Sikh Baby Names Beginning With Z

Unique and Distinctive Spellings

Zhalak - Splendour
Zhalak - Splendour. Photo [Courtesy Kulbir Singh]

Selecting a Sikh Name

Sikh baby names beginning with Z are listed here alphabetically. In general most names originating in India and the Punjab have spiritual meanings relating to the Almighty Supreme being God and Enlightener, or Guru. Sikhs generally select names with spiritual meanings taken from the scripture of Guru Granth Sahib based on the first letter of a randomly read verse. Many regional Punjabi names and meanings also relate to the divine.

Phonetic Pronunciation

English spelling of Sikh spiritual names are phonetic as they originate from either the Gurmukhi script or Punjabi alphabet. Different spellings may sound the same. In certain cases Z and J may be used interchangeably, and Zh may be interchangeable with Jh or X. Double vowels and consonants specify correct pronunciation and are often shortened for inconvenience in writing.

Create Unique Baby Names

Spiritual names starting with Z are uncommon way of spelling the Gurmukhi equivalent. As more Sikh names are written using English letters, the distinctive use of Z at the beginning of a name, or within names such as Azaad, Gulzar, and Huzra is gaining popularity. Names beginning with Z may be combined with other Sikh names to create unique baby names by adding prefixes such as Gurzail, Gurzhass, and Harzhass. Suffixes may also be added such as Zorwarjit. Most Sikh names are appropriate for either boys or girls, although the meanings of some names naturally lend a masculine or feminine air. In Sikhism, all girl's names end with Kaur (princess) and all boy's names end with Singh (lion).

Sikh Names Beginning With Z

Zaaminah - Assure, help, provide surety
Zabartorh - Destroyer of oppression and tyranny
Zaceev - Loyal
Zahabia - Golden, precious,
Zaheen - Clever, intelligent, quick
Zahida - Ascetic, Beautiful, Hermetic
Zahira - Brilliant, Expressive, Luminous, Shining
Zahrah - Beauty, flower, star
Zaibjeet - Beautiful victory
Zaibjit - Beautiful victory
Zaida - Abundance, Fortune, gain, prosperity
Zaiden - Beautiful, brave, fiery, lion-like, strong
Zail - Province, region
Zaima - Leader
Zaina - Beauty
Zaker - Officer
Zameer - Conscience, integrity
Zamir - Conscience, integrity
Zamiree - Conscience, integrity
Zamiri -Conscience, integrity
Zaildar - Officer of a province, or region
Zapat - Attack, assault
Zara - Awakening, blossoming, dawning, flowering, lightening, radiance, lady, queen
Zarif - Grace, elegance, princely
Zareefa - Graceful, elegant, queenly
Zareena - Conscious, golden
Zarina - Conscious, golden
Zavaahar - Precious
Zavahar - Precious
Zawahar - Precious
Zebavanth - Utterly beautiful
Zebawant - Utterly beautiful
Zeenat - Adornment, delicate, honorable, ornament
Zehavil - Golden
Zhaalang - Morning
Zhaalangh - Morning time
Zhaamarree - Affectionate embrace after long separation
Zhaamari - Affectionate embrace after long separation
Zhaanj - Musical sound of instruments
Zhaanz - Musical sound of instruments
Zhaanzhaan - Sound of cymbals, finger cymbals
Zhagan - Cross over water, ford (worldly cares)
Zhagar - Pass through (worldly cares)
Zhalak - Splendor, shimmer, shine, glitter, bright
Zhalang - Morning
Zhalangh - Morning time
Zhalk - Splendor, shimmer, shine, glitter,
Zhalka - Brightness, flash, glance, glitter, shining, splendor
Zhalkara - Brightness, flash, glance, glitter, shining, splendor
Zhalkee - Brightness, flash, glance, glitter, shining, splendor
Zhalki - Brightness, flash, glance, glitter, shining, splendor
Zhallan - Prop, support (of the divine)
Zhallann - Prop, support (of the divine)
Zhalloo - Defender, help, keep charge
Zhallu - Defender, help, keep charge
Zhamaakaa - Shimmer, twinkle, wink
Zhamaaka - Shimmer, twinkle, wink
Zhamak - Shimmer, twinkle, wink
Zhamaka - Shimmer, twinkle, wink
Zhamari - Affectionate embrace after long separation
Zhameer - Conscience, integrity
Zhamir - Conscience, integrity
Zhamiree - Conscience, integrity
Zhamiri - Conscience, integrity
Zhamzham - Glittering, shining
Zhanzhan - Sound of cymbals, finger cymbals
Zhand - Hair of newborn
Zhandaa - Ensign, flag, insignia standard
Zhanda - Ensign, flag, insignia standard
Zhanddaa - Ensign, flag, insignia standard
Zhanddee - Ensign, flag, insignia standard
Zhanddi - Ensign, flag, insignia standard
Zhandi - Ensign, flag, insignia standard
Zhanj - Musical sound of instruments
Zhankaar - Clinking, jingling, ringing, twinkling,
Zhankar - Clinking, jingling, ringing, twinkling,
Zhannkaar - Clinking, jingling, ringing, twinkling,
Zhankar - Clinking, jingling, ringing, twinkling,
Zhanz - Musical sound of instruments
Zhanzh - Musical sound of instruments
Zhanzhan - Sound of cymbals, finger cymbals
Zhapat - Attack, assault
Zharaavaa - Gift, offering, present
Zharaawaa - Gift, offering, present
Zharaava - Gift, offering, present
Zharaawa - Gift, offering, present
Zharava - Gift, offering, present
Zharawa - Gift, offering, present
Zhass - Disposition, habit, taste
Zhilmal - Shine, shimmer
Zhim - Soft, gently
Zhimzhim - Soft, gently, lightly
Zinaat - Adornment, delicate, honorable, ornament
Zoarawar - Brave, mighty, strong
Zobia - Blessed, Gifted by god
Zoha - Dawn, morning, light, sunrise
Zoraavar - Powerful, strong
Zoreed - Decisive, intent, one who meets (the divine)
Zohra - Beautiful, blossoming, loving, sparkling
Zoravar - Heroic, forceful, powerful, strong
Zoravarjeet - Powerful victory
Zorawar - Heroic, forceful, powerful, strong
Zarowarjit - Forceful victory
Zoya - Affectionate, alive, beautiful, Gods' gift, loving, perfect, shiny
Zuha - Light of the morning star
Zuhoor - Arising
Zuber - Brave, nice, warrior
Zulakha - First part of night, Good, well behaved
Zulfa - First part of night,
Zunairah - Heavenly flower of paradise
Zurafa - Grace, elegance

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