Things Christian Teens Can Be Thankful For This Year

Every November Americans commemorate one day to give thanks for the special things in their lives. However, some Christian teens have a hard time finding things for which to be grateful. Others have a hard time because there are so many great things in their lives. Here is a list of things for which almost all of us can be grateful for year round. Take some time this week to thank God for putting these things into your life, and pray for those that do not have these things to be thankful for.

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Friends and Family

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One of the first items on most Christian teens' "thankful" lists is family and then, soon after, comes friends. These are the people closest to us. Friends and family are those that encourage, support, and offer guidance through our lives. Even when they tell us the harsh truth or give us consequences, it is their love we often cherish.

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Wait...we have to be thankful for school? Well, sometimes it is hard to roll out of bed every morning with the desire to learn. However, teachers offer priceless lessons about the world we live in. Christian teens need to be grateful for their ability to read and write, without which it would be more difficult to learn God's lessons in the Bible.

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Food and Home

There are so many people out there without a roof over their heads. There are even more that go hungry every day. Christian teens need to be thankful for the food on their plates and the roof over their heads, without which they would feel vulnerable and lost.

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Why would technology be on a list of things for which we should be thanking God? Well, God allows Christian teens today blessings that come in the form of advanced technology.

Your computer allows you to be reading this list right now. Medical advances have virtually eliminated deadly diseases like polio and TB. Printing advances allow us to print Bibles in almost every language.

Your cell phone can bring you God's message through podcasts. While some technology is not always used for good purposes, much technology provides us with many blessings.

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Free Will

God has offered every Christian teen the option to accept Him or not. It may be frustrating to face opposition or ridicule because of your Christian beliefs, but God meant for us to love Him out of our choice. It makes our love for Him mean that much more. We know that our free will means we are not just automatons being toyed with but, in fact, we are His children.

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Religious Freedom

Some people around the world would give almost anything for the freedom to express their Christian faith. Christian teens living in countries that allow them to freely worship whatever faith they please sometimes forget what an amazing right and privilege it is to have religious freedom.

While some teasing at school may seem like it is difficult to overcome, imagine facing the possibility of stoning, burning, or hanging for carrying a Bible. It is important to be grateful for the chance to show what you believe.

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Freedom From Sin

God gave the ultimate sacrifice to free us from our sinful nature. Jesus Christ died on the cross in order to take away our sin. His death is why we strive to be more like Jesus and less like other people. Christian teens need to be thankful to God that He loved us so much that he gave his son so we may live.

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