Poems About the Crucifixion

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'The Nail' is an original Christian poem about the sacrifice and suffering of Christ on the cross.

The Nail

The nail is used for many things,

A useful securing tool;

A hammer is taken by the hand

And drives it, that's the rule.

A nail is needed when you build,

It's a necessary thing.

It was also used over two thousand years ago

To hang upon a tree, the King.

He took the pain and suffering

For all mankind, you see.

Yet He took the torture just for you,

And He took it just for me.

You cannot keep a good man down,

Through the years many have said.

He went down a man and rose a King

To deliver the spiritually dead.

He is on the throne

At God's right hand.

The First, the Last,

The Great I Am.

No nail, no hammer can touch Him now--

The mighty King on high.

What He built is forevermore,

Salvation for you and I.

So when you see a simple nail with its sharpened end,

And need to build or repair,

Lift up your eyes, your heart, and mind

And thank Him with a prayer.

--Laurene H. Bell

It Is Finished

‘It Is Finished’ was written to celebrate the victory Jesus Christ won on that first Good Friday.

Resounding throughout the universe transcending time and space

Is the greatest shout of victory heard by the human race.

From the lips of the Lord Jesus Christ came that tremendous cry

'It is finished' was His shout as He laid down His life to die.

All Scripture has been fulfilled and the prophecy's now complete

As the One of whom all prophets speak held Satan in defeat.

The battle has been won by Him, the Immortal God who died

His precious blood has flowed for sin and the law is satisfied.

How vast the ransom He has paid for no work was left undone

The gate to heaven opened wide by God's One and Only Son.

Humankind has been redeemed and the full price for sin is paid

The shame and suffering are over, atonement has been made.

My Lord and my Love is crucified the sinner’s faithful friend

The Alpha and Omega is the Beginning and the End.

His perfect life sacrificed to pay the dreadful price for sins

The Age of Law ends at the cross as the Age of Grace begins.

The great battle is over and man’s redemption has been won

No more need for types and shadows for the will of God is done.

Satan has been defeated by Jesus Christ the crucified

The sting of death is vanquished as the grave bursts open wide.

--Roy Allen

Easter Is

'Easter Is' celebrates the full significance of the Easter season.

Easter is the return of springtime

When all of nature comes alive.

The plants sprout, the birds sing

And all living things begin to thrive.

Easter is about Calvary’s cross

Where Christ Jesus was crucified.

Though he himself knew no sin

For us he hung, bled and died.

Easter speaks of God’s love

And the sacrifice he made.

How God gave his son to die

So sin’s debt could be paid.

Easter represents the resurrection

As Jesus paid the ultimate price.

So we get a chance to start anew

All because of the risen Christ.

We offer up our praise to God

And thank him for loving us so.

Death is conquered, the grave defeated

And Jesus is alive forevermore.

--Lenora McWhorter


‘Golgotha’ honors Christ’s sacrifice on the cross for sinners. The last line is from the Latin version of ‘The Glory Be.’

Cross of Savior's death and mount

From which our sins the serpents count

Awaiting when, with expert poise

Their fangs shall strike and raise a noise

More shrill than any earthly howls

Sinners grin beneath their cowls

Masking sorrow, lack of Christ

Rejecting holy sacrifice

Dying slow to live but once

While using sin to pass the months

What lamentation could lay bare

All beauty lost through modern fare?

And rampant disregard for Christ

Indeed, His earthly sacrifice

Is taught to us as shame on sense

While blinding us with present tense

To leave these things to be forgot

Which made our Lord to cast his lot

With us, no better meant to scorn

Despite the sin in which we're born

I see no other to his will

And know my soul shall see no ill

As long as subject I declare

My heart to his eternal care

So hear, my God, as loud as yet my lungs can cry

And see, my God, far longer than my human eye

I reach, my God, far taller than my body stands

With humble will to know the perfect workings of Your hands

And grant, my Lord, the grace to know Your eternal will, again

In principio, nunc, semper, et saecula saeculorum, amen.

-- David Bico

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