Shabad to Dispel the Evil Eye "Tant Mant Neh Johi Tit Chakh Na Lagai"

"Charms and Spells Affect Not That One, an Evil Eye Casts No Harm"

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The shabad to dispel the evil eye "Tant Mant Neh Johi Tit Chakh Na Lagai" is a composition of Fifth Guru Arjun Dev. The hymn advises the spiritual practitioner to utter "raam naam" and repeat the holy name of the all-pervading Lord to be free of the influence tant and mant, and overcome evil incantations, charms, or black magic spells.

  • Tant is a derivative of Tantar or Tantra meaning a mystical, or spiritual technique, medicine, or remedy.
  • Mant is a derivative of Mantar or Mantra meaning a repetition of a mystical utterance, or spiritual instruction.
  • Tant and Mant may refer to the misuse of black magic charms, curses, evil eye, formulas, incantations, remedies, potions, sorcery, and spells, for selfish purposes or evil influences.

In Sikhism, a holy word, or a verse of Gurbani, is repeated as the tantra, or spiritual technique with which to break evil influences, the disease of duality, or malady of ego so that the soul may identify with and merge with the divine as one. Sikhs are spiritually instructed at the time of initiation to utter Gurmantar, or "Waheguru" as the mantra of naam, or the holy name, to dispel the five evils of egoism.

Shabad to Dispel the Evil Eye

Bilaaval mehlaa 5 ||
Raag Bilalval 5th Guru

"Man tan prabh aaraadheeai mil saadh samaagai ||
With soul and body the Lord God is adoringly contemplated upon meeting the Saints in fellowship.

Oucharat gun gopaal jas door tae jam bhaagai ||1||
When uttering excellences in praise of the Cherisher of the Universe, death's messenger flees far away.

Raam naam jo jan japai andin sad jaagai ||
The Lord's name is uttered night and day by the ever wakeful one who remains aware.

Tant mant neh johaee tit chaakh na laagai ||1|| rehaao ||
Malevolent charms and spells affect not that one, an evil eye casts no harm. Pause

Kaam krodh mad maan moh binasae anraagai ||
Lust, anger, egoistic pride, and worldly attachment are dispelled by devotional love of the Lord.

Aanand magan ras raam rang naanak sarnaagai ||2||4||68||
Blissfully ecstatic imbued with the pervading Lord's loving essence, O Nanak, is one who seeks the Lord's refuge." SGGS||818

More About Tant and Mant From Guru Arjun Dev

Guru Ajran Dev also wrote about the benefits of using the meditation technique of simran or remembering the divine as the real tant and mant with which to cure the ills of ego:

"Aoukhadh kot simar gobind
The cure-all of myriads of maladies is meditation on the Lord.

Tant mant bhajee-ai bhagvant
My charm technique and spell incantation is remembrance of the Illustrious Lord.

Rog sog mitae prabh dhiaa-a
Ills and woes are dispelled while dwelling on the Lord.

Man bachhat pooran phal paa-ae ||3||
The mind and heart are fulfilled with the fruits of one desires." ||3|| SGGS||886

English spelling and phonetic Roman rendering of original Gurmukhi consonants and vowels often differ slightly. Various interpretations of Gurbani scriptures strive for accuracy though the wording of translated verses may differ somewhat.

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