Stacy Slinkard

Wine Expert


M.P.H., Public Health Education and Promotion, University of Northern Colorado

B.S., Biology and Environmental Health, Colorado State University


  • Freelance writer on wine and winemaking since 2005
  • Author of the book "Idiots Guides: Wine"
  • Holds the advanced Wine & Spirits Education Trust WSET Level 3 Award showing expertise in understanding grape growing and winemaking
  • Wine consultant for wine education and cellar management since 2005


By combining her enthusiasm for travel with her vineyard affections, Stacy has had the privilege of surveying many Old World and New World wine regions, while sipping and sampling from a myriad of fine wines both domestically as well as internationally. Whether it's freelance wine writing or cellar management, wine procurement or teaching wine education classes, working at wine festivals or coordinating professional wine tastings, Stacy strives to utilize her wine industry experience to usher in a light-hearted emphasis on wine selection, education, and enjoyment, while imparting key tips for appreciating and entertaining with wine.


Stacy holds an advanced Wine & Spirits Education Trust WSET Level 3 Award, which shows a detailed understanding of grape growing and winemaking. She has a master's degree in public health, which lends itself to interpreting both the science and the art of wine, and the health impacts as well. She strives to stay up to date on the latest developments in the wine industry so she can write on a wide range of topics related to selecting and drinking wine, regional wine profiles, and the science behind winemaking.

Awards and Publications

"Idiots Guides: Wine" This is a book for beginners on discerning everything from grape varieties, to the how-to's of buying, storing, and tasting wine, selecting glassware, food pairing protocol, wine region overviews, and more.

She has published articles in the New York Times, The Daily Meal, Epicurean Charlotte, Wine Folly, and

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