Set Your Scripture Study Goals With These Calculations and Formats

Make Scriptures a Daily Part of Your Routine

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The commandment to study scripture daily has not changed. The ways we can study scripture have changed exponentially, especially with digital tools.

If you have not tried some of these new tools, it is time you did. Like any tool, it may or may not be useful for where you are right now. However, they have the ability to expand and enrich your scripture study in interesting ways.

Reading Scriptures Is Not a Contest With Yourself or Anyone Else

You are never done studying scriptures. So, your goal should be a daily goal, not a long-term one to finish a particular book of scripture.

It can be interesting to see how long it takes you to read a book but try not to get fixated on that. Remember, you are trying to learn and apply what you study. It is not a contest to see how fast you can read or how fast you can finish.

Tools and Formats Available From the Church

Besides printed scriptures available from the Online Store, the following options are available on the Church website:

  • Digital scriptures in HTML 
  • Digital scriptures in PDF
  • Digital scriptures in EPUB
  • Audio scriptures in MP3
  • Audio scriptures in M4B
  • Braille
  • Mobi
  • daisy
  • Digital scriptures for mobile devices. These devices include:  Android, Apple, Windows Phone 8.1 and earlier, Windows 10 and earlier, BlackBerry, Kindle Fire and Other Phones.

The HTML versions are easy to read on desktop and laptop computers. Embedded links make it easy to enrich your study. The PDF versions look exactly like hard copy versions, but they do not have embedded links.

The EPUB combines the best of print and digital because you can read, follow embedded links and easily bookmark your place. However, you will need Adobe Digital Editions. If you check out EPUB books from your library, this is the program you use.

Do Not Overlook Other Options

If you are new to the gospel, or even if you are not, the children's options can be good choices for you. They can help you get comfortable with the story. Once you know the story, it is easier to pick up the doctrine.

You can study the New Testament by viewing all the Bible videos on the Life of Jesus Christ. These videos illustrate events as they happened, without embellishments.

Coloring is no longer just for kids. Adult coloring and coloring books are a sensation. Download this coloring book for the Book of Mormon to get started.

Animated scripture stories can also be viewed online. Each book of scriptures runs about three hours. Absorb the story with these first, then study the doctrine.

Study the Old Testament

The Old Testament contains the following:

  • 1,184 pages
  • 929 chapters
  • 132 hours and 52 minutes

Study the New Testament

The New Testament contains the following:

  • 403 pages
  • 260 chapters
  • 41 hours and 19 minutes

Study the Book of Mormon

The Book of Mormon contains the following:

  • 531 pages
  • 239 chapters
  • 26 hours and 29 minutes

Study the Doctrine and Covenants

The Doctrine and Covenants contain the following:

  • 291 pages
  • 138 chapters
  • 27 hours and 6 minutes

Study the Pearl of Great Price

The Pearl of Great Price contains the following:

  • 59 pages
  • 15 chapters
  • 6 hours and 10 minutes

All Combined Scripture

The complete standard works of the Church contains the following:

  • 2468 pages
  • 1581 chapters
  • 234 hours

If you read one page a day, you will finish in just under seven years. If you read one chapter a day, you will finish in four and one-third years. If you listen to one hour a day, you can finish in a little over seven months.

Whatever you choose, be certain to do it daily!

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