"Simar Simar Kattae Sabh Rog" Sikh Shabad for Healing

Simar Simar Kattae Sabh Rog

S Khalsa

Meditation on the shabads, or hymns, of Gurbani, the Guru's written word, helps to establish a state of peace within and reduce the karmic effects of ego.

Shabads in Sikhism

In Sikhism, the shabads of Gurbani are considered to be as medicine for the soul. Just like a person may be healed by medication without comprehending the formula, or understanding how it works on the body, the healing effect of reading, reciting, singing or hearing, the shabad in the original Gurmukhi does not depend on knowing what words mean. Even for those who intellectually understand the meanings of words, the true and deeper understanding of any shabad occurs over time, with grace, as the soul develops spiritually by remembering the divine in contemplation.

The hymn *translated here perfectly describes the banishing of disease through healing at the soul level. This shabad composed by Fifth Guru Arjun Dev instills a sense of comfort conducive to healing which may manifest in enhanced health of mind body and spirit.

"Gourree Mehalaa 5" ||
Composed in Measure Gauree, by Fifth Guru:
Aad madh jo ant nibaahai ||
One who would stand with me from the start, midway and to the end.
So saajan meraa man chaahai ||1||
My mind longs for such a Friend, ||1||
Har kee preet sadaa sang chaalai ||
The Lord's Love goes ever with us.
Dae-i-aal purakh pooran pratipaalai ||1|| rehaao ||
The Perfect Merciful Master cherishes all. ||1||Pause||
Binsat naahee chhodd na jaae ||
He shall perish not, and shall never abandon me.
Jeh pekhaa teh rehiaa samaae ||2||
Wherever I look, there I see Him pervading. ||2||
Sundar sugharr chatur jeea daataa ||
Beautiful, All-knowing, and most Clever, is the Giver of life.
Bhaaee poot pitaa prabh maataa ||3||
God is Brother, Son, Father and Mother. ||3||
Jeevan praan adhaar meree raas ||
He is the Support of my life breath; He is my Wealth.
Preet laaee kar ridai nivaas ||4||
Abiding within my heart, The Lord inspires me to enshrine love for Him. ||4||
Maaiaa silak kaattee gopaal ||
The noose of Maya is cut away by the Lord of the World.
Kar apunaa leeno nadar nihaal ||5||
Beholding me with His blessed gracious glance He has made me His own. ||5||
Simar simar kaattae sabh rog ||
By ever remembering Him in contemplation are all diseases healed.
Charan dhiaan sarab sukh bhog ||6||
By focusing on His Feet, are all comforts enjoyed. ||6||
Pooran purakh navatan nit baalaa ||
The Perfect Omnipresent Lord is ever fresh and ever young.
Har antar baahar sang rakhvaalaa ||7||
Within and without is the Lord with me, as my Protector. ||7||
Kahu naanak har har pad cheen ||
Says Nanak, the Lord, God is realized.
Sarbas naam bhagat ko deen ||8||11||
Blessed with all of the Name's treasure is the devote."||8||11|| SGGS||240

*Phonetic rendering and translation of original Gurmukhi verses may differ slightly with various interpretations.

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