Invested in You

As Christian teens, you still have a lot of spiritual growth in front of you, and your youth group should be focused on helping you grow both spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. That may seem a bit wordy, but basically, you want a youth group that offers you activities that do more than just allow you to play games. You should know your youth group has both a focus on God while also allowing you to be social and have a little fun. That's what being a teenager is about—growing in all kinds of ways. You should choose a youth group that meets you where you are in your own spiritual walk and offers you a chance to grow.

This also means that you need to be sure you can connect with the leadership, too. The adults that work with the Christian teens at your church will have an incredible impact on your life, but only if they are invested in helping you grow. If a youth group is not guided by invested adults it may not be a good place to improve your relationship with God. Good youth leaders are key to a successful youth group.

The Group Holds Your Interest

A variety of activities and studies can be fulfilling, but only if you are going to get something out of them. If you have a youth group that does a lot of sporting events, but you are more of an art lover, those activities aren't going to do much for your spiritual walk. If you're not much of a reader, but all the activities are based on books and reading, you're not going to enjoy youth group all that much. Make sure that the services and activities are geared toward your own interests. This will ensure that partaking in your church youth group is more of a joy and far less of a chore.

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