What Does Synchronicity Mean?

Not a Coincidence

Dandelion Spores
Dandelion Spores. Andy Roberts / Getty Images

A synchronicity might appear or feel like a mere happen chance that occurs which is in perfect alignment with your current thoughts or ideas. For example, you might be thinking about someone you haven't seen in years on your way to the mall and while shopping you bump into that person. Think about it, how often have you met up with someone and they remark "Hey, I was just thinking about you." Meeting up was a synchronicity! Not happen chance.

Syncronicities Have Been Called Parallel Events.

Synchronicities occur when thought matches up with an action or activity. Sometimes one can feel like you are on a collision course of sorts. Often mistaken as coincidences, these amazing synchronicities are actually universal nods, confirming that you are on the right track. Synchronicities, when recognized, are meant to be road signs to help steer you in the best direction. Quite helpful at times when you are feeling confused or lost in some way. 

Synchronicity Facepalm

Once you get the hang of recognizing the synchronicities happening in your life you will discover that they begin popping up more and more. Don't worry, these occurrences will become more subtle. Like whispers, or nudges. But, if you are walking around unawares, not making note of the synchronicities as they occur... well, they are likely to get LOUDER to grab your attention. Much like the obnoxious child whose antics are annoying, his objective is merely a ploy to gain him love and caring. Until acknowledging synchronicities becomes a habit, experiencing one can feel like a facepalm knowing.... Like... DUH, I should have known that!!! 

Awesomeness and Affirmation

Call them synchronicities, or call them coincidences, whatever you like. As you begin noticing more and more of these occurring in your life it is okay to feel awed by them, I certainly do. At the very least, feel affirmed by these so called happen-chance messages. These happenings remind me of the Bible story about the gift of manna (which I always imagined to be crumby tasting doughy yeast balls) being sent down from the heavens to feed Moses and his followers. Whenever I'm hungry or in need of something that need has eventually been taken care of. At times when I have felt like I'm on the end of my rope someone shows up to offers hand or give me direction. Other times help arrived before I even realize I needed it - that's the coolest!

How to Become More Aware of Your Synchronicities

Synchronicities are not the rare events one might imagine. To test this theory, begin taking note of them as they happen. Easily done, simply keep a notebook handy to jot them down as they occur. Or use the Notes App on your smart phone to track them. They might seem insignificant at first.. but collectively, not insignificant! Like the time I was thinking I needed to order a product that I had never found locally before and rounding the corner at the grocery store and seeing it on display. Jot it down!