St. Matthias the Apostle, Patron Saint of Alcoholics

Saint Matthias responds to prayers of anyone struggling with an addiction

Saint Matthias the Apostle
"Saint Matthias" by Simone Martini. Public Domain

Saint Matthias the Apostle is a patron saint of alcoholics. He was also the man whom early Christians chose to replace one of Jesus Christ's original apostles who betrayed him -- Judas Iscariot -- after Judas' suicide. St. Matthias also serves as the patron saint of carpenters, tailors, people who need hope and perseverance as they struggle with any kind of addiction (to alcohol or something else), and caregivers of addicted people.

The Life of Saint Matthias the Apostle 

He lived during the 1st century in ancient Judea (now Israel), ancient Cappadocia (now Turkey), Egypt, and Ethiopia. While preaching the Gospel message, Matthias emphasized the importance of self-control. In order to experience the peace and joy that God intends, Matthias said, people must subordinate their physical desires to their spiritual desires.

The physical body is only temporary and subject to many temptations to sin and illnesses, while the spiritual soul is permanent and able to discipline the body for good purposes. Matthias preached that the Holy Spirit will empower people to exercise self-control over their unhealthy physical desires so they can experience good health in both body and soul.

Matthias Replaces Judas 

In Acts 1, the Bible describes how the people who had been closest to Jesus (his disciples and mother Mary) chose Matthias to replace Judas after Jesus ascended to heaven. Saint Peter the Apostle led them in a prayer for God's guidance, and they ended up choosing Matthias. Matthias had known Jesus personally during Jesus' public ministry, from the time Saint John the Baptist baptized Jesus until Jesus' death, resurrection, and ascension.

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