Benefits of Practicing Tantra Yoga and Sex

Young couple in bed

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You may be able to naturally improve your sexual health through the practice of tantric yoga and sex. Tantric yoga features several exercises, including the powerful mix of asana, mantra, mudra, bandha, and chakra, that lead to a strong and blissful life. Tantric sex is a slow form of intimacy that may increase closeness and a mind-body connection that often causes strong orgasms. This combination of having a strong body, mind, and spirit connection, along with multiple, powerful sexual orgasms, will have loving couples stimulated by increasing the secretion of the pineal and pituitary glands.

Tantric Sex Improves Sexual Health

Some claim that tantric sex has a rejuvenating effect, improving men and women's sexual health. Frequent orgasms, as one of the brain wave simulations, may alter body chemistry. Depression and stress may disappear. A woman's sexual health may be greatly improved. 

In tantric sex, the brain chemistry may be affected by empowering the endocrine glands for more HGH, serotonin, DHEA, and testosterone. Scientific and medical studies have suggested that sex improves health drastically by stimulating blood circulation, detoxifying the body through the breath, and strengthening cardiovascular, endocrine/immune, and nervous functions. For example, a study done by Wilkes University found that making love at least twice per week releases an antibody called immunoglobulin A or IgA, which may protect the body from illness.

Orgasms Strengthen Immune System

Orgasms may help alleviate depression and make you look and feel younger. Some believe it can also prolong your lifespan, strengthen the immune system, and improve overall health. However, more extensive clinical studies are needed to confirm these results. Can sexual exposure to semen fight depression and boost moods in both women and men? It may, according to a study conducted by Rebecca Burch, Ph.D. Burch also noted that risky and unprotected sex may lead to depression, while protected sex can provide mood enhancements, emotional bonds, and intimacy. Thus, men and women might derive great benefits by increasing sexual quantity and sexual quality in a safe, healthy, natural way through tantric sex. Tantric sex specifically focuses on the benefits of prolonging the sex act for more intimacy and health benefits. 

Possible Benefits of Frequent Orgasms, Tantric Sex, and Women's Health

Frequent orgasms may benefit a woman's sexual health. However, there is a vast difference between an ordinary orgasm and a tantric orgasm. Ordinary orgasms last a short duration and remain isolated in the sexual organs. Tantric sex orgasms theoretically involve the full body, mind, and spirit, and last for hours.

According to ancient practices, to obtain the benefits of a tantric orgasm, the shakti or energy, and the rising kundalini, must pierce each of the chakras (vortexes of energy in the subtle body) as it ascends the spinal cord. It must reach the brain's central nervous system and endocrine command center—the hypothalamus and pituitary gland, which commands the changes that benefit our sexual health.

Devotees of tantric sex believe that frequent, powerful orgasms increase the level of the orgasm hormone, oxytocin. They also believe oxytocin levels and your orgasms affect your moods, passion, social skills, and emotions, all of which may influence various aspects of your daily life. 

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