Sikh Baby Names Beginning With G

Spiritual Meanings of Names in Sikhism

Gurpreet Love of the Enlightener
Gurpreet Love of the Enlightener. Photo © [S Khalsa]

Like most Indian names, Sikh baby names beginning with G listed here have spiritual meanings. In Sikhism, many names are taken directly from the scripture of Guru Granth Sahib. Others may be traditional Punjabi names. The English spelling of Sikh spiritual names is generally phonetic as they come from the Gurmukhi script. Different spellings may sound the same, but changing the pronunciation of a name would most likely give it a different meaning.

Sikh names are can be used for both baby boys and girls, as well for adults of either gender. To make a name for a girl child from this list, add the word Kaur (princess) to the end; all boy's names involve adding Singh (lion) to the end.

In addition, spiritual names that begin with G may be used as a prefix and combined with one or more names added as a suffix to create unique Sikh names with distinctive meanings.

Sikh Names Beginning With G

Gagan - Heavenly sky
Gagandeep - Heavens Lamp
Gaganjot - Heaven's Light
Gaganpreet - Love of the heavenly sky
Ganeve - Priceless wealth
Giaan - Having divine knowledge
Giaandhiaan - Attentive contemplation of divine knowledge
Giaanpreet - Love of divine knowledge
Gian (Gyan) - Disciple of knowledge or divine wisdom
Gianbhagat - Devotee of divine knowledge
Giandeep - Lamp of knowledge
Giandheer - Steadfast in the wisdom of divine knowledge
Giandhian - Attentivelcontemplation of divine wisdom
Gianjot - Light of knowledge
Giankeerat, Giankirat - Singing praise of divine knowledge and wisdom
Gianprem - Love of divine wisdom
Gianrang - Imbued with divine wisdom
Gianroop - Embodiment of divine wisdom
Gianvanth, Gianwant - Filled entirely with divine knowledge and wisdom.
Gobind - Epithet of God
Gobindrai - Godly prince
Gopal - Godly protector
Gulbhag - Bloom
Gun - Attribute, excellence, merit, quality, virtue
Gungian - Virtue of knowledge
Gunkeerat, Gunkirat - Singing praise of divine excellence and virtue
Gunjiwan, Gunjeevan - Life of virtue
Guneet - Moral ethic
Gunratan - Jewel of virtue
Gunteerath - Virtuous places of pilgrimage
Guntas - Treasure of Virtuous Excellence
Gunvir - Heroic attributes
Gur - Enlightening One
Gurbachan - Guru's Instruction
Gurbaj - Guru's falcon, a warrior of the Guru
Gurbhagat - Guru's devotee
Gurbhajan - Guru's devotional hymns
Gurbakhsh, Gurbax* - Guru's gift, Enlightener's endowment
Gurbani - Guru's word
Gurbhej - Sent by the Guru
Gurbinder - Part of Guru
Gurbir - Guru's hero
Gurbodh - Knowledge of the Guru's word
Gurcharan - Guru's feet
Gurchet - Remains aware of the Guru's word
Gurdaas - Guru's slave
Gurdaman - Guru's skirt
Gurdarshan - Guru's vision
Gurdas - Guru's slave
Gurdayal - Guru's mercy
Gurdeep (dip) - Guru's lamp
Gurdev - Enlightening Diety
Gurdhiaan - Attentive contemplation of Guru
Gurdial - Guru's kindness
Gurdish - Guru's sight
Gurdit - Guru's gift
Gurdita, Gurditta - Gift of Guru
Gurhimmat - Guru's courage
Gureet - Of (the) Guru
Gurinder - Deity
Guriya - Guidance
Gurjaap - Praising the Guru
Gurjan - Guru's being
Gurjant - Guru's grace
Gurjeet (jit) - Victorious Guru
Gurjivan - Guru's way of life
Gurjodh - Guru's warrior
Gurjot - Guru's light
Gurlakhsmi, Gurlaxmi* - Guru's fortune
Gurka - Belonging to Guru
Gurkamal - Guru's lotus
Gurkaram - Blessing of Guru's grace
Gurkiran - Guru's Ray of light
Gurkirat - Guru's praise
Gurkirpa - Gurus' Kindness
Gurkirpal - Guru's merciful protection
Gurlaal, Gurlal - Guru's darling
Gurleen - Absorbed in Guru
Gurliv - Love of the Enlightener
Gurlok - Enlightener of the world and its people
Gurmail - Guru's friend
Gurman - Guru's heart
Gurmander, Gurminder - Guru's temple
Gurmant - Guru's counsel
Gurmantar - Incantation of Guru's mantra
Gurmustak - Guru's forehead
Gurmeet (mit) - Guru's friend
Gurmehar, Gurmeher - Guru's chief
Gurmej - Guru's place of rest
Gurmilap - Met with Guru
Gurmohan - Guru's sweetheart
Gurnaad - Guru's musical vibration
Gurneet - Guru's law
Gurnek - Guru's noble one
Gurnidhan - Guru's treasure
Gurnihal - Guru's bliss
Gurnirmal - Immaculate Guru
Gurnivaas, Gurnivas - Guru's abode
Gurnoor - Guru's light
Gurnyam - Guru's justice
Gurnidh - Guru's treasure
Gurpal - Guru's protection
Gurprasad - Blessing of Guru's grace
Gurpreet - Love of the Enlightener
Gurprem - Guru's beloved
Gurpyar - Love of Guru
Gurratan - Guru's jewel
Gurraaj - Guru's kingdom
Gursaroop - Guru's beautiful image
Gursev - Guru's service
Gursevak - Guru's servant
Gurshaan - Guru's splendor
Gurshabad - Guru's word
Gursharan - Guru's refuge
Gurtej - Guru's grandeur
Gursangat - Guru's companion
Gursajan, Gursajjan - Guru's friend
Gursandeep - Guru's shining lamp
Gurseetal - Cooled by guru's peace
Gursehaj - Guru's peaceful ease
Gursimran - Guru's remembrance
Gursurat - Remaining consciously aware of Guru
Gursohan - Beauty of the Guru
Gurtaran - Saved or carried by Guru
Gurupdesh - Guru's teachings
Guruttam - Greatest Guru, or teacher
Gurvindir - Deity
Gurzail - Guru's province
Guru - Enlightener (Gu = dark, Ru = light)
Gurubir, Gurvir - Heroic Enlightener
Gurudas - Servant to the Enlightener
Gurudaas - Servant to the Enlightener
Gurudarshan - Vision of the Enlightener
Gurudatta - Gift of he Enlightener
Gurudev - Enlightening deity
Gurugun - Virtuous Enlightener
Gurugulzar - Garden of the Enlightener
Guruka - Belonging to the Enlightener
Gurukar - Creative Enlightener
Gurunaam - Name of the Enlightener
Gurumandir - Temple of the Enlightener
Gurumustuk - Guru's forehead
Gurunaamsimran - Remembrance of the Enlightener's Name
Gurupreet - Love of the Enlightener
Guruprem - Beloved of the Enlightener
Gurusimran - Remembrance of the Enlightener
Gyan - Knowledge

* The combination khs or khsh may be written as X.

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