Spirit Orbs in Pictures

Collage of Spirit Orb Photos
Collage of Spirit Orb Photos. Canva Collage

Mysterious balls of light, called orbs, will occasionally show up in digital photographs. Skeptics and believers have different theories on what these may be. A skeptic will say these orbs are merely light reflections from the flash of your camera or from lamps or other lighting in the room bouncing off airborne dust particles. But other people are open to the possibility that these orbs are actually light-beings (ghosts, angels, or spirit guides).

Barb Huyser, paranormal investigator and author of "Small Town Ghosts," has gone on many ghost-hunting expeditions with camera in hand attempting to capture ghost orbs on film. Her book documents her explorations. There are other people who see spirit orbs around them without the use of cameras. Stewart Pearce, the creator of the Angels of Atlantis Oracle Deck, chose to have the angels depicted as orbs on the cards. Pearce explains that the archangels have always shown themselves to him as orbs. He says the angels are "quanta light emissions formed directly from the Source."

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Green Spirit Orb on the Beach

Spirit Orb on the Beach
Spirit Orb on the Beach. Natasha Halliday

Natasha Halliday says:

Recently my mum passed away. She was still young and had an amazing spirit. I miss her dearly. Last night, I took my children down the beach and took these pictures. In every one there was a bright green orb! Could this have been mum paying us a visit? August 30, 2016

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Green Orb on the River

Green Orb on River
Green Orb on River. Shane Caldeira

Shane Calderia says:

I took a walk down by the river yesterday and then a photo of the sun setting. Today I noticed a distinct green orb and I think it may be a spirit orb. I only noticed because of the distinct contrast in colors.

Location: Paradise Beach in Sacramento, the river next to CSUS.

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Strange Light

Spirit Orb Photos
Spirit Orb Photos. Linda Rivera

Linda Rivera says:

I was just out of town this weekend for my brother's funeral service. While sitting by the fire I was posting an update on my Facebook status, and I asked my husband to take a picture. The area was extremely dark, the only light was the fire. He snapped the picture and said, "Holy smoke, something is in the pic!" In seconds, he retook the pic and it was gone. July 10, 2016

Also curious about the second pic with the green orb. 

Feedback from Galema Chothia via Facebook: Whoa... that is an entity. That is beautiful. It is not a bad entity, it can also be a trajectory of an elemental, garden spirit, you are so blessed.

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Floating Orb

Floating Orb. photo courtesy of Lisa Lotta

Lisa Lotta says:

I was waiting for my race to start when I noticed from the corner of my eye something floating in front of me. I looked up and saw an Orb. I pretty much froze to the spot trying not to move but to get my daughter's attention to take a picture of "us"...

What Makes My Photo So Special

Orbs are beautiful beings.. they come around and I see them once in a while, they fill me with a feeling of calmness, like assuring that everything is just fine.

My friends "know" that I can see Orbs, but now I have the actual photo to show them what the "dust particles" look like... and I am looking right at it!

Lessons Learned

  • Orbs have a calming effect.
  • Orbs radiate overflowing peace.

Additional Comments

Perhaps the Orbs disguise themselves as dust particles :)

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Sweat Lodge Spirit

Sweat Lodge. © Cinda Morey

Cinda Morey says:

My husband led a sweat lodge ceremony and that evening I went outside and asked permission of Spirit to be able to see any orbs and I was so grateful to see the huge orb after I downloaded my pics. I am so grateful to be able to experience through pictures the thinning of the veils around us.

What Makes My Photo So Special

Spirit is always around us, supporting us and available for support. All we have to do is ask. I have taken other pictures on our land around our Medicine Wheel and other events we've had... but this was the largest one all by itself. Usually, we have a lot that show up—so it makes me wonder who it was for sure...

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Guardian Angel Orb

Guardian Angel.

A mother says:

When I took this photo it was just another day outside playing with my boy, nothing out of the ordinary. I think my son has a guardian angel, my grandmother maybe or my husband's mother, I see her from time to time.

What Makes My Photo So Special

I was just wondering why the "light" would appear on only one of the photos when there were three photos taken, one after the other, seconds apart. There was not much sunlight so I don't think it could be that. the "light" wasn't there when I took the photos. I only saw it after the photos were developed. Very strange!

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Violet Flame

Violet Flame.

Linda says:

I took this photo late at night in my garden. It was snowing. I took five to six photos at the same time but only this one had the orbs in it. There would only have been seconds between each shot but none of the others showed anything. Up close the near orb has the most amazing colors inside. I've taken many many orb photos over the years both with digital and my old OM10. In daylight they are always a white misty color and always around flower plants, some look as if they are in motion with a little speed tail. With a camera flash, they are colored.

I think orbs are probably energy but I can't say more than that, but I do know that every time I take one I feel it is something special.

I have seen the ultraviolet color before, only once. I was opening an envelope and I was expecting it to be bad news.. as I ran my thumb along it I was very surprised to see a small violet 'flame' follow my thumb until I opened the letter.. and then it just disappeared. The letter wasn't the bad news I'd expected.

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Floating Diamonds

Diamond-shaped orbs
Floating Diamonds. © Kathleen

Kathleen says:

I was taking photographs of the interior of my house so that my long-distance friend could see what my living room looked like. Once I uploaded the photographs so that I could send them I noticed that I have orbs in every room of my house.

I do perform animal rescue and I have had many older and sickly animals that I cared for until they crossed over into spirit. Also, my beloved brother, Richard, and my Mother's spirits visit me. When Richard's spirit is present I smell coffee, Richard owned a coffee shop, and when my Mother visits I smell roses, as I used to send my mother a dozen roses a month.

I believe that the orbs are all of those wonderful spirits that blessed me when they were in physical form. Also, the orbs are quite different than the round orbs that most people see.

My feelings about the orbs are that they enjoy being in my home and that while the physical forms are no longer exist, the energy of these wonderful beings is still and always will be present in my life.

Lessons Learned

To always remember that life goes on after the physical form ceases to exist. The light beings that are in my house let me know that I am never alone and that while I deeply miss my family members and my wonderful companion animals they are only a thought away. I am very blessed to have such loving light beings visiting me and letting me know that they are present.

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Orb the Sea

Orb by the Sea
Orb by the Sea. Sue Petzer

Sue Petzer says:

This photo was taken close to the spot where hubby threw his brothers ashes into the sea, as he wanted.

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Birthday Orb

photo of spirit orb
Mike's Birthday Orb. (c) Jeffery Cramblitt

This photo was taken one day before the birthday of his brother who had passed on seven years earlier. Jeffery feels this orb is his brother's spirit.

Jeffery Cramblitt says:

Hi, my wife took this photo 02/02/13 of me and our dog one day before my brother's birthday his birthday is 02/03/13.

What Makes My Wife's Photo So Special 

I'm feeling like this is my brother Mike. He has been gone now about 7 years now. The orb of light looks strong. I have never seen anything like this in any pictures of orbs before. I believe in ghosts, God, and Jesus. I would really like to know what other people think about this.

Lessons Learned

  • The same day I said to my wife "Mike, if you can hear me, if you hear with us, please let me know." Then that night she took this picture.
  • I never seen anything like this before. I don't know what to think, but we both feel like this is my brother Mike.

I really miss my brother so much. I have to think this is Mike. I never seen anything like this. Does anybody else have any comments on this photo?

Reader Comments:

I don’t think it’s really important whether this is a spirit or just a happy accident of lighting. What’s important is that the connection between the brothers survives.~Susan

Just looking at the picture, I would have to agree that your brother was there with you and giving you the sign you asked for. It seems to me that you and your wife know in your heart’s that this is your brother. I would put complete trust and faith in yourselves and in that ‘knowing’. ~Dawn 

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Church Orb

© Linda, Deborah Mathews

There appears to be a blue orb in the lower left of this photo, but the photographer, Deborah Mathews is more intrigued by the sausage-link lights, and the green streaks that reveal the numbers 10-10-10, that she feels is a message from the angels.

Deborah Mathews says:

I was assigned a project of replacing an old window in this church. Instead of focusing on the window I was more interested in the streaks of light showing up in the digital photo.

What Makes My Photo So Special 

These were the very first photos I took that had spirit in them. Looking close at the streaks they look like sausage links. And the green streaks in both photos in different locations have the numbers 10-10-10. This is clearly a message. I researched what the number 10 means from spirit.

Angel Number 10

The number 10 carries the energies of both the number 1 and the number 0. Number 1 resonates with the attributes of self-leadership and assertiveness, new beginnings and motivation, activity and progress, achievement and success. Number 0 is the number of the 'God' force and Universal Energies and reinforces, amplifies and magnifies the vibrations of the numbers it appears with. Number 0 relates to developing one's spiritual aspects and is considered to represent the beginning of a spiritual journey and highlights the uncertainties that may entail. It suggests that you listen to your intuition and inner-wisdom as this is where you will find all of your answers.

Angel Number 10 is a message that you are receiving insights and guidance from your angels through your ideas, thoughts, visions and feelings. Pay particular attention to your intuition at this time and take positive action as directed.

Angel Number 10 encourages you to move forward in your life with faith and trust that you are on the right path in all ways. Have no fear as your angels guide and support you every step of the way. Have faith that your inner-urgings are leading you in the right direction and you will find future success and fulfillment on your chosen path. Trust your angels and the Universal Energies.

Repeating Angel Number 10 is a message from your angels to step forward in new directions and look to new beginnings with an optimistic and positive attitude as they will prove to be auspicious and beneficial to you in many ways, now and in the future.

Lessons Learned

  • Fascination in the thought of getting spirit on photo during a night photo. It started my journey of connecting to spirit through photography.
  • Clearly spirit has messages for all of us if we just pay attention!
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Multicolored Orb

Multi-Colored Orbs
Multi-Colored Orbs. © Carrie Johnson

A young couple in love took this photo while hiking the woods. If you look above the multicolored orb/object you will also see an orange orb.

Carrie Johnson says:

I was out hiking with my husband and was snapping pictures of how beautiful it was in the woods and later I saw my photo had one of the most beautiful orbs I've EVER seen!

What Makes My Photo So Special

Me and my husband were new in our relationship during this time, deeply in love. Maybe it was the energy from the both of us. Also, my father had just passed away a year before but never met my husband. I've always been a skeptic before but every since this Orb...we both have seen and felt so many different feelings of "energy" around and in our home.

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Cleo with Spirit Orbs

Black Cat and Spirit Orb
Black Cat and Spirit Orb. Christine Reynolds

Christine Reynolds says:

I started taking pictures of my cat in 2013 with my new digital camera. That is when I started noticing orbs in my pictures. I have had them read and I believe that it is my deceased dog Max and a spirit cat. Other people have read these pictures and told me that they see a cat and dog in spirit. I have posted all of the pictures of orbs on my page Spirit Orbs. I have A LOT of them. The orbs are mostly around my cat Cleo. She attracts them and they are photographed around her all the time. 

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Christmas Orbs

Christmas Spirit Orbs. © Jan Beier

Another reminder that all is connected

Jan Beier says: 

At our family Christmas party, it appears that several orbs showed up. The large one in the middle of the photo was especially interesting. I guess they enjoyed having a good time with us! I have felt the presence of family members who have passed at different times. I feel some of them like to be around us and still come to family functions to be close to the camaraderie that has always been a big part of our family.

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Christmas Eve Orb

Christmas Eve Orb. © Barb Barton

Barb feels the presence is of her departed sister, mother of the children in the photo.

 Barb Barton says:

This is a photo I took of my niece and nephew, taken on Christmas Eve 2011

What Makes My Photo So Special

These are my sister Joanne's 2 children. The photo was taken on Christmas Eve 2011. Joanne passed away on Oct 28, 2011, at age 52 after a 3 year battle with cancer. This was the only photo taken that night that had an orb in it... and it was the only photo where the kids had posed together.

Lessons Learned

  • She is still here with us.
  • We should be comforted to know she has only left us in body.
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Trick or Treat Ghost Orb

© airwol2

This green ghosty orb was captured on film by a mother taking a photo of her son on Halloween

Mother "airowo12" says:

We took this picture last night before trick or treating, I took two photos, after I downloaded I noticed my son looked like he put on a necklace so I called him over to check it out, in the next photo nothing was there. One of my friends said it was an orb but I don't know much about them and was curious to see what others had to think.

What Makes My Photo So Special

I am not sure who it may be, it could be his grandfather or grandma who lived on our street before passing 2.5 years ago. It's special since it was so unexpected and Halloween. I posted on Facebook to see if my friends would know what it was, right away I was told it was an orb so I started to do some research on the web.

Lessons Learned

  • My son and I would like to know more about orbs, we don't talk much about them however; during the day he was telling me stories about the Vampires of Tiverton and telling me about conversations at school during the day.
  • Since it was Halloween I'm sure people will think this is some kind of hoax but I don't know much about photography or orbs.

Comment from Phylameana lila Desy:

Very cool. Halloween is said to be a night when the veil between the spirit world and the physical world is the thinnest, making it the easiest time for sightings and communications.

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Campfire Orbs

Campfire Orbs. © Renee Reed

Renee says it is not unusual for orbs to show up in photos of her. She wonders if they are actually spirits of her ancestry.

Renee Reed says:

These photos were taken at Steel Creek, in the Ponca Wilderness Area in Arkansas on Sept. 10, 2011. There were no bugs as the weather was chilly, nothing wrong with my Canon camera as it is well maintained. I've had orbs in a lot of shots taken of me, especially at night, though some during the daylight hours as well. They've always been there. My husband took the shots at the campground and in one you can see there is a face. I enlarged this one so that it could be seen, but otherwise the photos are untouched.

What Makes My Photo So Special

I don't know what the orbs represent, but I do know I'm not scared of them. There is a comforting feeling and I'm not at all uneasy or spooked. It seems to happen most when I'm back where I grew up originally. Could it be the spirits of my ancestors telling me that I'm home?

Lessons Learned

  • My feelings are very strong in this area, as I grew up not so far from here.
  • I plan on retiring there one day.

Phylameana lila Desy, says:

Thank you Renee for sharing your orb photos. It makes sense to me that they could be your ancestors. Some people believe we reincarnate in groups... traveling with family members.

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Mother of the Groom

Mother of the Groom.

The Groom, Chris says:

My wife and I. Just got married on 3rd June 2011 in the Great Hall at Astley Hall, in Chorley, Lancashire UK. We have seen numerous pictures taken from this position however it is very strange that on just the one special image, an Orb is clearly visible.

What Makes My Photo So Special

This orb in the photo leads me to believe that someone very special was looking over me, the both of us, on our very special wedding day. Is it possible that the Orb represents my late Mother, Carole? I am flattered by the light orb in this photo and would love to know more about this.

Phylameana lila Desy says:

Congratulations Chris on your marriage. Best wishes to the both you and your bride. Perhaps it is the spirit of your mother. Some people feel family members who have passed on will visit us during special family occasions (weddings, baptisms, graduations, family reunions, etc.) either through a special song playing on the radio, a familiar scent in the air, an orb appearance, or some other way.

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Ghost Orbs

Ghost Orb.

Photographer says:

One Fall day I explored an old dirt road with my camera. It is now a trail used for ATV's and snowmobiles and impassable by car. I love to take pictures in nature. I look for a photo that I find will translate well to a canvas painting. I have hundreds of orb pictures I have taken. Geometrical in design and some with faces that can be seen. I have taken these orb portraits and transferred the image into portrait paintings. The most impressive orb photo I have taken Is from historic fort George, hundreds of orbs in them.

What Makes My Photo So Special

I have posted two of the photo's taken this Fall day. One is an orb, which I feel is the spirit energy or soul of a being. The second image (not shown) is not round or a traditional orb, but it is a light being that I have fondly called my "forest fairy" for lack of a better explanation. Neither of these images was visible to the naked eye while shooting the photo. 

Lessons Learned

  • I cannot say for sure if the orb is the same being as the fairy, or if I happened upon an active area. As for the picture of the fairy if you take a close look you can see her face and even her hairstyle. Behind the illuminated body a trail of two legs can be seen.
  • I have been picking up these orbs and light beings in my photos now for 5 or 6 years. I have gone on many paranormal investigations and found orbs at these locations. I have spotted orbs in the photos of family gatherings, at birthdays or holidays. I find orbs everywhere.
  • My conclusion is that orbs or spirit is with us at all times.
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Lofty Orb

Lofty Orb. © lifeafter246

lifeafter246, says:

I took these pictures in the Lower Barn of the horse farm where I live. I wasn't really looking for anything but when I looked back at the pictures and I saw these two bright things I want to call orbs. I can't help but wonder if they are really orbs. They are so different than all the other orb-like looking things that show up in the pictures.

What Makes My Photo So Special

I'm not sure what I feel about the orb in these photos. I do believe it is only one orb and it moved to the other side of the barn when I was taking pictures of the other side of the barn. I believe that if it is an orb, it may be a horse that died on the farm before. I just don't know.

Lessons Learned

  • I know that there is an afterlife and it appears in many forms.
  • I know orbs are one of the ways they appear.


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Brothers on Facebook

Facebook photo tagged "Brothers".

Facebook photo tagged "Brothers"

Brandi shares a Facebook friend's photo, Brandi says:

I did not take the photo. This was in my best friend of 29 years sister's Facebook page. I found this orb to be huge. I don't know that I have ever seen one this big and apparent. I also did not dwell on it when I first saw it. There were several other photos taken at the same event and I saw no orbs in them. Generally if there are issues w/ dust you will see orbs on other photos.

What Makes This Photo So Special 

The photo preceding this one is of the woman's three step brothers at her child's birthday (one shares the same mother). The second photo then features the just the two brothers who share the same father. This photo really touches me because it is tagged "Brothers" and back in the early 1990s one of her brothers was caught in gang crossfire at 10 years old and killed. In the second photo, the man on the right is his older surviving brother, sharing the same mother. I don't know if I realized it when I first saw the photo, but going through pictures again today, I happened upon it again and then it hit me. It is so perfectly set and purposeful. The context is there. The first photo has the three brothers together. The second photo is like the deceased fourth brother is saying, "Oops, missed the last photo opp let me get in this one!"

Lessons Learned

  • There have been three babies born to these siblings since 2008. They are a very close knit family even through all the marriage, divorce, and hardship. It is a time of celebration and new life. Everyone is growing up, starting their own families, and creating new bonds. Why shouldn't our loved ones come back to partake in memorable events that we all love to cherish?
  • While some orbs are definitely dust, water, light reflection, this one in my opinion is just so distinct. The fact that the other picture of the surviving brothers was directly in front of it made it even that more significant.
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Orbs on my Mind

Orbs on my Mind.

Simply asking kindly and feeling relaxed seemed to invite orbs into our pics more.

Photographer's Sister says: 

My sister, niece, and myself got over 70 different photos with orbs in them on this night. They were so active! My sister took this one, it's of myself and my niece.

This is taken looking across my backyard. Roughly about 10pm. 

What Makes My Sister's Photo So Special 

The whole night we were feeling waves of energy go through us, we would have so many more in the pics when we felt it. We really believe it was our father coming to us and our passed family. The weather was perfect, a very clear night about 23*c and no wind. Just so happy with the amount we managed to capture, was hard picking which one to put up first. Pushing our energy towards them didn't really make a difference, but simply asking kindly and feeling relaxed seemed to invite them into our pics more.

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Musical Orb

Musical Orb. © Patsy

This spirit orb photo was submitted by Patsy. She feels this orb represents her husband who died in 2008.

Patsy says:

I took this photograph of the band playing live music at my daughter's wedding in August 2009. I am not in the photo.

What Makes My Photo So Special 

I think the Orb represents my husband who I lost in 2008 to a debilitating illness. He was a very big part of our lives and my daughter looked on him as a father. He was also a huge music fan and promoted his own blues club locally so it was totally appropriate an orb which I believe represents him, was featured in this photograph. He wanted to be part of our special day, and part of the music. Huge orb, representing the huge personality and beautiful soul he was/is.

Lessons Learned

  • Our loved ones do not leave us totally, they are around to share our special moments.
  • It made me so happy to know he had shared this day with us.
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The Moon's Orb

The Moon's Orb. © Janis

Janis says:

I was down at our local beach with a friend that shares our beliefs about Angels and I took pictures of the sunset. When I downloaded the pictures from my camera I discovered many with orbs, but this was the best! I call this my Angel Orb because the orbs form an Angel with her wings and head and everything. I love this picture! I truly believe that light beings show up in pictures. I have looked at pictures taken by others as well and can always spot the beings in the orbs and many, when blown up, have faces.

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Reiki Spirit Guide Orb

Reiki Spirit Guide Orb. © Debra Klarkowski

Debra Klarkowski says:

I have a Reiki/Shamanic healing business. My partner and I were working on a client. After the session, the client went home and at 2 A.M. in the morning, she sent an email message. In the message, she stated that she saw a man come into the room after the healing session started. She said the man grabbed a large amethyst crystal from the nearby table and threw it into her root chakra. He then left the room and the session continued as usual. In her email message, she was somewhat upset and angry that we did not tell her that a third person would be working on her. There was no third person in the room that day!

What Makes My Photo So Special

After receiving the email message from our client, I went into the Reiki room and took a picture of the room. The photo shows a huge orb over the massage bed. I feel this orb is the manifestation of a spirit helper that both my partner and I have felt during our sessions. Since this photo was taken, many clients have experienced the assistance of our spirit helper.

Lessons Learned

  • I feel having this presence in our sessions is a great honor. Who it is or what it is irrelevant to me at this time.
  • Knowing that it is a being of the light and that its intent is to help during the healing process is all I need to know.

Phylameana lila Desy, says:

Having experienced "helpers" in my own healing practice I really appreciate your story and photo. Very cool!

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My Twin Brother's Angel

photo of spirit orbs
My Brother's Angel. photo courtesy of pzanin

This spirit orb photo was submitted by pzanin of her twin brother showing a light being over his shoulder.

 Pzanin says:

This photo is very special to me as I do feel the orb is his Angel with him. He was diagnosed with cancer about 6 months later and passed away about a year and a half later. I've been noticing more and more light beings in my photos now since more of my family has passed on. It's proof to me that they're still with me.

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Protective Angel Orbs

Protective Angel Orbs. photo courtesy of pzanin

 Pzanin says:

This is a photo of me working in our new house. I was sitting high on top of the wall in the living room, my husband took the photo. Later, when we were looking at the photos we had taken I noticed I wasn't alone.

What Makes My Photo So Special

It appears that I have Angels all around me as if to be protecting me while I was sitting on the top of that wall. We don't know who it could be, but we did feel a strong presence for the first year or so after we moved in and we were pretty sure we had been visited by the previous owners.

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Orbs Hanging Out with Us

This spirit orb photo was submitted by Cherie Hebert of herself with her little sister.

 Cherie says: 

This picture is of myself in front and my little sister behind me. This was taken the same night as the first one last summer in 2009. It was taken at her husband's grandparent's place that has been in the family for quite some time. We have always felt the energy very high here and now we can see why! We also have found different crystals on the property as well. I have even more pictures of orbs and other beings that were in a house that was converted from an old church. There is more than just us out there!

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Sunday Morning Orbs

Orbs Near the Lake. © Blue Rose

Blue Rose says:

This spirit orb photo was submitted by Blue Rose. She says this photo was taken at Cassadega Spiritualist Camp at the lake behind the Colby Memorial Temple after the Sunday morning services.

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Cassadega Spiritualist Camp

Colby Memorial Temple. © Blue Rose

Blue Rose says:

On a recent trip to Florida, a friend and I decided to visit the Cassadega Spiritualist Camp. As we were driving to the camp I happened to comment, “wouldn’t it be interesting if orbs showed up in any of the pictures." When we uploaded the pictures into our computer, two had activity in them.

What Makes My Photo So Special

The interesting thing to me is that we were in Cassadega. As you can see there is a lot of activity in the area. The photo was taken right after a service and a messages session. I imagine many of these orbs could have been the spirits of those who wanted to communicate with their loved ones. It's interesting that my friend and I were discussing the orbs on our trip and then found them in the pictures.

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Heart Orb

Heart Orb. © Valerie

Valerie says:

This photo was taken when my husband was kidding me about there really being orbs in pictures. I told him to stand there and I snapped this shot. The amazing thing is that this orb appeared right near my husband's heart, as if to say it was a loving spirit.

What Makes My Photo So Special

This photo is special to us because I believe that this particular spirit may be my husband's dad. He's been gone for 27 years, but I know he's watching over us, and especially our handicapped son. My husband and his father were very close. I think that because this orb appeared right on my husband's chest, it's that much more special, more proof that love knows no boundaries.

Lessons Learned

  • That spirits are always all around us.
  • We have but to open our minds, and our hearts to see them.
  • Our souls are all connected, in the now, in the past, and forever to come.

Phylameana lila Desy says:

Thank you for sharing this photo. It seems as if you were inviting this spirit to make an appearance.

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Ornament Orb

Special Christmas Ornament. © Witchy Mom

Sandra Meadows says:

My daughter took this photo the night of Christmas Eve, 2010. There were no lights on after Santa left the gifts. The flash from the digital camera was the only light.

What Makes My Daughter's Photo So Special

She showed me the photo a few hours later when the children got up to open their Christmas presents. She said, "Mama, it's Daddy!" My husband, Gene, died on May 23, 2006, of heart and lung disease, caused by his exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam in 1970. Gene took ill in October 2005. He had bronchitis and had fluid in his lungs and around his heart. Also, his heartbeat was too rapid. He was in the hospital for three months. He came home in January 2006 but hooked to machines to help him breathe. Doctors gave up on him four times! We have five kids and 11 grandkids.

Lessons Learned

  • We believe the cloud (orb) is proof that Gene is with us. We have felt his presence many times over the years.
  • But, this is the first time we have seen an orb. The orb is right where a special ornament, in his memory, was hung! The ornament was given to me by my daughter and her family on Christmas Eve morning, 2010.
  • My daughter is our only girl, and she heard his last heartbeat. So, she took his death very hard. I'm so glad that he showed her that he is with us. We have four sons, also. And Gene was able to enjoy 10 of our 11 grandchildren!
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Mom Home for the Holidays

Mom Home for the Holidays. photo provided by Sandra Meadows

WitchyMom says:

It was Thanksgiving 2010, I was snapping pictures in my living room of my Dad, brother-in-law, kids, etc. Out of a series of about six photos taken within seconds of each other... this one had the orb.

What Makes My Photo So Special

The orb is next to my Dad and my daughter, we all really think it is my Mom, who really loved family gatherings. The orb is actually quite comforting to look at for me, kinda like seeing an old friend.

Lessons Learned

  • I am a skeptic on orb pics, sometimes it's dust, sometimes it's not.
  • You can tell the difference by the number of orbs, how often they are appearing in certain locations and the quality of the orb itself.
  • I usually don't get carried away with the orb photos, but this one I believe to be an actual visitor.
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Chickamauga Battlefield

Chickamauga Battlefield. © Kim C. Patterson

Kim C. Patterson says:

My friend and I like to go out the Chickamauga Battlefield and see if we can capture orbs occasionally. This particular night, they were everywhere.

What Makes My Photo So Special

If orbs indeed are spirits, angels, or otherwise surreal representations of entities amongst us, it would stand to reason that the history of the battlefield makes it a great place to find them. This particular battle was supposedly the bloodiest of all the civil war battles. It was said that Chickamauga Creek ran red with blood after the fighting was over. Taking the photos there and seeing what comes out really can give you goosebumps...

Lessons Learned

  • I don't know how to explain the phenomenon in the pictures I take, but they occur quite regularly with me.
  • I feel personally as though spirits are reaching out from beyond the grave to acknowledge their presence to me and connect with me somehow.
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Tuffy's Energy Ball

Tuffy's Toy Energy Ball. © Iris Miller

Iris Miller says: 

I took these photos of my dog Tuffy about 1 1/2 years ago with my digital camera. I was taking photos in all the rooms of my son's condo that was going up for sale. Tuffy was following me around from room to room, watching me. I was taking a photo from the bathroom down the hall to the dining area when I noticed Tuffy through the camera viewer at the end of the hallway with a big white ball sitting with it as if he were waiting for me to come and play. I snapped a picture of him, and as I brought the camera to my side I was asking "Where'd you find that big ball Tuffy?" But at second glance it was only the dog, no ball.

What Makes My Photo So Special

It is clearly a white orb sitting with my dog, and in another photo it followed him upstairs and I snapped a picture of it behind him. Tuffy and I moved in with my son and both of us sensed something there all the time we lived there. I guess it showed up as an orb to say goodbye when we were planning to move out. I count it as a blessing to be made aware of "others' watching over us.

Lessons Learned

  • The first orbs I remember photographing were at my daughter's wedding when we were joyous and dancing. I knew they were our loved ones' spirits, joining in the celebration. My niece was also taking pictures and captured the orbs as well.

Additional Comments

I have a strong belief and take comfort, that our energy and spiritual consciousness survives the passing of our physical bodies, that it is possible to communicate that existence. I have had a lot of experiences that proved the fact. Reiki Master, Iris Miller

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Red Orb and Angel with Wings

Red Orb and Angel with Wings. © Angelina Machado

Angelina Machado says: 

On the lake Christmas morning, I took photos of the sunrise which was well above its rising. Off to the right is a red orb and towards the edge of the lake water is the most amazing angel see his wings!!

What Makes My Photo So Special

This came to me at a time I was so hurt and shocked by something that was taking place in my life... still kinda is. I showed the image to my spiritual reader and she said it was an angel and the orb my father!! There is also a black crow in the bottom portion of the photo close to the lake. If this isn't a message I do not know what else it is. I feel it is a message of peace and to remain calm.

Lessons Learned

  • I will be Positive!
  • Happy!
  • Peaceful
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Orb or Aura?

Orb or Aura?. © Lee

Lee says: 

Just taking some photos with my daughter and I. I'd be interested to hear people's comments on these photos. I have been told that this could be an orb or an aura. The people who think it's an aura say that it is not an Orb as it is lacking the 'particle'-like inclusions.... I have hundreds of photos with this and similar appearances... the largest appearances were during my pregnancy.

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Backyard Spirit Orbs

Backyard Visitors. © kellie1111

Kellie says:

My friend died suddenly about six months ago and these strange photos of orbs and mist were taken in my backyard and by his house. Also some of these other strange lights were taken behind a man-made pond around a lot of trees. I believe these are spirits. If you zoom in on these photos you sometimes see faces and eyes. Mostly eyes and always white or a mixture of colors or auras. I think they are attracted to the energy. I think some are good space and others not. That veil between this world and the other are very thin. This is my backyard. I have about seven more photos of strange lights.

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Party Orb

Party Orb. Courtesy of Ana

Ana says:

The orb is above my head. It's so beautiful and shining and really made me feel special. I'll cherish this picture!

What Makes My Photo So Special

I was feeling really good that evening. Happy, relaxed and very connected. Had practiced a little meditation in the sun in the morning and danced all night at my friend's birthday party.

Not sure what the orb represents, it strikes me that it is so centered. My spirit guide, a guardian angel?

Lessons Learned

  • Happiness coming from within is a high energetic frequency.
  • Light beings like dancing ;-)
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Pet Spirit Orbs

Lucy. © Wendy

Reiki Master, Wendy, says:

I believe in all this positive energy. This photo was taken at my sister's house about six months ago (summer 2010). Her camera was used and only a ceramic Pug and orbs show up.

What Makes My Photo So Special

There are three orbs in this photo. One orb is above the Pug, which we know is Lucy who passed three years ago and one in the hallway and a third orb on the pillow on the couch.

I believe the two smaller orbs to be cats owned by me and my sister. One is Annie, a black and white cat that had to be put down at three years old due to seizures, and the other is Daytona, my tortoise-shell cat who lived to be 21 1/2 years old.

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Orb with a Face

Orb with a Face. © whobnikki

whobnikki says:

Didn't think anything of it as iI took the picture and usually think orbs are just specs of dust, but the orb looks very much like a face. Hard to deny the eye sockets and the nose structure in the orb that glows in the picture. I have not seen a face in orb pictures in the past so I believe that this might be a new age of awareness that we are entering. Historically mysterious events have been seen by few, but as we are coming into greater mass awareness, more people are being exposed to other dimensions of life.

Lessons Learned

Be more open minded to the many layers of life.

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True Orbs

Multiple Orbs in Photograph
True Orbs. Diane Friddle Crawford

 Diane Friddle Crawford says:

I have hundreds of orb photos. They seem to follow me or maybe it is just simply that I respect their presence and ask if I may photograph their beauty. Here is one of the first photos that I knew I had true orbs. In fact, a friend of my husband's parents fell off of their boat at this exact spot and drowned.

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