Spiritual New Year's Resolutions for Christian Teens

Goals to Help You Get Closer to God

While it's a good idea to take a look at your spiritual walk throughout the year, January 1st is often a time of renewal for Christian teens. A New Year, a New Start. So, instead of setting regular resolutions like losing weight, getting better grades, etc., why not try to set goals to improve your relationship with God? Here are 10 ways Christian teens can do just that.

Improve Your Prayer Life

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Simple enough, right? Just get better at praying. A lot of Christian teens make this resolution and soon fail because they take too big a step at first. If you're not used to praying often, jumping into an ​active prayer life can seem like a daunting task. Maybe start off praying each morning when you get up, or even while you brush your teeth. Start off giving five minutes to God. Then maybe try adding another five minutes. Soon you'll find that you're going to God more often and for more things. Don't worry about what to talk to Him about, just talk. You'll be amazed by the results.​

Read Your Bible in a Year

Getting into the habit of reading the Word is also a common New Year's resolution for many Christian teens. There are plenty of Bible reading plans out there that guide you through reading your Bible in a year. It just takes discipline to open up the book every night. You may not even want to read the entire Bible, but rather use a year to focus on a specific topic or area of your life that you want God to help you improve. Find a reading plan that works for you.

Help Other People

God calls on us throughout the Bible to do good works. Whether you adhere to the idea that you need good works to get to heaven, like Catholics do, or not, like most Protestants, helping others is still a part of a Christian walk. Most churches have outreach activities or you can even find local volunteer opportunities through your school. There are so many people who just need a bit of assistance, and helping others is a great way to set a Christian example.

Get Involved in Church

Most churches have youth groups or Bible studies geared toward Christian teens. If not, why not be the one to get a group together? Start your own Bible study or put together an activity that some of the other Christian teens at church can enjoy. A lot of youth groups meet one day a week, and those meetings are a great way to meet new people who believe and can help you grow in your walk.

Become a Better Steward

One of the most challenging issues for Christian teens is the idea of stewardship, which is the process of tithing. Most Christian teens don't make a lot of money, so it becomes harder to give. Typical teen activities like shopping and eating out make it difficult to have money left over. However, God calls on all Christians to be good stewards. In fact, money is mentioned far more often in the Bible than other topics like getting along with your parents or sex.

Use a Devotional

Reading your Bible is an essential part of anyone's Christian walk because it keeps your head in God's Word. Still, using a devotional helps you take the concepts in the Bible and apply them to your everyday life. There are numerous devotionals available for Christian Teens, so you should be able to find one that fits your personality, interests, or your place in your spiritual growth.

Plant Some Seeds of Faith

How many times have you evangelized to friends or family. Make it your goal this year to talk to a certain number of people about your faith. While it would be great if someone converted or "got saved" through your discussions, don't get too caught up on that number. You'd be amazed how many people will end up believers from a discussion you have about what God has done in your life. It just may not happen while you know them. Also, use platforms like Facebook or Twitter profiles to demonstrate your beliefs. Plant many seeds of faith and let them grow.

Get to Know Mom and Dad Better

One of the most difficult relationships in a Christian teens' life is with his or her parents. You're at a time in your life when you are entering adulthood and want to start making your own decisions, but you will always be your parents' child. Your different viewpoints make for some interesting conflict. Yet, God dictates that we honor our parents, so take some time to get to know Mom and Dad a little better. Do things with them. Share bits of your life with them. Even a small amount of quality time with your parents will go a long way in helping your relationship.

Go On a Mission

Not all mission trips are to exotic places, but almost all mission trips will change you forever. Between the spiritual preparation before you leave on your trip to the work you will do on the trip itself, God works through you and for you as you see people eager to hear about Christ and as you hear their appreciation for the things you are doing on your trip. There are mission trips like War Week that takes place in Detroit to Campus Crusade for Christ Student Venture that conducts trips around the world.

Bring Someone to Church

A simple idea, but it takes a lot of courage to ask a friend to come to church. Faith is something most Christian teens have difficulty discussing with non-Christian friends because it is often something very personal. Yet, many Christians would never have come to Christ without that one friend who asked them to come to church or talk about their beliefs. For every person who might shoot you down, there are two or three other people who will be curious about why your faith is so important to you. Taking them to your youth group services or activities can help show them why.

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