Sikh Baby Names Beginning With V

Meanings of Spiritual Names

Vikram - Valorous
Vikram - Valorous. Photo © [Courtesy Nelson]

Choosing a Sikh Name

Like many Indian names, the Sikh baby names beginning with V listed here have spiritual meanings. Some Sikhism names are taken from the scripture of Guru Granth Sahib and others are Punjabi names. English spelling of Sikh spiritual names are phonetic as they come from the Gurmukhi script. Different spellings may sound the same. V and W both represent the same Gurmukhi character, and are for the most part considered interchangeable. The sound of V is closer to vet than wet. Top teeth touch the bottom lip while saying W to produce the correct sound. In some cases V may better represent the stress given to particular syllable than W, however spelling is a matter of choice. Double aa phonetic vowel may have a meaning that is different from a single a phonetic vowel, or the single a may just be the simplest spelling. Names ending in i are pronounced ee.

Spiritual names starting with V may be combined with other Sikh names to form unique baby names that are appropriate for either boys or girls. With similar names ending in both a and i, generally a indicates masculine, while i indicates feminine. In Sikhism, all girl's names end with Kaur (princess) and all boy's names end with Singh (lion).

Sikh Names Beginning With V

Vaacha - Agreement, promise
Vaahar - Aid, help (of a saint)
Vaaheguroo - Wondrous Enlightener
Vaalaa - Inhabitant, keeper, master, possessor
Vaali - Chief, prince, master, owner, superior
Vaar - Door (portal to the Guru)
Vaari - Door or window (portal to the Guru)
Vaas - Abode, dwelling, residence (of God and Guru)
Vaasta - Connection or relation (to God and Guru)
Vassoo - Resident
Vasoo - Resident
Vachack - Reader, devotional reader
Vachola - Go between, mediator, negotiator, peacemaker
Vacholi - Go between, mediator, negotiator, peacemaker
Vadda - Great, elder, eminence, exalted, high, lofty, respectable
Vaddavela - Best time before dawn for meditation
Vadbhag - Great good, fortunate one
Vaddi - Great, elder, eminence, exalted, high, lofty, respectable
Vaddivela - Best time before dawn for meditation
Vadhaai - Benediction, blessing
Vadhai - Benediction, blessing
Vadhan - Increase
Vah - Exclamation of acclaim, powerful to the full extent
Vahdaa - Agreement, promise
Vahar - Aid, help
Vahin, - Consideration, reflection, thought
Vahitjat - Habit, practice
Vahroo - A helper
Vahru - A helper
Vaidak - Healing art, practice and science of medicine
Vaidan - Female healer
Vairak - Banner, flag, insignia
Vairakh - Banner, flag, insignia
Vaisno - Moral, temperate. worshiper of supreme god
Vaishno - Moral, temperate worshiper supreme god,
Vak - Word, speech, (of the guru)
Vakhaan - Description, explanation, narration (of guru's word)
Val - Contented, healthy, satisfied, well
Vali - Prophet or saint, powerful or strong
Vaisno - Moral, temperate. worshiper of supreme god
Vaishno - Moral, temperate worshiper supreme god,
Vallu - Ability, accomplishment, art, attainment, acquisition
Vandh - A share set aside for a charitable or religious fulfillment or pledge
Vandha - A share set aside for a charitable or religious fulfillment or pledge
Vandna - Touch feet in respect
Vangg - Like, similar, resemblance (to God, Guru or Saint)
Vanggun - Like, similar, resemblance (to virtues of God, Guru or Saint)
Var - Blessing, gift
Varanda - Ceremony of consecration or devotion
Varas - An heir, lord, master, owner, proprietor
Varela, Of or Belonging to (God and Guru)
Vardaa - Slave (devoted to God and Guru)
Varda - Slave (devoted to God and Guru)
Variam - Bold one, brave one
Variyam - Bold one, brave one
Varinder - Blessing of the God in heaven
Varinderjeet, Varinderjit - God in heaven's blessing or gift of victory
Varinderpal - Blessing of protection by God in heaven
Varsi - Heritage
Vasal - Union (with God and Guru)
Vasandar - Dweller, inhabitant, resident
Vasant - Spring time fresh, greenery
Vasantdeep - springtime lamp, illuminating freshness
Vasantpreet - Love of freshness, greenery or spring
Vasir - Wise-man, adviser
Vaskeen - Inhabitant, resident
Vaskin - Inhabitant, resident
Vass - Authority, control, enough, power, sufficiency
Vastae - For sake (of God and Guru)
Vasti - Abode, inhabited (by God and Guru)
Vasun - Dwelling place, residence (of God and Guru)
Vayla - Instance, time
Ved - Perceive
Vedya - Understanding
Veer - Heroic, brother
Veerjit - Heroic and victorious
Veerjot - Heroic light
Veerpal Heroic protector
Veen - Origin, source
Vela - Instance, time
Vichaar - Reflection (on God)
Vichar - Reflection (on God)
Vichaarchetan - Aware or reflective one
Vicharchetan - Aware or reflective one
Vicharleen - Absorbed in reflective awareness
Vigas - Delight, happiness
Vijayant - Victorious
Vikram - Valorous
Vikramjeet - Valorous and victorious
Vikramjit - Valorous and victorious
Vikrampreet - Valorous love
Vin - Origin, source
Vinder- Of the God of Heaven
Vir - Heroic, brother
Virjit - Heroic and victorious
Virjot - Heroic light
Virpal - Heroic protector
Viraaj - Intelligent, kingly, resplendent
Viraj - Intelligent, kingly, resplendent
Viram - Brave, heroic, brother
Vird - Daily habit, practice, task, (of reciting the holy name)
Virinder - Heroic one of God
Visah - Trust, faith
Vishalpreet - Immense love, trusting love
Vishaldeep - Immensely illuminating lamp
Vishavjeet - Victorious the world over
Vishawadeep - Lamp illuminating entire world or region
Visehkh - Abundant, excellent, special
Vismad - Wondrous
Vismaad - Wondrous
Visraman - One who is carefree
Vivastha - Religious customs, laws and statues
Vivek - Conscious Wisdom
Vivekpal - Preserver of conscious wisdom
Vivekpreet - Love of conscious wisdom
Vodh - Knowledge, understanding, custom
Vodha - Ingenious, intelligent, sensible
Vodhi - Ingenious, intelligent, sensible
Vuhaar - Conduct, behavior
Vuhar - Conduct, behavior

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