The Sensitive Person's Survival Guide

The Sensitive Person's Survival Guide
The Sensitive Person's Survival Guide. courtesy of Amazon

The basis of Kyra Mesich's book, The Sensitive Person's Survival Guide: An Alternative Health Answer to Emotional Sensitivity & Depression, is to aid empathic individuals to learn how to recognize the positive traits of being sensitive. And to learn ways to help release sad and hurtful emotions. She suggests the use of flower essences (vibrational remedies that heal the emotional body) and meditation.

Many empathic people are drawn to the healing profession. This is because understanding others' emotions comes naturally to them. The work environment in healing careers can be especially draining as there is great risk of vulnerability of the emotional energies. Mesich's epilogue is a message for counselors, therapists and all helping and healing professionals to protect themselves and create balanced boundaries. As an empathic consultant I certainly recognize this risk and applaud Kyra Mesich for her care and concern for all of us in the healing field.
Mesich says that being empathic is a way of communicating emotionally and that the solar plexus is the location where we can tap into this communication center. She explains how this is not a new concept. Often used descriptive language such as... butterflies in our stomach... gut feelings...pit in the bottom of the tummy indicate the connection between our stomachs and our emotional experiences. Mesich teaches our greatest obstacle in learning empathy is our habit of thinking intellectually in our heads. The primary focus of her book is the connection of emotional sensitivity and chronic depression/anxiety.

Empathy Character Traits

  • Feel emotions often and deeply
  • Keenly aware of other people's feelings
  • Easily hurt or upset by insults or unkind remarks
  • Avoids conflicts and confrontations
  • Cannot easily release sad or upset feelings
  • Feel deeply for others' suffering and pain
  • Prone to recurrent depression
  • Keenly aware of and affected by beauty (art, music, nature)
  • Feel overwhelm or depleted by too much stimuli (large crowds, loud noises, hectic environments)
  • Was sensitive as a child

About the Author

Kyra Mesich is an empath. She received her doctorate degree in clinical psychology from the Florida Institute of Technology. She has also been trained in alternative health (flower essences, herbalogy, energy healing). She resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Mesich is the first place winner of the Small Publishers Association of North America (SPAN) Innovation Award for excellence in the publication of her book, The Sensitive Person's Survival Guide.

Solar Plexus Meditation

Sit back, relax, and take in an easy, deep breath. Release your muscles. Yo do not have to exert any effort to sit or lie there. Allow yourself to be fully supported by the chair or floor. Take in another gentle, deep breath and release as you exhale. Now turn your attention to your solar plexus. This is the area of your body between your chest and abdomen. Picture a vibrant, glowing sun in your solar plexus. Feel its warmth and energy. Focus on this sun for a moment. You may never have paid attention to this area of your body before. This sun represents your inner strength, your intuition, and all your inner resources. Allow your sun to glow brighter and stronger each time you pay attention to it. ©kyra mesich

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