Sikh Hymns Offering Encouragement in Hard Times Dookh Santaap Na Lagee

Spiritual Succor of Sikh Scripture

Hard Times Are Alleviated With Naam
Hard Times Are Alleviated With Naam. Photo © [Khalsa Panth]

Hardships are nothing new to Sikhs. Guru Nanak gave away his belongings and taking only what he could carry set on a 25 year journey to spread the word of one God. Each Guru chose for his successor the most selfless of his disciples willing to endure whatever hardship necessary to serve his Guru and others. Sikhs banded together and formed community kitchens to ensure that no one would go hungry. As the number of Sikhs grew the gurus eventually established settlements supported by the communal sharing of goods and earnings.

Sikhs are the embodiment of the keep up spirit. The Gurus, their families, and followers sometimes suffered imprisonment, and martyrdom at the hands of Mughals. Sikhs intervened in Mughal raids made on the common people and became known as the defenders of the helpless. During one period of time, a price set on the long-haired head of Sikhs forced them to endure the privations of living in hidden forest encampments.

In the present day Sikhs who stay true to the legacy of the gurus in form keeping long hair beards and wearing of kirpan continue to be singled out as the recipients of often violent bias incidents. Sikhs rely on the scriptures of Guru Granth Sahib for solace of the spirit while providing sustenance for the substance of the body in the langar kitchens of thegurdwaras.

A Sikh who undergoes difficulty of any kind is encouraged to turn to the scripture of Guru Granth Sahib where emphasis is placed uplifting the soul by on communing with the divine through a kind of meditation known as naam. Sikhs recite "Waheguru" with the tongue while focusing inwardly with the heart and mind on the union of creator and creation. When realization occurs of one's part in the entirety of the universal whole, a kind of bliss envelops the being.

Verse composed by poet and martyr Guru Arjan Dev exemplifies the spiritual succor to be had in the texts of Guru Granth Sahib: