Teen Angels - Deck of 52 Inspirational Cards

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Teen Angels - 52 Angel Inspirational Cards

Teen Angels
Teen Angels. Findhorn Press

This is a step-by-step sampling of ten out of the fifty-two "teen angels" that are depicted on Diana Cooper's inspirational card deck "Teen Angels." The purpose of these angel cards is to give encouragement and spiritual guidance. There is no "game" to play. The cards are to be shuffled and one card chosen at random to inspire or invoke positivity.

How to Choose a Teen Angel Card Meant Just for You:

  • Quiet your mind for a minute or longer.
  • Mindfully shuffle the deck of cards.
  • Ask for an angel connection.
  • Select one card from the deck.
  • Look at the card, reflect on the message.
  • Thank the angels for their guidance.

Diana Cooper is a therapist, a healer, and the author of several books, including Angel Inspiration, Discover Atlantis, Light Up Your Life, A Little Light on Spiritual Laws, A New Light on Angels, and A New Light on Ascension. Artwork was created by artist and painter, Norbert Pautner.

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Review deck of Teen Angels was supplied by Findhorn Press publicist.

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Teen Angel - Dreams

teen angel cards
Dreams. (c) Findhord Press
It's great to have dreams - Put them into action now.

On each card a different cartoonish teenager is depicted. The images are fun, colorful, and unique. Teenagers (and tweenagers too!) love to look and dress uniquely themselves so I imagine that they will be able to relate well with the artwork. But, you don't have to be a teen or tween to enjoy these Teen Angels.

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Teen Angel - Openness

Openess angel
Openness. (c) Findhorn Press
Open up. Secrets are time-bombs.

Printed on each card from the deck of Teen Angels is a short message. These messages are intended to be inspirational. They are meant to answer life questions, empower self image, promote kindness, teach fairness, open awareness avenues, and so forth.

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Teen Angel - Earth Angel

earth angel card
Earth Angel. (c) Findhorn Press
Be an angel - Help someone today.

The Earth Angel card shown here is one of my favorite cards from the deck. The green Nehru jacket he's wearing took me back to the sixties when I wore one. It is really easy for children to get stuck in their "me" clothes, always looking to see what life has to offer them. The message of the Earth Angel is to help young people to learn how to reach outside of themselves and help others.

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Teen Angel - Intuition

intuition angel card
Intuition. (c) Findhorn Press
Trust your gut instinct; it's angel speak.

Each card explores a different aspect of being, opening up your teen to new ideas and challenges. The Intuition card is just one card from the deck that urges inward soul-searching. Similar cards are Introspection, Vision, Good Karma, Thinking, and Perspective.

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Teen Angel - Laughter

laughter angel card
Laughter. (c) Findhorn Press
Laugh at yourself and the world laughs with you.

Life doesn't have to be so serious. Angels are "light beings" who don't want to see humans suffer. Their jobs are to assist us as we make our way. The Teen Angel Laughter serves as a good reminder to be light on your toes and learn to not only laugh out loud but to also laugh with your heart.

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Teen Angel - Specialness

specialness angel card
Specialness. (c) Findhorn Press
There's only one of you. Recognize you are special.

Here's a special idea. Share your angel cards with your friends. You could carry a deck of angel cards in your school backpack. Between classes let your friends pick a card from the deck to inspire them.

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Teen Angel - Bridgemaking

Bridgemaking angel
Bridgemaking. (c) Findhorn Press
Be a bridge between people and everyone will benefit.

This angel message really struck me. How often have you felt caught in the middle between two feuding pals? Both friends are urging you to take sides, but all you want to do is remain neutral. Maybe you don't have to take sides or remain neutral, it may be that you are talented in finding the middle ground and teaching compromise.

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Teen Angel - Divine Communication

phone home angel
Divine Communication. (c) Findhorn Press
Phone Home. The angels will give you a direct line.

I half expected the "Phone Home" angel to look a little like ET (laugh), but he doesn't. Still, this adorable blond boy suits the card's message well enough. When is the last time you dialed in a connection to communicate with your guardian angel?

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Teen Angel - Detachment

detachment angel card
Detachment. (c) Findhorn Press
Let go and cut the cords.

Your teens and pre-teens are very peer-oriented. Part of charm of these cards is that the inspirational messages are coming from teen-aged angels, not from adults or lofty "all-knowing" entities who can seem out of touch with kids growing up today.

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Teen Angel - Wonder

teen angel wonder card
Wonder. (c) Findhorn Press
Look around. The world is an amazing place.

I think you're probably getting the idea what this deck of cards is really meant for by now. They truly are wonderful cards, perfect for tweens, teens, and young-hearted adults as well.

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Teen Angels - Inspirational Deck of Angel Cards

I hope this step-by-step sampling of cards from Diana Cooper's Teen Angels has sparked your interest in getting these angel cards to share with or give to the tweens and teenagers you know. The teen years can be a difficult and confusing time. These colorful and youthful looking cards serve as a reminder that none of us are ever alone, the angels are always with us.

Teen Angels, 52 angel inspiration cards - Text by Diana Cooper, Illustrations by Norbert Pautner, Deck Design by Thierry Bogliolo. Published by Findhord Press, 2010

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