Spring Cleaning and Your Chakras

Housekeeping can reflect your chakras

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A person does not have to look beyond his own home environment to discover which chakra centers may be problematic or blocked. Hoarders are especially at risk of a complete chakra system shutdown. Taking a tour of your living space will help give you clues as to which of your chakras need attention.

Chakra blockages are often mirrored by the state of disarray in the various rooms in your home. A messy or disorganized kitchen could reflect a heart chakra imbalance. A cluttered den or home office may indicate mental confusion or lack of focus. A dusty or unorganized master bedroom can affect your love relationship negatively. Grimy window panes may mimic clouded third eye perceptions. An overstuffed attic or dirty rain gutters may be mirroring a blocked crown chakra.
Rooms and living spaces that typically represent the major chakras are:

Cleaning and Organizing

It is important not to hire someone else to do the clean up for you. In order to benefit from clearing your chakra system as well as getting your home clean and uncluttered, it is key that you participate in the house cleaning. Of course, you can certainly ask family members who are living under the same roof with you to roll up their sleeves and help out. All members of a household play some role in creating the messes, so everyone will benefit by sharing in the cleanup. Children should be responsible for cleaning and organizing their own bedrooms. How much you help or supervise the children cleaning will depend on their ages. A teenager should be able to tackle clearing a bedroom with very little or no assistance.

Routine Surface Sweeps

A quick sweep of obvious clutter will help you feel better temporarily, but the real test will be instilling the habit of keeping order in the future. A surface sweep is a very good habit for daily upkeep or weekly cleaning. A surface sweep is when you will walk through each room of your home and put things that are obviously out of place back where they belong.

Deeper Sweeps

Undertaking the project of thoroughly cleaning your home can be overwhelming. The best way to declutter your space is to systematically go through your stuff item by item. Habits of tossing odds and ends into designated junk drawers simply won't do.

Tackle One Room at a Time

A good system is to assign yourself one room or area to focus on each month. The kitchen is a good starting place. The kitchen represents the heart of the home and also mirrors your heart chakra. Once your heart is cleared the project of cleaning the rest of your home will be much easier to tackle.

Assign yourself chores associated with the designated room at the beginning of the month. Here is an example of weekly chores for the kitchen:

Weekly Kitchen Chores

First Week: Dust and wash everything that is in sight (counter tops, kitchen table, small appliances, sink, stove top, etc.)
Second Week: Empty all the cupboards, toss out expired goods, reorganize your pantry goods, dishes and cookware. Get rid of items that are no longer useful.
Third Week: Mop floors, clean walls, and launder curtains.
Fourth Week: Clean oven, refrigerator, and light fixtures.
Roll up your sleeves, clean, clean, and clean some more. Your chakras will thank you!

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