Gift Suggestions for Your Soul Mate

Romantic Ideas for Gifting Friends and Lovers

Holistic Shopping - If you are with someone who is truly your soul mate then both of you are luckier than most. Some people spend years hoping to find the perfect partner meant for them. Celebrate your union with a sure-to-be-treasured gift for your special friend or lover. Below are a few gift suggestions that will show him or her how much they are loved. 

Soul Mate Pillow Case Set

Soul Mate Pillow Case Set
Soul Mate Pillow Case Set. Courtesy of Amazon

At the end of the day these half-heart designed pillowcases will remind you of the love connection you share with your partner. Do you sleep on the left side or the right side of the bed? Either way, how much fun is it to cozy up together in the bedroom with your soul mate? 

Yin and Yang Crystal Point Amulets

Yin Yang Crystal Point Pendants
Yin Yang Crystal Point Pendants. Courtesy of

Pair of crystal point amulets, one for each of you! The black point is simulated onyx, the second point is made from simulated white cat's eye. Stainless steel settings and 22 inch chains.

You're Every Minute of My Everyday

You're Every Minute of My Everyday Sign
Soul Mate Sentiment. Courtesy of

Beautiful sentimental wording on this wooden sign is sure to make your soul mate's heart go pitter-patter. You're Every Minute of My Everyday. It is rarely possible to be with your soul mate 24/7, but this sign tells that person that he or she is never far from your thoughts.

Pair of Compass and Anchor Pendants

Compass/Anchor Pendant Set
Compass/Anchor Pendant Set. Courtesy of

In this pairing you will need to know if you are the navigator or the anchor in your relationship. If you are more grounded than your soul mate, then you are the anchor. If you are better at discovery or finding the right path in your journey together, then you would be the compass.

MisMatched Socks

Mis-Matched Socks
Mis-Matched Socks. Courtesy of

How cute are these! I adore the concept of gifting a pair of mis-matched socks to your soul mate. After all, you are each individuals with unique personalities. Your interests don't always mesh with one another, yet somehow you belong together. These socks tell the story that you honor, appreciate, and respect your different tastes, perspectives, beliefs, or whatever.

Glass Heart-Shaped Keepsake Box

Glass Heart-Shaped Box
Glass Heart-Shaped Box. Courtesy of

This gift list would not be complete without a keepsake box. Just remember that when you gift someone a keepsake box be sure to put something inside. Such as a "penny" for your soulmate's thoughts, a love stone, or perhaps a handwritten love note.

Penguin Lovers Carved on Beach Stone

Penguin Couple Carved in Beach Stone
Penguin Couple Carved in Beach Stone. Courtesy of

Did you meet your soulmate on the beach? Or do you have a pleasant memory of walking hand-in-hand by the ocean? This stone of a pair of penguin loves can be personalized on the flip-side with a special message of your choosing.

Friendship Yin Yang Necklaces

Yin Yang Pendants
Yin Yang Pendants. Courtesy of

Here is another pair of yin yang pendants that are styled in a more traditional setting meant for couples to wear independently as a showing of their love for one another.

Some Bunny Loves You!

Chocolate Easter Bunny Jigsaw Puzzle
Chocolate Easter Bunny Jigsaw Puzzle. Courtesy of

Does your significant other like jigsaw puzzles? This one is really cute. I'm a bit of a puzzle fanatic and will always prefer a puzzle to a greeting card. I also have a list of more spirituality themed puzzles. Check them out! Puzzles are a fun activity to do together, almost as fun as snuggling.

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