Sikh Baby Names Beginning With A

Spiritual Name Meanings in Sikhism

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Like most Indian names, the Sikh baby names beginning with A listed here have spiritual meanings. In Sikhism, spiritual names may be taken directly from the scripture of Guru Granth Sahib, while others may be traditional Punjabi names. English spelling of spiritual names is phonetic as they are derived from the Gurmukhi script. Different spellings may sound the same.

Spiritual names that begin with A may be combined with one or more names that start with other letters to form unique names. Sikh names are interchangeable for both baby boys and girls, as well for adults of either gender. In Sikhism, all girl's names end with Kaur (princess) and all boy's names end with Singh (lion).

Meanings of Sikh Names Beginning With A

Aadar - Respect

Aadat - discipline, habitual practice

Aazaad - Carefree

Aarvinder - Of the God of Heavens

Achint - One without worry

Abinaash - Eternal

Abinash - Immortal

Ades - Compliment, salutation of faqirs and yogis, from an inferior to a Superior (God)

Agam - Incomprehensible

Agamjot - Incomprehensible light

Agampreet - Lover of the Incomprehensible

Ahsmit - Trustworthy friend

Aish - Delight, joy, pleasure

Ajaib - Wonderful

Ajay - As yet, up until now

Ajeet, Ajit - Invincible, unconquered

Ajitpal - Invincible protector

Ajminder - Presence of the God of heaven

Ajmir - Presence of the foremost one

Akaaldeep, Akaldeep - Eternal lamp

Akal - Beyond time, eternal, undying

Akaljot - Eternal light

Ajooni - Beyond transmigration, or incarnation (God)

Akaash, Akhasha - The heavens

Akaashdeep - Illuminated heavenly realm

Akaal, Akal - Immortal, undying

Akalpurkh, Akalpurkah - Immortal personality (God)

Akalroop - Beautiful form of the immortal

Akalsahai, Akalsahaye - Undying succourer, or supporter

Alam - A learned sage

Alakh, Aklaksh - Imperceptible, invisible God

Alka - Ideal

Aman - Tranquil

Amandeep - Lamp of tranquility

Amaninder - Tranquil God of Heaven

Amanjit - Attainer of tranquility

Amanjot - Tranquil light

Amanpreet - Lover of tranquility

Amar - Imperishable

Amardas - Servant of the imperishable one

Amardev - Imperishable deity.

Amarpal - Imperishable protector

Amardeep - Imperishable lamp

Amarjeet - Ever victorious

Amarjot - Imperishable light

Amarleen - Ever Absorbed in God

Amender - People of the heavenly God

Ameer, Amir - Lord, pincer, ruler, large-hearted

Amet, Amit - Indestructible, imperishable

Amolak - Priceless

Amreek, Amrik, Amrique - Celestial God

Amrikh - Ancient sage

Amrinder - Princely Lord God of heaven

Amrit - Immortal nectar

Amrita - Immortal nectarlike

Amritpal - Protection of immortalizing nectar

Amritpreet - Lover of immortalizing nectar

Anand - Bliss

Anandsar - Essence of bliss

Anantvir - Boundlessly Heroic

Angad - Of the Original One

Angad Das - In service of the Original One

Angad Dev - A part of the Original One

Angad Veer - Heroic brother of the Original One

Anil - Immaculate being

Anilpal - Immaculate protector

Anit - Without motive, or intent, transitory. ​

Anitpal - Protector of that which is transitory

Ankush - Joyous manner

Anmol, Anmull - Precious, priceless

Anokh - Wonderful, rare

Anoop, Anup - Incomparable beauty

Anraj - In the manner of royalty

Anu - Particle, Essence

Anurag - Essence of musical expression

Anureet - Essence of ceremonial rite

Ap - The self, himself (God)

Apar - Infinite

Apardeep - Lamp of the Infinite

Aprinder - Infinite God of heaven

Aprinderjeet - Infinite victorious god of heaven

Aradhna - Adoration

Ardas - Petition

Arinajeet - Heroic without personality flaw

Arjan, Arjun - A scribe

Arman - Longing

Aroop - Without form

Arpan - Offering

Arpna - Offer, or surrender

Arshdeep - Illuminated region of God's throne

Arvinder - Of the God of Heavens

As, Ash - Hope, expectation, trust

Asees, Asis - Prayer

Asman - Heavens

Asmani - Celestial, divine, heavenly

Ashmeet - Trustworthy friend

Ashmith - Trustworthy counsel

Ashpreet -Trust-worthy (of) love

Asneh - Intimate love

Asreet - Rite of dependency or trust (on God)

Asrit- One who is dependent (on God)

Atal - Immovable

Atalrai - Immovable prince

Atam - Support

Atamjeet - Victorious supporter

Atma - Incarnate

Autar - Incarnate

Aveenash, Avinash - Eternal, everlasting, indestructible, imperishable

Avaneet, Avahan Immovable

Avaneet, Avneet - Immovable morals

Avanika - Jewel of the clan, or tribe

Avirodh - Free of animosity

Avtaar, Avtar - Incarnate

Awtar - Incarnate

Azad, Azaad - Carefree

Azaadbir - Fearless

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