Sikh Baby Names Beginning With J

Spiritual Name Meanings in Sikhism

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Like most Indian names, the Sikh baby names beginning with J listed here have spiritual meanings. In Sikhism, some names are taken from the scripture of Guru Granth Sahib, while others are Punjabi names. English spelling of Sikh spiritual names is phonetic as they come from the Gurmukhi script. Different spellings may sound the same. In certain cases, depending on usage, J is considered to be interchangeable with Y while Jh may be interchangeable with X or Zh at the start of a Sikh Name.

Spiritual names starting with J may be combined with one or more names that start with other letters to form unique names. Sikh names are interchangeable for both baby boys and girls, as well for adults of either gender. In Sikhism, all girl's names end with Kaur (princess) and all boy's names end with Singh (lion).

Sikh Names Beginning With J

Jachack - Beggar (of God's name)

Jadd - Family

Jaddi - Family

Jag - World

Jagdeep - Lamp of the world

Jagev - World Lord

Jagdish - Lord of the world

Jaginder - God of heaven and earth

Jagjeet - Conqueror of the world (cares)

Jagjinder - God of heaven and earth

Jagjit - Victorious over the world (cares)

Jagjot - Light of the world

Jagpal - World protector

Jagtar - Ferry over the world (cares)

Jairam - Triumphant omniscient God

Jakkh - Holy one, a devout worshiper, a demigod

Jakkhleen, Jakhlin - One absorbed in worship

Jang - Battle, War

Jangi - Warrior

Jangpartap - Valorous warrior

Japman - Meditative mind

Jas - Praise, glory, renown

Jasbir - Gloriously heroic

Jasdeep - Glorious Lamp

Jashan - One who will go

Jashanpreet - Love of one who will go

Jasjot - Glorious light

Jaskeerat - Sing Praises

Jaskirat - Sing Praises

Jaskirtan - Sing hymns of praise

Jasleen - Absorbed in praise

Jasmeen - Praise of distinction

Jasmeet - Praise of the glorious friend

Jaspal (paul) - Praise of the glorious protector

Jaspati - Praiseworthy master

Jaspreet - Praise of beloved

Jasbinder - Praiseworthy particle of the Glorious God of heaven

Jasvinder - Praise the Glorious God of heaven

Jasvir - Gloriously heroic

Jaswant - Praiseworthy, renowned

Jaswinder - Praise God of heaven

Jatan - Fervent endeavor

Jatinder - Aesthetic God of heaven

Jatwant - Chaste

Jeet - Victor

Jeevan - Life

Jeevanjot - Light of Life

Jespal - Praise of the glorious protector

Jesse - Glorious praise

Jhagan - Cross over water, ford (worldly cares)

Jhagar - Pass-through (worldly cares)

Jhalak - Splendor, shimmer

Jhallu - Defender

Jhamak - Twinkle, Shimmer

Jhanda - Insignia

Jhilmal - Shine, shimmer

Jhim - Soft, gentle

Jit - Victor

Jivan - Life

Jiwan - Life

Jodh - Austerity

Jodha - Warrior

Joginder - Union with God of heaven

Jorawar - Powerful

Jot - Light

Jujhar - Lustrous Lord

Jyoti - Light

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